RFR: 8044740: Convert all JDK versions used in @since tag to 1.n[.n] in jdk repo

mark.reinhold at oracle.com mark.reinhold at oracle.com
Mon Jun 9 15:14:42 UTC 2014

Henry -- Thanks for taking on this huge cleanup task!  A couple of
comments below.

2014/6/4 3:52 -0700, henry.jen at oracle.com:
> ...
> Regarding to whether we should keep JDK, the later convention is 1.#, 
> and as David pointed out the document also list @since that way, I think 
> we should settle on that.

I agree.  A "JDK" prefix on every version number would be redundant.

> For other standards such as SAX or JCE, I propose to convert them to the 
> version of JDK those APIs are included. To retain that information, we 
> can introduce a custom tag, perhaps @standard or @conformingTo?

These secondary version numbers aren't always for standards as such, and
in some cases they no longer have any real meaning.  JCE, e.g., was a
standlone technology which was folded into the JDK many releases ago and
hasn't really had its own version number since.  So to do this right
you'd need to figure out what's a "standard" and what's not, which could
take a fair bit of time, and it's not worth introducing new custom tags
if we aren't going to do it right.

I suggest you just retain the secondary version numbers and list them
after the primary, e.g.,

 * @since 1.6, SAX 2.0

> ...
> Some changes not obvious are simply remove tailing space, a (positive) 
> side effect of the tools I use so I kept them.

I suggest you limit your patch only to change the @since tags.  That
will make it easier to review and easier to comprehend later on.  The
whitespace cleanup can be done separately.

- Mark

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