jdk9-b25: dev

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Wed Jul 30 19:43:34 UTC 2014



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-8049581   client-libs     [TEST_BUG] Test closed/java/awt/Dialog/ModalityListenerOrder/ModalityListenerOrder.sh fails always on Windows XP 
JDK-8051057   core-libs       (bf) Optimize StringCharBuffer.toString(int, int)
JDK-6721085   core-libs       (coll) Broken link to Collections Framework Tutorial
JDK-8041972   core-libs       Add improved parse methods for Long/Integer
JDK-8050114   core-libs       Expose Integer/Long formatUnsigned methods internally
JDK-8050968   core-libs       Extension class loader initialization fails on Win7 x64 zh_TW
JDK-8051482   core-libs       Fix deprecation warnings in javax.lang.model.util
JDK-8050430   core-libs       Provided new utility visitors supporting SourceVersion.RELEASE_9
JDK-8051019   core-libs       Separate src and test execution sandbox directories
JDK-8042589   core-libs       String.toLowerCase do not work for some concatenated strings
JDK-8006627   core-libs       UUID to/from String performance should be improved by reducing object allocations
JDK-8051350   core-libs       Update javadoc for com.sun.jndi.toolkit.corba.CorbaUtils
JDK-8050922   core-libs       add additional diagnostic to java/net/MulticastSocket/TestInterfaces
JDK-8035829   core-svc        [parfait] JNI exception pending in jdk/src/windows/native/sun/tools/attach/WindowsVirtualMachine.c
JDK-8048933   hotspot         -XX:+TraceExceptions output should include the message
JDK-8049071   hotspot         Add jtreg jobs to JPRT for Hotspot
JDK-8043546   hotspot         C1 optimizes @Stable instance fields with default values 
JDK-8046668   hotspot         Excessive checked JNI warnings from Java startup
JDK-8013942   hotspot         JSR 292: assert(type() == T_OBJECT) failed: type check
JDK-8049532   hotspot         LogCompilation: C1: inlining tree is flat (no depth is stored)  
JDK-8049529   hotspot         LogCompilation: annotate make_not_compilable with compilation level
JDK-8049831   hotspot         Metadata Full GCs are not triggered when CMSClassUnloadingEnabled is turned off
JDK-8049528   hotspot         Method marked w/ @ForceInline isn't inlined with "executed < MinInliningThreshold times" message
JDK-8049715   hotspot         PPC64: First steps to enable SA on Linux/PPC64
JDK-8049530   hotspot         Provide descriptive failure reason for compilation tasks removed for the queue
JDK-8048703   hotspot         ReplacedNodes dumps it's content to tty
JDK-8036588   hotspot         VerifyFieldClosure fails instanceKlass:3133
JDK-8049717   hotspot         expose L1_data_cache_line_size for diagnostic/sanity checks
JDK-8046919   hotspot         jni_PushLocalFrame OOM - increase MAX_REASONABLE_LOCAL_CAPACITY
JDK-8046765   hotspot         makefiles should use parameterized $(CP) and $(MV) rather than explicit commands
JDK-8040237   hotspot         nsk/jvmti/RetransformClasses/retransform001 crashed the VM on all platforms when run with with -server -Xcomp
JDK-8049104   hotspot         resolve atomic.hpp wording issues from JDK-8047104 code review
JDK-8051010   infrastructure  Support @apiNote, @implSpec and @implNote in all javadoc bundles
JDK-8050893   security-libs   (smartcardio) Invert reset argument in tests in sun/security/smartcardio 
JDK-8043071   security-libs   Expose session key and KRB_CRED through extended GSS-API
JDK-8051399   security-libs   Fix for JDK-8043071 breaks dev build
JDK-8048194   security-libs   GSSContext.acceptSecContext fails when a supported mech is initiator preferred
JDK-8035166   security-libs   Remove dependency on EC classes from pkcs11 provider
JDK-8049834   security-libs   Two security tools tests do not run with only JRE
JDK-8050804   tools           (jdeps) Recommend supported API to replace use of JDK internal API
JDK-8049234   tools           Add support for running/debugging bootstrap tools in IntelliJ
JDK-8048833   tools           Group 7a: .out files for generics tests in tools/javac dir
JDK-8048836   tools           Group 7b: .out files for generics tests in tools/javac dir
JDK-8048837   tools           Group 7c: .out files for generics tests in tools/javac dir
JDK-8050319   tools           LocalVariableTestBase has unexpected dependency on LocalVariableTableTest
JDK-8050954   tools           update DocRootSlash test for tidy error: empty <p>
JDK-8038970   xml             Deprivilege JAX-WS/JAF code 
JDK-8029837   xml             NPE seen in XMLDocumentFragmentScannerImpl.setProperty since 7u40b33

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