jdk9-b24: dev

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Fri Jul 18 15:35:39 UTC 2014



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-8048265   client-libs     AWT crashes inside CCombinedSegTable::In called from Java_sun_awt_windows_WDefaultFontCharset_canConvert
JDK-8044183   client-libs     AccessBridge crashes if running Ferret and hover off a menu item
JDK-8036861   client-libs     Application can't be loaded fine,the save dialog can't show up.
JDK-7067052   client-libs     Default printer media is ignored
JDK-8035699   client-libs     File choosers should be choosier
JDK-8043550   client-libs     Fix raw and unchecked lint warnings in javax.swing.*
JDK-8043548   client-libs     Fix raw and unchecked lint warnings in javax.swing.plaf.*
JDK-8048980   client-libs     Fix raw and unchecked lint warnings in platform-specific sun.font files
JDK-8050953   client-libs     Fix raw and unchecked lint warnings in sun.text.normalizer.UnicodeSet
JDK-8042861   client-libs     Fix raw and unchecked warnings in com.sun.java.accessibility.util
JDK-8042849   client-libs     Fix raw and unchecked warnings in com.sun.java.swing
JDK-8048022   client-libs     Fix raw and unchecked warnings in javax.accessibility
JDK-8033055   client-libs     Issues in 2d
JDK-8043508   client-libs     JVM core dumps with very long text in tooltip
JDK-8028241   client-libs     Java Access Bridge: F key shortcuts not working if Ctrl, Alt, Shift modifier used
JDK-8040076   client-libs     Memory leak: java.awt.List objects allowing multiple selections are not  GC-ed.
JDK-8048246   client-libs     Move AWT_DnD/Clipboard/Automated functional tests to OpenJDK
JDK-8043131   client-libs     Move ShapedAndTranslucentWindows and GC functional AWT tests to regression tree
JDK-8046559   client-libs     NPE when changing Windows theme
JDK-8034267   client-libs     Probabilistic native crash
JDK-8048118   client-libs     REGRESSION closed/sun/java2d/cmm/StubCMMShellTest.sh fails since JDK 9 b16
JDK-4058433   client-libs     RFE: tool for creating BeanInfo template
JDK-8028285   client-libs     RMI Thread can no longer call out to AWT
JDK-8047799   client-libs     Remove WindowClosingSupport
JDK-8042590   client-libs     Running form URL throws NPE
JDK-8032960   client-libs     Running forms URL throws NullPointerException in Javaconsole.
JDK-8039097   client-libs     Some tests fail with NPE since 7u60 b12
JDK-8048887   client-libs     SortingFocusTraversalPolicy throws IllegalArgumentException from the sort method
JDK-8041902   client-libs     When printing, polylines are not rendered as joined
JDK-8033367   client-libs     [macosx] Appletviewer was broken in jdk8 b124
JDK-8048549   client-libs     [macosx] Disable usage of system menu bar if AWT is embedded in FX
JDK-8049418   client-libs     [macosx] PopupMenuListener.popupMenuWillBecomeVisible is not called for empty combobox on MacOS/aqua look and feel
JDK-8043869   client-libs     [macosx] java -splash does not honor @2x hi dpi notation for retina support
JDK-8048506   client-libs     [macosx] javax.swing.PopupFactory issue with null owner
JDK-8044371   client-libs     setOneTouchExpandable functionality of JSplitPane will reduce vertical Scrollbar
JDK-8049892   core-libs        Replace uses of 'new Integer()' with appropriate alternative across core classes 
JDK-8036571   core-libs       (process) Process process arguments carefully
JDK-8050869   core-libs       Convert runtime dependency to Applet to a static dependency in cosnaming
JDK-8035009   core-libs       Make Proxy representations consistent
JDK-8044047   core-libs       Missing null pointer checks for streams
JDK-8039520   core-libs       More atomicity of atomic updates
JDK-8050798   core-libs       New unchecked warning introduced in com.sun.jndi.ldap.Connection
JDK-8050964   core-libs       OptimisticTypesPersistence.java should use java.util.Date instead of java.sql.Date
JDK-8035975   core-libs       Pattern.compile(String, int) fails to throw IllegalArgumentException
JDK-8035788   core-libs       Provide more consistency for lookups
JDK-8048175   core-libs       Remove redundant use of reflection on core classes from JNDI
JDK-8040810   core-libs       Uninitialised memory in jdk/src/windows/native/java/net: net_util_md.c, TwoStacksPlainSocketImpl.c, TwoStacksPlainDatagramSocketImpl.c, DualStackPlainSocketImpl.c, DualStackPlainDatagramSocketImpl.c
JDK-8029177   core-libs       [Parfait] warnings from b117 for jdk.src.share.native.com.sun.java.util.jar: JNI exception pending
JDK-8050432   core-libs       javax.script.filename variable should not be enumerable with nashorn engine's ENGINE_SCOPE bindings
JDK-8029755   core-svc        Enhance subject class
JDK-8042778   core-svc        Getting all visible methods in ReferenceTypeImpl is slow
JDK-8035102   deploy          7u build broken on Solaris
JDK-8046006   deploy          8u20: FX app fails to connect domain:80 while this domain is allowed in cross domain file
JDK-8041138   deploy          Attribute JRE versions properly
JDK-8048082   deploy          Automatic proxy configuration doesn't work for FireFox and Chrome
JDK-8001325   deploy          Better data format for command line
JDK-8034994   deploy          DLL, EXE and AU files have bad versions
JDK-8024742   deploy          Enhance Applet startup
JDK-8035981   deploy          Improve jp2launcher argument handling
JDK-8042079   deploy          JCP parameters are not set for Web Start applications
JDK-8038463   deploy          Java Control Panel doesn't display correctly in high resolution
JDK-8041140   deploy          Jre was unable to launch a specific version
JDK-8042373   deploy          Link error: launcher.c:(.text+0x1a97): undefined reference to `_stprintf'
JDK-8037051   deploy          Make jar file validations less jarring
JDK-8039813   deploy          Missed one file for 8019274
JDK-8035899   deploy          More timely certificate checking 
JDK-8043887   deploy          Multiple applet jars are reported to Java Usage Tracker incorrectly
JDK-8047238   deploy          On Linux method requestShortcut(.., true, ..) returns result inconsistent with hasMenuShortcut()/hasDesktopShortcut() result
JDK-8037061   deploy          Progressive progress classes
JDK-8033245   deploy          RFE: Instructions Not Clear For Adding Site To ESL
JDK-8019274   deploy          RMI thread can no longer call out to AWT thread for webstart app
JDK-8037056   deploy          Remove vestiges of FX 1.x
JDK-8044290   deploy          Shortcuts are not created for javaws x64 with JRE 7u55 on Windows OS
JDK-8029174   deploy          [Parfait] warnings from b117 for deploy.src.common.unix.native: JNI exception pending
JDK-8046833   deploy          [REGRESSION] Applet deployed with HTTP HEADER "Cache-Control: NoStore" will be mistakenly reported as missing a "Permissions" manifest attribute in the main jar.
JDK-8039205   deploy          deploy JDK 7 Files have wrong license header, have GPL header and should have commercial header. 
JDK-8043453   deploy          deploy.dll needs to stop copying javaws.exe to the system dir
JDK-8043141   deploy          javaplugin.vm.options system property is empty since 7u65 b11
JDK-8040300   deploy          javaws from jdk/bin does not start .jnlp
JDK-8041344   deploy          javaws tries to load main class from progress jar file
JDK-8044291   deploy          update to 6u75 does not update deployment.properties, causing app to fail w/  DRS
JDK-8047362   hotspot         Add a version of CompiledIC_at that doesn't create a new RelocIterator
JDK-8038122   hotspot         Add missing test jar files from 8037167
JDK-8036800   hotspot         Attribute OOM to correct part of code
JDK-8049420   hotspot         Backout 8048248 to correct attribution
JDK-8037167   hotspot         Better method signature resolution
JDK-8035119   hotspot         Fix exceptions to bytecode verification
JDK-8048232   hotspot         Fix for 8046471 breaks PPC64 build
JDK-8047714   hotspot         Fix for JDK-6546236 made Solaris os::yield() a no-op
JDK-8048128   hotspot         Fix for Solaris Studio C++ 5.13, CHECK_UNHANDLED_OOPS breaks PPC build
JDK-8035401   hotspot         Fix visibility of G1ParScanThreadState members
JDK-8049421   hotspot         G1 Class Unloading after completing a concurrent mark cycle
JDK-8047821   hotspot         G1 Does not use the save_marks functionality as intended
JDK-8047818   hotspot         G1 HeapRegions can no longer be ContiguousSpaces
JDK-8040977   hotspot         G1 crashes when run with -XX:-G1DeferredRSUpdate
JDK-8046818   hotspot         Hotspot build system looking for sdt.h in the wrong place
JDK-8026894   hotspot         Improve VerifyError message about overriding a final method
JDK-8048241   hotspot         Introduce umbrella header os.inline.hpp and clean up includes.
JDK-8032536   hotspot         JVM resolves wrong method in some unusual cases
JDK-8048214   hotspot         Linker error when compiling G1SATBCardTableModRefBS after include order changes
JDK-8049411   hotspot         Minimal VM build broken after gcId.cpp was added
JDK-8049426   hotspot         Minor cleanups after G1 class unloading
JDK-8035400   hotspot         Move G1ParScanThreadState into its own files
JDK-8047737   hotspot         Move array component mirror to instance of java/lang/Class
JDK-8048620   hotspot         Remove unneeded/obsolete -source/-target options in hotspot tests
JDK-8022968   hotspot         Some codecache allocation failures don't result in invoking the sweeper
JDK-8043454   hotspot         Test case for 8037157 should not throw a VerifyError
JDK-8050015   hotspot         TestGCYoungGenerationConfigurationEventWithMinAndMaxSize.java does not set up classpath
JDK-8030763   hotspot         Validate global memory allocation
JDK-8037157   hotspot         Verify <init> call
JDK-8048248   hotspot         [Backed out] G1 Class Unloading after completing a concurrent mark cycle
JDK-8046542   hotspot         [I.finalize() calls from methods compiled by C1 do not cause IllegalAccessError on Sparc 
JDK-8048185   hotspot         [TESTBUG] need a JTREG test for the fix of JDK-8042796 (OLD and/or OBSOLETE method(s) found)
JDK-8047104   hotspot         cleanup misc issues prior to Contended Locking reorder and cache line bucket
JDK-8050012   hotspot         closed/com/oracle/jfr/runtime/TestHiddenMethod.java failed: Expected two test events, got 0
JDK-8046289   hotspot         compiler/6340864/TestLongVect.java timeout with 
JDK-8039905   hotspot         heapdump/OnOOMToFile and heapdump/OnOOMToPath fail with "assert(fr().interpreter_frame_expression_stack_size() >= length) failed: error in expression stack!"
JDK-8049324   hotspot         interpretedVFrame::expressions to index oopmap correctly
JDK-8034246   hotspot         remove CMS and ParNew adaptive size policy code
JDK-8050805   infrastructure  Add a target to langtools/make/build.xml to generate docs for test library classes
JDK-8050825   infrastructure  Support running regression tests using jtreg_tests+TESTDIRS from top level
JDK-8047734   infrastructure  gcc/g++ -Og is harmful to the debugging experience.
JDK-8050387   infrastructure  incorrect PARFAIT_NATIVE variable for C and C++ compiler on Windows
JDK-8049019   install         DS build fails
JDK-8038407   install         Fix broken IPC tests
JDK-8048234   install         Implement screenshots generation from LocalizationTestTool.jar
JDK-8038313   install         Improve unit tests coverage and use
JDK-8050264   install         JRE installation fails with error 1624 on non-EN locales
JDK-8049437   install         JavaScrub crashes with NPE if no parameters are passed
JDK-8044821   install         Need to create javaws.exe (Deploy owned) symlink under javapathdir
JDK-8049283   install         [macosx] Mac au.xml points to production AU bundle, not PIT
JDK-8048909   install         msi uninstaller not localized
JDK-8048064   install         out-of-date dialogs are not displayed correctly in sv
JDK-8038188   install         unittest.zip only contains a few of files
JDK-8040012   security-libs   Add root CA certificates for TrendMicro
JDK-8033888   security-libs   Add root CA certificates for Trustwave
JDK-8031340   security-libs   Better TLS/EC management
JDK-4867890   security-libs   Clarify the return value/exception for java.security.SignedObject.verify
JDK-8034272   security-libs   Do not cram data into CRAM arrays
JDK-8031346   security-libs   Enhance RSA key handling
JDK-8037162   security-libs   More robust DH exchanges
JDK-8035004   security-libs   Provider provides less service
JDK-8041535   security-libs   Update certificate lists for compact1 profile
JDK-8041633   security-libs   [TESTBUG] java/lang/SecurityManager/CheckPackageAccess.java fails with "In j.s file, but not in golden set: com.sun.activation.registries."
JDK-8050408   tools           A few new java src files for sjavac is missing copyright notices
JDK-8046620   tools           Further investigation needed for few error messages for negative unicode tests in langtools regression ws
JDK-8048805   tools           Request to investigate and update lexer error recovery in javac
JDK-8049948   tools           Restore NonDirectSuper.java test
JDK-8037046   tools           Validate libraries to be loaded
JDK-8049305   tools           Verification error due to a bad stackmap frame generated by javac
JDK-8046824   tools           class SJavacTestUtil and *Wrapper are redundant and should be removed
JDK-8050283   tools           fix for JDK-8049305 should be removed
JDK-8048803   tools           javac should report complete character code in the error messages
JDK-8050386   tools           javac, follow-up of fix for JDK-8049305
JDK-8051004   tools           javac, incorrect bug id in tests for JDK-8050386
JDK-8049514   xml             FEATURE_SECURE_PROCESSING can not be turned off on a validator through SchemaFactory
JDK-8031540   xml             Introduce document horizon
JDK-8031330   xml             Refactor ObjectFactory
JDK-8027144   xml             Review restriction of JAX-WS java packages going to JDK8
JDK-8035613   xml             With active Securitymanager JAXBContext.newInstance fails

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