jdk9-b96: dev

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Thu Dec 10 00:31:30 UTC 2015



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-6288609   client-libs     JInternalFrame.setDefaultCloseOperation() interferes with "close" beha 
JDK-7124218   client-libs     [TEST_BUG] [macosx] Space should select cell in the JTable 
JDK-7124290   client-libs     [TEST_BUG] [macosx] JComboBox.getSelectedIndex() returns wrong value 
JDK-7146533   client-libs     [TEST BUG] [macosx] skip java/awt/xembed/server/RunTestXEmbed.java for 
JDK-7162125   client-libs     [macosx] A font has different behaviour for ligatures depending on its 
JDK-8030099   client-libs     Memory usage of java process increases after pressing start button in  
JDK-8037575   client-libs     JFrame on Windows doesn't animate when setting ICONIFIED state 
JDK-8039412   client-libs     Stack overflow on Linux using DialogTypeSelection.NATIVE 
JDK-8067059   client-libs     PrinterJob.pageDialog() with DialogSelectionType.NATIVE returns a Page 
JDK-8073320   client-libs      Windows HiDPI Graphics support 
JDK-8076529   client-libs     Marlin antialiasing renderer integration 
JDK-8079253   client-libs     Test javax/swing/SwingUtilities/TestBadBreak/TestBadBreak.java fails.P 
JDK-8081411   client-libs     Add an API for painting an icon with a SynthContext 
JDK-8081491   client-libs     The case print incomplete. 
JDK-8132770   client-libs     [TEST_BUG][macosx] Test javax/swing/JRadioButton/FocusTraversal/FocusT 
JDK-8134116   client-libs     Add more comprehensive fix and regression test for JDK-8133897 
JDK-8135100   client-libs     Behavior of null arguments not specified in javax.sound.sampled.spi 
JDK-8137571   client-libs     Linux HiDPI Graphics support 
JDK-8142898   client-libs     Prefer isFile()/isDirectory() over exists() in SoftSynthesizer 
JDK-8143177   client-libs     Integrate harfbuzz opentype layout engine per JEP 258 
JDK-8143256   client-libs     The build is broken after JDK-8081411 
JDK-8143342   client-libs     Integrate Java Image I/O support for TIFF per JEP 262 
JDK-8143848   client-libs     JDK-8076529 changeset was pushed with wrong attributions 
JDK-8143849   client-libs     Integrate Marlin renderer per JEP 265 
JDK-8144074   client-libs     [PIT] Crash calling Toolkit.getScreenSize() on Windows. 
JDK-8144526   client-libs     Remove Marlin logging use of deleted internal API 
JDK-8144627   client-libs     Problem list WriteAfterAbort.java 
JDK-6856817   core-libs       Poor performance of Writer#append with CharBuffer 
JDK-7011840   core-libs       TEST_BUG java/util/Locale/LocaleEnhanceTest.java 
JDK-7047633   core-libs       remove @ignore 6876961 from test/java/util/ResourceBundle/Test4300693. 
JDK-8040928   core-libs       java/util/concurrent/locks/ReentrantLock/CancelledLockLoops.java: java 
JDK-8066272   core-libs       pack200 must support Multi-Release Jars 
JDK-8072015   core-libs       java/util/Collections/CheckedMapBash.java failed TreeSet(reverseOrder) 
JDK-8072844   core-libs       Use more efficient LambdaForm type representation 
JDK-8073211   core-libs       javadoc of Format parseObject methods should specify NullPointerExcept 
JDK-8076596   core-libs       BytecodeDescriptor.parseMethod doesn't work during bootstrapping 
JDK-8085984   core-libs       Add support for Sharding 
JDK-8130246   core-libs       java/util/Currency/PropertiesTest.sh fails Exception java.lang.NullPoi 
JDK-8136500   core-libs       Integer/Long getChars and stringSize should be more idiomatic 
JDK-8139430   core-libs       Refactor test library to decrease module dependencies of tests 
JDK-8139574   core-libs       ReentrantReadWriteLock documentation example has compile time error 
JDK-8140450   core-libs       Implement JEP 259: Stack-Walking API 
JDK-8140468   core-libs       java/util/concurrent/locks/ReentrantLock/CancelledLockLoops.java faile 
JDK-8140471   core-libs       java/util/concurrent/locks/ReentrantLock/TimeoutLockLoops.java timed o 
JDK-8140587   core-libs       Atomic*FieldUpdaters should use Class.isInstance instead of direct cla 
JDK-8140687   core-libs       Move @Contended to the jdk.internal.vm.annotation package 
JDK-8141031   core-libs       java/util/concurrent/Phaser/Basic.java starts failing intermittently 
JDK-8141243   core-libs       Unexpected timezone returned after parsing a date  
JDK-8141338   core-libs       Move jdk.internal.dynalink package to jdk.dynalink 
JDK-8141407   core-libs       Wrong evaluation of a != a when a = NaN 
JDK-8142441   core-libs       Improve jtreg tests for java.util.concurrent 
JDK-8142872   core-libs       Remove support for sun.nio.ch.PollSelectorProvider from 9 
JDK-8143073   core-libs       Improve documentation for ConcurrentHashMap serialized form 
JDK-8143086   core-libs       Document that ForkJoinWorkerThreadFactory.newThread can return null to 
JDK-8143087   core-libs       Miscellaneous changes imported from jsr166 CVS 2015-11 
JDK-8143131   core-libs       Remove unused code from java.lang.invoke 
JDK-8143165   core-libs       Add Statement.isSimpleIdentifier and add throws clause to enquoteLiter 
JDK-8143343   core-libs       add JEP 274 Javadoc tests to JavaDocExamplesTest 
JDK-8143553   core-libs       StringBuffer.getByte(byte[], int, byte) should be package private (not 
JDK-8143642   core-libs       Nashorn shebang argument handling is broken 
JDK-8143798   core-libs       jck failures: api/java_lang/invoke/MethodHandle/index_MethodsTests[asS 
JDK-8143821   core-libs       Wrong test name in JDK-8143304 
JDK-8143854   core-libs       java/util/regex/RegExTest.java.RegExTest failed 
JDK-8143858   core-libs       typo in Timer.purge() doc 
JDK-8143876   core-libs       test/java/lang/ProcessHandle/TreeTest.java failed intermittently with  
JDK-8143879   core-libs       jdk/internal/jimage/JImageReadTest.java crashes jvm in msvcr120.dll 
JDK-8143926   core-libs       ObjectStreamField constructor eagerly load ObjectStreamClass 
JDK-8143967   core-libs       The stream state check should handle unsigned anchor value 
JDK-8144051   core-libs       failing test262parallel run leads to successful build 
JDK-8144131   core-libs       ArrayData.getInt implementations do not convert to int32 
JDK-8144160   core-libs       Regression: two tests fail on Windows with "ant test" target 
JDK-8144186   core-libs       Update Main.asm sample to use dynalink public API 
JDK-8144210   core-libs       Runtime.currentRuntime should be final 
JDK-8144214   core-libs       Some log messages will be discarded when VM is bootstrapping. 
JDK-8144230   core-libs       Add a sample for pluggable dynalink linker 
JDK-8144262   core-libs       LogRecord.getMillis() method is a convenience API that should not have 
JDK-8144349   core-libs       @since tag missed 
JDK-8144460   core-libs       Improve the code coverage for BootstrapLogger and SimpleConsoleLogger  
JDK-8144473   core-libs       Nashorn code assumes NashornCallSiteDescriptor always 
JDK-8144480   core-libs       Remove test dependencies on sun.misc.BASE64Encoder and BASE64Decoder 
JDK-8144519   core-libs       Add a sample for pluggable dynalink linker that demonstrats beans link 
JDK-8144742   core-libs       Instrument intermittently failing test GCDuringIteration.java 
JDK-8043138   core-svc        Attach API should not require jvmstat rmi protocol 
JDK-8143121   core-svc        javax/management/remote/mandatory/loading/MethodResultTest.java fails  
JDK-7024585   deploy          enhance the list of secure jnlp vm-args for plugin and web start 
JDK-8012910   deploy          Entries to the user's trusted certs keystore are not correctly named 
JDK-8141515   deploy          [test]BetterTimestampHandligTest::testSignedTrustedValid_VERY_HIGH  ne 
JDK-8141527   deploy          AddRemoveTest tests fail as second request to jnlp not getting to serv 
JDK-8142345   deploy          Remove code that adds certificate and manifest data to cache entry ind 
JDK-8142351   deploy          JRE Finder dialog in JCP no longer working 
JDK-8142982   deploy          Race Condition can cause CacheEntry.getJarSigningData() to return null 
JDK-8143018   deploy          [test] Build error for common due to fix of 8141479 
JDK-8143182   deploy          [test] Build error for javaws due to fix of 8141479 
JDK-8143262   deploy          fix ClientConfigSystemPropertyTest unit test 
JDK-8143290   deploy          [test]Not all -notWebJava app should be filtered out 
JDK-8143820   deploy          NPE caused by JDK-6990109 fix  
JDK-8027429   hotspot         Add diagnostic command VM.info to get hs_err print-out 
JDK-8042997   hotspot         Make intrinsic some or all check index/range methods 
JDK-8061436   hotspot         Processing of options related to segmented code cache should be enhanc 
JDK-8066154   hotspot         JEP-JDK-8046155: Test task: huge directive file 
JDK-8066156   hotspot         JEP-JDK-8046155: Test task: stress by dcmd 
JDK-8087223   hotspot         InterfaceMethod CP entry pointing to a class should cause ICCE  
JDK-8098557   hotspot         Eager initialization of a superinterface with a default method  
JDK-8131778   hotspot         java disables UseAES flag when using VIS=2 on sparc 
JDK-8134579   hotspot         [TESTBUG] Some bmi tests fail if can_access_local_variables is on. 
JDK-8134631   hotspot         G1DummyRegionsPerGC fires assert of assert(words <= filler_array_max_s 
JDK-8136678   hotspot         Implement adaptive sizing algorithm for IHOP 
JDK-8136679   hotspot         JFR event for adaptive IHOP 
JDK-8136681   hotspot         Factor out IHOP calculation from G1CollectorPolicy 
JDK-8136978   hotspot         Much nearly duplicated code for vmError support 
JDK-8137168   hotspot         Replace IfNode with a new RangeCheckNode for range checks 
JDK-8138681   hotspot         Runtime.getFreeMemory() reports wrong value after humongous allocation 
JDK-8138684   hotspot         G1 decision about taking regions into the collection set is too aggres 
JDK-8138689   hotspot         use package for /compiler/whitebox common classes 
JDK-8138810   hotspot         rework tests for CompilerToVM::allocateCompiledId 
JDK-8138815   hotspot         improve tests CompilerToVM::getStackTraceElement  
JDK-8138892   hotspot         C1: Improve counter overflow checking 
JDK-8138894   hotspot         C1: Support IRIW on weak memory platforms 
JDK-8138895   hotspot         C1: PPC64 Port needs special register for Locks in synchronization cod 
JDK-8138952   hotspot         C1: Distinguish between PPC32 and PPC64 
JDK-8138983   hotspot         Runtime: implement ranges for Shared*** flags 
JDK-8138993   hotspot         JEP-JDK-8046155: Test task: add check for Compiler.directives_print di 
JDK-8139258   hotspot         PPC64LE: argument passing problem when passing 15 floats in	native cal 
JDK-8139384   hotspot         [TESTBUG] JVMCI test fails with java.lang.RuntimeException: a 100_000  
JDK-8139388   hotspot         [TESTBUG] JVMCI test failed with RuntimeException profiling info wasn' 
JDK-8139589   hotspot         [JVMCI] throw exceptions in faulty code installation operations 
JDK-8139595   hotspot         MethodHandles::remove_dependent_nmethod is not MT safe 
JDK-8139758   hotspot         [REDO] Elide more final field's write memory barrier with escape analy 
JDK-8139883   hotspot         Add virtual destructor G1ParScanThreadState 
JDK-8139892   hotspot         Allow G1CollectorPolicy to specify if reference processing should be e 
JDK-8139922   hotspot         Get rid of dead code in ConcurrentMark 
JDK-8140309   hotspot         [REDO] failed: no mismatched stores, except on raw memory: StoreB Stor 
JDK-8140327   hotspot         segfault on solaris-amd64 with "-XX:CompilerThreadStackSize=1" option 
JDK-8140390   hotspot         Char stores/loads accessing byte arrays must be marked as unmatched 
JDK-8140424   hotspot         don't prefix developer and notproduct flag variables with CONST_ in pr 
JDK-8140574   hotspot         C2 must re-execute checks after deoptimizing from merged uncommon trap 
JDK-8140650   hotspot         Method::is_accessor should cover getters and setters for all types 
JDK-8140779   hotspot         Code generation fixes for avx512 
JDK-8140802   hotspot         Clean up and refactor of class loading code for CDS 
JDK-8141024   hotspot         [Solaris] Obsolete UseAltSigs 
JDK-8141068   hotspot         refactor -XXFlags= code in preparation for removal 
JDK-8141133   hotspot         [JVMCI] crash during safepoint deopt if rethrow_exception is set 
JDK-8141135   hotspot         Remove G1RemSet::write_ref 
JDK-8141137   hotspot         C2 fails rematerializing nodes using flag registers. 
JDK-8141330   hotspot         [JVMCI] avoid deadlock between application thread and JVMCI compiler t 
JDK-8141353   hotspot         Testlibrary: add various changes into testlibrary Utils 
JDK-8141356   hotspot         Explicitly stop CMS threads during VM termination. 
JDK-8141424   hotspot         [Testbug] CompilerDirectivesDCMDTest.java testing flag that is missing 
JDK-8141445   hotspot         Use of Solaris/SPARC M7 libadimalloc.so can generate unknown signal in 
JDK-8141529   hotspot         Fix handling of _JAVA_SR_SIGNUM 
JDK-8141551   hotspot         C2 can not handle returns with incompatible interface arrays 
JDK-8141552   hotspot         [TESTBUG] compiler/jvmci/events/JvmciNotifyInstallEventTest failed aft 
JDK-8141570   hotspot         Fix Zero interpreter build for --disable-precompiled-headers 
JDK-8141585   hotspot         CompilerDirectivesDCMDTest intermittently SEGVs in MethodMatcher::matc 
JDK-8141624   hotspot         Limit calculation of pre loop during super word optimization is wrong 
JDK-8141641   hotspot         Runtime: implement range for ErrorLogTimeout 
JDK-8141706   hotspot         [TESTBUG] Update tests failing due to changed behavior 
JDK-8142314   hotspot         Bug in C1 ControlFlowOptimizer::delete_unnecessary_jumps with bytecode 
JDK-8142329   hotspot         [JVMCI] pass Handle by value 
JDK-8142385   hotspot         [Testbug] RandomCommandsTest fails with error: Could not parse method  
JDK-8142386   hotspot         Octane crashes with assert(is_Load())  
JDK-8142387   hotspot         Various JVMCI tests fail on unexpected exception 
JDK-8142390   hotspot         Move ScanRSClosure to header file 
JDK-8142399   hotspot         G1ParCopyClosure does not need do_oop_work 
JDK-8142403   hotspot         Make G1CollectorPolicy::predictor const 
JDK-8142404   hotspot         Parallelize the restoring of preserved marks 
JDK-8142435   hotspot         [JVMCI] restore missing InstalledCode.version increment 
JDK-8142436   hotspot         [JVMCI] fix management of nmethod::_installed_code field 
JDK-8142437   hotspot         SafepointTest.java is occasionally failing in JPRT 
JDK-8142472   hotspot         Remove debugging code guarded by CMSPrintPromoBlockInfo 
JDK-8142475   hotspot         Remove TraceParallelOldGCTasks 
JDK-8142482   hotspot         Improve the support for prefix functions in unified logging 
JDK-8142483   hotspot         Unified logging log instances cause warnings on windows when only stat 
JDK-8142494   hotspot         Add extension point to G1EvacuationRootClosures 
JDK-8142495   hotspot         Move G1ParEvacuateFollowersClosure to header file 
JDK-8142500   hotspot         missing null checks in IfNode::has_only_uncommon_traps 
JDK-8142511   hotspot         [JVMCI] must eagerly initialize classes with static fields accessed by 
JDK-8142952   hotspot         Unified Logging framework does not allow multiple -Xlog: arguments.  
JDK-8142967   hotspot         [TESTBUG] Compiler control tests get NullPointerException 
JDK-8142980   hotspot         SKX SpecJvm2008 - Derby 
JDK-8143012   hotspot         CRC32 Intrinsics support on SPARC 
JDK-8143013   hotspot         Remove unused DirtyCardQueue::iterate_closure_all_threads 
JDK-8143014   hotspot         Access PtrQueue member offsets through derived classes 
JDK-8143026   hotspot         assert(java_lang_Class::is_instance(java_class)) failed: must be a Cla 
JDK-8143038   hotspot         [TESTBUG] TestOptionsWithRanges: allow excluding only a subset of test 
JDK-8143059   hotspot         TestUnsafeUnalignedMismatchedAccesses doens't build after 8139891 
JDK-8143067   hotspot         aarch64: guarantee failure in javac 
JDK-8143078   hotspot         Remove JVM_DefineClassWithSourceCond() API 
JDK-8143151   hotspot         [JVMCI] assertion for allocation of "too many" CompileTasks must take  
JDK-8143155   hotspot         Remove TraceRuntimeCalls, TraceJNICalls and TraceJVMCalls rather than  
JDK-8143157   hotspot         Convert TraceVMOperation to Unified Logging 
JDK-8143180   hotspot         Internal Error in src/cpu/ppc/vm/macroAssembler_ppc.cpp:4287 
JDK-8143208   hotspot         compiler/c1/6855215/Test6855215.java supports_sse2() failed 
JDK-8143229   hotspot         Replace the develop level with develop macros in Unified Logging 
JDK-8143233   hotspot         [windows] Fixes to os::check_heap() 
JDK-8143252   hotspot         Clean up G1CollectedHeap interface 
JDK-8143255   hotspot         Remove debug logging from  SymbolTable::unlink() and SymbolTable::poss 
JDK-8143285   hotspot         Missing load acquire when checking if ConstantPoolCacheEntry is resolv 
JDK-8143307   hotspot         Crash in C2 local code motion 
JDK-8143308   hotspot         Add inline checks and tests 
JDK-8143324   hotspot         Backout JDK-8087223 
JDK-8143408   hotspot         Crash during InstanceKlass unloading when clearing dependency context 
JDK-8143544   hotspot         Make CMSCollector::is_cms_reachable() non-product 
JDK-8143587   hotspot         G1 crashes with humongous object of size that almost fills a heap regi 
JDK-8143616   hotspot         Cleanup: Remove unused PrintNMethodsAtLevel flag 
JDK-8143836   hotspot         [TESTBUG] runtime/CommandLine/IgnoreUnrecognizedVMOptions fails in jdk 
JDK-8143911   hotspot         Reintegrate JEP 259 Stack-Walking API 
JDK-8143931   hotspot         Back out JDK-8140450 
JDK-8143963   hotspot         improve ClassLoader::trace_class_path to accept an additional outputSt 
JDK-8143966   hotspot         integration 
JDK-8144016   hotspot         Add the gc tag to the logging framework 
JDK-8144024   hotspot         Octane fails with "memory leak: allocating handle outside HandleMark" 
JDK-8144053   hotspot         [TESTBUG] GetStackTraceElementTest : unexpected line number for abstra 
JDK-8144075   hotspot         Move prepare_for_oops_into_collection_set_do into pre_evacuate_collect 
JDK-8144076   hotspot         Move evac failure handling and reference processing to post_evacuate_c 
JDK-8144134   hotspot         Nightly tests fail with SIGSEGV in Ticks::now() 
JDK-8142336   infrastructure  Convert the SA agent build to modular build-infra makefiles 
JDK-8142983   infrastructure  Enable builds with icecc/icecream 
JDK-8143141   infrastructure  Bring in minor build changes from the jigsaw/jake forest 
JDK-8143236   infrastructure  Update devkit creation makefiles for linux 
JDK-8143296   infrastructure  javac-server/sjavac not compatible with LogFailures on Windows 
JDK-8144039   infrastructure  Enable javac server by default 
JDK-8144172   infrastructure  Problem with bootcycle-images and sjavac 
JDK-8144312   infrastructure  Remove limitations on the default number of jobs in the build 
JDK-8080959   other-libs      Remove Java DB from JDK 9 
JDK-8143583   other-libs      Several tests don't work with latest jtreg due to non-existing files i 
JDK-8130132   security-libs   jarsigner should emit warning if weak algorithms or keysizes are used 
JDK-8136442   security-libs   Don't tie Certificate signature algorithms to ciphersuites 
JDK-8138638   security-libs   Security tests using jdk/test/sun/security/krb5/auto/KDC.java fail int 
JDK-8141457   security-libs   keytool default cert fingerprint algorithm should be SHA-256 
JDK-8141593   security-libs   Test RetryHttps timed out intermittently 
JDK-8141690   security-libs   JDK-8133151 change to MakeJavaSecurity.java is not complete 
JDK-8143298   security-libs   Test ReadTimeout.java fails  intermittently 
JDK-8143377   security-libs   Test PKCS8Test.java fails 
JDK-8143813   security-libs   Problem list PKCS8Test.java 
JDK-8143913   security-libs   MSCAPI keystore should accept Certificate[] in setEntry() 
JDK-8144093   security-libs   JEP 244/8051498 - TLS Application-Layer Protocol Negotiation Extension 
JDK-8144107   security-libs   jdk/security tests not included 
JDK-8144294   security-libs   jdk/security/jarsigner/Function.java failed to clean up files after te 
JDK-8144313   security-libs   Test SessionTimeOutTests can be timeout 
JDK-8008685   tools           DPrinter should include MethodType.recvtype 
JDK-8078660   tools           Misleading recommendation from diamond finder. 
JDK-8142447   tools           JShell tool: Command change: re-run n-th command should be re-run by i 
JDK-8143037   tools           JShell should determine commands by prefix 
JDK-8143268   tools           Langtools tools should create output directories as needed. 
JDK-8143647   tools           Javac compiles method reference that allows results in an IllegalAcces 
JDK-8144009   tools           ToolBox should have a cleanDirectory method 
JDK-8144533   tools           VersionCheck.java failing after Verona changes in dev 
JDK-8144660   tools           VersionCheck.java fails when it tries to run jaccess*.exe -J-version o 
JDK-8144756   tools           JShell: ToolBasicTest.java missing @bug tag for 8142447 
JDK-8131334   xml             SAAJ Plugability Layer: using java.util.ServiceLoader 
JDK-8132091   xml             Clean up JAXP code that has dependency on Java version string 
JDK-8142463   xml             Xml schema validation failing after Xerces update; maxOccurs ignored  
JDK-8144094   xml             Add Catalog API to java.xml module 

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