Verona (JEP 223) Integration to JDK 9

Iris Clark iris.clark at
Thu Dec 3 05:14:27 UTC 2015


I'm thrilled to report that the Verona integration to jdk9/jdk9 is complete.
The changes have been sync'd down to jdk9/dev and jdk9/client.  Sync to 
Other dependent forests is forthcoming.  JDK 9 build 95 has been promoted
and tagged using the new tag format, "jdk-9+95".  

Additional work still needs to be done before we can declare Verona 
complete, but the largest, highest impact changes are now in the JDK 9 
release forest. 


P.S.  If you have a local copy of [0], please update to the 
latest version which was modified to accept the new tag format.


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Implementation of the new version-string scheme for OpenJDK (JEP 223 [0]) is nearly complete and we are almost ready to push verona/stage [1] into the JDK 9 release.

The changes for Verona were primarily in the build system and the jdk and hotspot repositories to support the modified system properties.  Most notably, "java.version" now returns "9" instead of "1.9.0".  Additional changes were also needed in a small number of regression tests.

The most common problem we've discovered is that applications that detect the version number may include code which assumes that the version string begins with "1." or that there is always a '.' in the version string.

As you may recall, we've been using this forest to stage all Reviewed changesets.  Now that we are ready to integrate we will use build 95 to integrate all the Project Verona changes as an isolated integration.  Other
jdk9/* development forests will continue to accumulate changesets for an additional week.

Here's the anticipated time line:

    Thu 26 Nov [ US Thanksgiving ]
        - jdk9/jdk9 (MASTER) build 94 promotion 

    On or before Mon 30 Nov
        - Sync verona/stage with jdk9/jdk9 MASTER (build 94)

    Tues 1 Dec
        - Integrate verona/stage to jdk9/jdk9 (MASTER)

    Wed 2 Dec
        - jdk9/jdk9 build 95 promotion (with Verona)
        - After promotion, sync down to jdk9/dev and other dependent forests

All remaining Verona changes will be pushed to a standard JDK 9 development forest (e.g. jdk9/dev or jdk9/client).  The regular integration and promotion schedule will resume with build 96 the week of 7 Dec.



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