Update on lint warnings in the jdk repo

Joe Darcy joe.darcy at oracle.com
Wed Jul 23 20:19:26 UTC 2014


A quick update on lint warnings in the jdk repo, the unchecked and 
rawtypes warnings are nearly eliminated!

Once some warning fixes already in the client repo [1] are integrated 
into the dev repo and the sole open subtask of

     JDK-8039096: Fix raw and unchecked lint warnings in jdk libraries

is fixed in dev, all the unchecked and rawtypes warnings will be 
resolved. At that point, those warnings will be enabled in the build 
(after any straggling newly-introduced raw and unchecked warnings are 
cleaned up). The warnings should be able to be enabled within the next 
few weeks.

Of all the javac lint warning categories, once rawtypes and unchecked 
are cleared, that will just leave ~500 deprecation warnings in the open 
repo. Assuming deprecation warning on import statements can be elided 
[2], I'd like to approach eliminating deprecation warnings differently 
than the previously eliminated categories of lint warnings. Resolving 
issues in previous lint warning categories relied primarily on general 
Java language expertise without much component-area expertise being 
necessary; resolving deprecations warnings has the reversed expertise 
balance. Therefore, I propose to address the deprecation warnings by 
suppressing them in a small number of changesets and at the same time 
filing follow-up bugs at, say, a package-level granularity for the 
component teams to do a more thorough investigation of replacingg the 
deprecated functionality. That approach should be quick to execute, will 
not worsen the code quality in the jdk repo, and will prevent any 
unintended new deprecation warnings from being added.




[1] JDK-8049797: Fix raw and unchecked lint warnings in 
JDK-8042872: Fix raw and unchecked warnings in sun.applet

[2] JDK-8042566: Elide deprecation warnings on import statements

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