jdk9-b99: dev

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Wed Dec 23 23:22:24 UTC 2015



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-8078423   client-libs     [TESTBUG] javax/print/PrintSEUmlauts/PrintSEUmlauts.java relies on sys 
JDK-8144245   client-libs     [PIT] javax/imageio/plugins/shared/WriteAfterAbort.java 
JDK-8145055   client-libs     Marlin renderer causes unaligned write accesses 
JDK-8145605   client-libs     Problem list Test6277246.java until a fix for JDK-8145589 
JDK-8032510   core-libs       Add java.time.Duration.dividedBy(Duration) 
JDK-8056152   core-libs       (thread) API to create Threads that do not inherit inheritable thread- 
JDK-8057804   core-libs       AnnotatedType interfaces provide no way to get annotations on owner ty 
JDK-8131155   core-libs       java/net/NetworkInterface/NetworkInterfaceStreamTest.java failed becau 
JDK-8134916   core-libs       LocaleData.cldr for sun/text/resources/LocaleDataTest.java seems to co 
JDK-8138696   core-libs       java.lang.ref.Cleaner - an alternative to finalization 
JDK-8139572   core-libs       SimpleDateFormat parse month stand-alone format bug 
JDK-8143394   core-libs       PushbackReader throws NullPointerException 
JDK-8144020   core-libs       Remove long as an internal numeric type 
JDK-8144221   core-libs       fix Nashorn shebang argument handling on Mac/Linux 
JDK-8144479   core-libs       Remove character coders from sun.misc 
JDK-8144553   core-libs       java/lang/StackWalker/StackWalkTest.java and MultiThreadStackWalk.java 
JDK-8144675   core-libs       Add a filtering collector 
JDK-8144723   core-libs       MethodHandleImpl.initStatics is no longer needed 
JDK-8144914   core-libs       Eagerly lookup browser JS object class in BrowserJSObjectLinker 
JDK-8144952   core-libs       add wildcards to the Map.ofEntries() method 
JDK-8144995   core-libs       Move sun.misc.HexDumpEncoder to sun.security.util 
JDK-8145006   core-libs       Collections.asLifoQueue(null) doesn't throw NPE as specified 
JDK-8145007   core-libs       Pattern splitAsStream is not late binding as required by the specifica 
JDK-8145139   core-libs       clean up jdk_collections and jdk_concurrent test groups 
JDK-8145214   core-libs       Remove sun.misc.Request and RequestProcessor 
JDK-8145260   core-libs       To bring j.u.z.ZipFile's native implementation to Java to remove the e 
JDK-8145314   core-libs       jjs tab-completion should support camel case completion 
JDK-8145390   core-libs       Remove sun.misc.Queue and replace usages with standard Collections 
JDK-8145416   core-libs       Move sun.misc.ProxyGenerator to jdk.internal.reflect 
JDK-8145428   core-libs       Optimize StringUTF16 compress/copy methods for C1 
JDK-8145430   core-libs       Fix typo in StackWalker javadoc 
JDK-8145486   core-libs       jjs should support documentation key shortcut in interactive mode 
JDK-8145539   core-libs       (coll) AbstractMap.keySet and .values should not be volatile 
JDK-8145550   core-libs       Megamorphic invoke should use CompiledFunction variants without any Li 
JDK-8145630   core-libs       accidental debug printlns in NativeFunction.java 
JDK-8145669   core-libs       apply2call optimized callsite fails after becoming megamorphic 
JDK-8145686   core-libs       SimpleConsoleLogger and LogRecord should take advantage of StackWalker 
JDK-8145750   core-libs       jjs fails to run simple scripts with security manager turned on 
JDK-8145909   core-libs       tools/jjs/jjs-fileTest.sh fails after JDK-8145750 except on windows 
JDK-8144308   core-svc        com/sun/jdi/SuspendThreadTest.java failed with "transport error 202: s 
JDK-8145417   core-svc        JInfoSanityTest failed with Error attaching to remote server: java.rmi 
JDK-8145319   deploy          Remove static reference on sun.misc.HexDumpEncoder 
JDK-8016752   hotspot         [Newtest] regression test for PrintGCDetails and Verbose flags do not  
JDK-8060697   hotspot         G1: Investigate heap sizing heuristics 
JDK-8114853   hotspot         variable tracking size limit exceeded in vmStructs.cpp 
JDK-8131694   hotspot         backout the fix for JDK-8131331 when JDK-8131693 is fixed 
JDK-8132510   hotspot         Replace ThreadLocalStorage with compiler/language-based thread-local v 
JDK-8136680   hotspot         Enable adaptive IHOP by default 
JDK-8138745   hotspot         Implement ExitOnOutOfMemory and CrashOnOutOfMemory in HotSpot 
JDK-8140031   hotspot         SA: Searching for a value in Threads does not work 
JDK-8140485   hotspot         Class load and creation cleanup 
JDK-8140556   hotspot         Add force rotation option to VM.log jcmd 
JDK-8141526   hotspot         Allow to collect stdout/stderr from the FinalizationRunner even before 
JDK-8142341   hotspot         GC: current flags need ranges to be implemented 
JDK-8142402   hotspot         G1 should not redirty cards in free regions 
JDK-8142976   hotspot         Reimplement TraceClassInitialization with Unified Logging 
JDK-8143125   hotspot         [aix] Further Developments for AIX 
JDK-8143251   hotspot         HeapRetentionTest.java Test is failing on jdk9/dev 
JDK-8143291   hotspot         Remove redundant coding around os::exception_name(). 
JDK-8143615   hotspot         compactHashtable.hpp includes oop.inline.hpp file 
JDK-8144040   hotspot         UpdateRSetDeferred in G1EvacFailure will never visit survivor regions 
JDK-8144052   hotspot         mark_card_deferred does not need to check g1_young_gen 
JDK-8144067   hotspot         Pass obj directly to G1ParScanThreadState::update_rs 
JDK-8144072   hotspot         G1ParScanThreadState::update_rs does not need to call is_in_reserved 
JDK-8144077   hotspot         Add getter for G1CollectorPolicy::_collectionSetChooser 
JDK-8144084   hotspot         [TESTBUG] 1.9 section not unlock flag in runtime/CommandLine/IgnoreUnr 
JDK-8144137   hotspot         Allocating all the heap did not trigger OOME 
JDK-8144145   hotspot         G1GCPhaseTimes should allow externally accounted time 
JDK-8144146   hotspot         Unified Logging tags cannot be reserved keywords 
JDK-8144192   hotspot         [windows] Enhancements to os::print_siginfo() 
JDK-8144201   hotspot         openjdk aarch64: jdk/test/com/sun/net/httpserver/Test6a.java fails wit 
JDK-8144315   hotspot         update_rs is passed wrong object 
JDK-8144343   hotspot         [aix] Stack bottom should be page aligned 
JDK-8144491   hotspot         ElfSymbolTable::lookup returns bad value when the lookup has failed  
JDK-8144534   hotspot         Refactor templateInterpreter and templateInterpreterGenerator function 
JDK-8144536   hotspot         Clean up Unified Logging test directory 
JDK-8144605   hotspot         Invalid format specifier when printing in_cset_state_t 
JDK-8144629   hotspot         runtime/thread/Fibonacci.java test should ran in othervm mode 
JDK-8144663   hotspot         Invalid constraints in memset_with_concurrent_readers_sparc.cpp inline 
JDK-8144690   hotspot         g1Predictions.hpp includes allocation.inline.hpp 
JDK-8144702   hotspot         Using tid decorator in Unified Logging may crash VM 
JDK-8144712   hotspot         Remove g1RootClosures.inline.hpp 
JDK-8144837   hotspot         Improve the printout of heap regions in hs_err dump files. 
JDK-8144881   hotspot         Various fixes to linux/sparc 
JDK-8144930   hotspot         gcc 4.1.2: fix build flags after "8114853 variable tracking size limit 
JDK-8145027   hotspot         Exclude NUMAInterleaveGranularity from TestOptionsWithRanges.java 
JDK-8139272   infrastructure  Add configure variable to set concurrency for jtreg tests 
JDK-8142907   infrastructure  Integration of minor fixes from the build-infra project 
JDK-8144677   infrastructure  jprt.properties should allow creating a user specified testset with cu 
JDK-8145391   infrastructure  Update jprt.properties, devtools, jib and readme with SS12u4 
JDK-8145548   infrastructure  Add default directory for freetype source 
JDK-8145560   infrastructure  AIX: change '8036003: Add --with-debug-symbols' broke AIX build 
JDK-8145670   infrastructure  New Solaris devkits are missing gobjcopy 
JDK-8049321   security-libs   Support SHA224withDSA and SHA256withDSA in the SunJSSE provider 
JDK-8129567   security-libs   CRYPTO_MECHANISM_PARAM_INVALID occurs if GCM mode parameter which is u 
JDK-8140470   security-libs   javax/xml/crypto/dsig/SecurityManager/XMLDSigWithSecMgr.java test fail 
JDK-7190296   tools           unsoundness in type-containment implementation 
JDK-8057548   tools           Annotate.Worker should be replaced with lambdas 
JDK-8067379   tools           Investigate and replace .class files in langtools/test with equivalent 
JDK-8076031   tools           javac should use deterministic data structures for managing free type  
JDK-8142876   tools           Javac does not correctly implement wildcards removal from functional i 
JDK-8143133   tools           Wrong MethodParameters on capturing local class with multiple construc 
JDK-8143952   tools           JShell: space in class path causes remote launch failure 
JDK-8144832   tools           cast conversion fails when converting a type-variable to primitive typ 
JDK-8144888   tools           ToolBox should close any file manager it opens 
JDK-8144903   tools           JShell: determine incorrectly the type of the expression which is arra 
JDK-8145342   tools           Some copyright notices are inconsistently and ill formatted 
JDK-8068839   xml             newDuration(x) produces incorrect outputs for some values of x 

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