JEP 212: "Resolve Lint and Doclint Warnings" is complete!

Joseph D. Darcy joe.darcy at
Tue Jul 14 01:52:25 UTC 2015


One of the proposed improvements for development practices made early in 
JDK 9 was the elimination of javac lint and doclint warnings for sources 
in the JDK. [1] This was first proposed [2] and later formally targeted 
to JDK 9 as  JEP 212: Resolve Lint and Doclint Warnings [3].

Amongst other modules in the build, java.base and java.desktop compiled 
cleanly under -Xlint:all as of January 2015. [4] Four out of five 
doclint categories were enabled in March 2015 [5] and, as of this 
morning, the fifth doclint category now also covers those modules too [6].

With that, JEP 212 is complete!

Thanks to all those who contributed fixes and reviews to this effort 
(and its less structured antecedents) over the years,


[1] "Proposed source code and regression test suite improvement projects 
for JDK 9,"

[2] "Draft JEP for discussion: Lint and doclint clean sources,"


[4] "And then there were none: -Xlint:all enabled int the build of JDK 9 
jdk repo",

[5] "javac doclint checking now enabled in the JDK 9 build,"

[6] "FYI, coming soon: doclint checking of references,"

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