jdk9-b95: dev

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Tue Dec 1 19:10:37 UTC 2015



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-8087203   core-libs       Adapt Version.java.template to the JEP-223 new version string format 
JDK-8134365   core-libs       Test test/sun/misc/Version/Version.java should follow Verona rules for 
JDK-8136875   core-libs       Fix @bug in sun/misc/Version/Version.java 
JDK-8138987   core-libs       Module version is checked incorrectly in libjimage (verona) 
JDK-8132003   core-svc        Update javax/management regression test for Verona (versioning) 
JDK-8131918   deploy          The dialog "Your Java version is out of date" is shown 
JDK-8087202   hotspot         Add support for PATCH field and remove unused fields of new version st 
JDK-8139986   hotspot         Store debug level in jdk.debug and conditionally print in "java -versi 
JDK-8085822   infrastructure  JEP 223: New Version-String Scheme (initial integration) 
JDK-8087328   infrastructure  Move debuglevel info in version string from PRE to OPT 
JDK-8087329   infrastructure  Introduce VERSION_IS_GA 
JDK-8135083   infrastructure  Product version string  for DLLs and EXEs should not include trailing  
JDK-8137259   infrastructure  configure needs to parse Verona-style version strings for bootjdk 
JDK-8139951   infrastructure  Do not store debug level in OPT part of Verona string 
JDK-8140191   infrastructure  Unable to build the verona stage repo with JPRT 
JDK-8098595   install         Verona build fails for Linux platform  
JDK-8130696   security-libs   Security Providers need to have their version numbers updated for JDK  
JDK-8087205   tools           Follow-up fix in langtools for JDK-8085822 
JDK-8129601   tools           [launcher] test VersionCheck.java fails with new version string 
JDK-8141104   tools           jdk.jshell.TaskFactory code for java.specification.version = 1.9 shoul 
JDK-8098588   xml             Allow for parsing jdk9 new version string 

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