CFV: New JDK9 Committer: Michael Haupt

Jim Laskey (Oracle) james.laskey at
Mon Jul 20 13:51:45 UTC 2015

I hereby nominate Michael Haupt to jdk9 Committer

Michael has made many contributions in several areas of the JDK. [1]

Michael is a recent addition to the Nashorn team; his focus is on dynamic language implementations. He also collaborates with the Valhalla project for value types. Prior to joining Nashorn, Michael worked briefly in the HotSpot compiler team. He has been an Oracle employee since 2011, which is when he joined the Virtual Machine Research Group at Oracle Labs, where he has worked on the Maxine meta-circular JVM and on dynamic language implementations. He used to be the tech lead of the FastR project, a high-performance Java-based implementation of the R programming language. Michael has also contributed to the Invokedynamic infrastructure in the past.

Votes are due by Aug 3rd, 2015

Only current JDK9 Committers [2] are eligible to vote on this nomination. Votes must be cast in the open by replying to this mailing list.

For Lazy Consensus voting instructions, see [3].


— Jim

*** JSR 292:

changeset:   5688:050116960e99
user:        twisti
date:        Tue Jul 24 10:47:44 2012 -0700
summary:     7023639: JSR 292 method handle invocation needs a fast path for compiled code

changeset:   8369:465e5b2bb615
user:        acorn
date:        Fri May 08 14:00:24 2015 -0400
summary:     8030680: 292 cleanup from default method code assessment

changeset:   12416:2919a03653a8
user:        mhaupt
date:        Fri Jul 17 08:10:41 2015 +0200
summary:     8062543: Replace uses of MethodHandleImpl.castReference with Class.cast

changeset:   8208:6c4ca18a0666
user:        mhaupt
date:        Tue Apr 14 18:16:10 2015 +0300
summary:     8076461: JSR292: remove unused native and constants (verification)

changeset:   11850:e0ac3e9decb0
user:        mhaupt
date:        Tue Apr 14 18:26:01 2015 +0300
summary:     8033465: JSR292: InvokerBytecodeGenerator: convert a check for REF_invokeVirtual on an interface into an assert

*** hotspot:

changeset:   8632:8d246004a89f
user:        mhaupt
date:        Tue Mar 31 21:46:44 2015 +0200
summary:     6900757: minor bug fixes to LogCompilation tool

changeset:   8345:d3413c4fee16
user:        mhaupt
date:        Tue May 05 13:06:10 2015 +0200
summary:     8075492: adopt recent IGV

*** nashorn:

changeset:   1277:4dc7eb763139
user:        mhaupt
date:        Fri May 15 10:21:48 2015 +0200
summary:     8080471: fix usage of replace and file separator in Nashorn tests

changeset:   1342:becb3bb6a422
user:        mhaupt
date:        Thu Jul 02 11:20:47 2015 +0200
summary:     8130307: improve Nashorn Javadoc target

changeset:   1341:6eca661ddf79
user:        mhaupt
date:        Thu Jul 02 11:09:20 2015 +0200
summary:     8130306: enable running Nashorn test on Windows

Other changes follow.

changeset:   1279:71d7a37e6dfb
user:        mhaupt
date:        Fri May 15 16:36:25 2015 +0200
summary:     8049300: jjs scripting: need way to quote $EXEC command arguments to protect spaces

changeset:   1339:d95394322204
user:        mhaupt
date:        Wed Jul 01 16:26:25 2015 +0200
summary:     8130127: streamline input parameter of Nashorn scripting $EXEC function

changeset:   1307:0eeaadd17fff
user:        mhaupt
date:        Fri Jun 05 12:38:53 2015 +0200
summary:     8080087: Nashorn $ENV.PWD is originally undefined

changeset:   1300:14ec7d7af490
user:        mhaupt
date:        Tue Jun 02 14:35:03 2015 +0200
summary:     8080275: transparently download testng.jar for Nashorn testing

changeset:   1299:078107e0651f
user:        mhaupt
date:        Tue Jun 02 14:34:37 2015 +0200
summary:     8081668: fix Nashorn ant externals command

changeset:   1311:d1689c1df3aa
user:        mhaupt
date:        Mon Jun 08 10:28:04 2015 +0200
summary:     8085885: address Javadoc warnings in Nashorn source code

changeset:   1298:0d4841f2c800
user:        mhaupt
date:        Tue Jun 02 10:40:19 2015 +0200
summary:     8081604: rename ScriptingFunctions.tokenizeCommandLine

changeset:   1297:776551a5b3a2
user:        mhaupt
date:        Tue Jun 02 10:40:10 2015 +0200
summary:     8081603: erroneous dot file generated from Nashorn --print-code

changeset:   1271:063ed2f959e4
user:        mhaupt
date:        Wed May 13 15:41:46 2015 +0200
summary:     8080286: use path separator setting consistently in Nashorn project properties

changeset:   1301:10553f87f3e7
user:        mhaupt
date:        Tue Jun 02 17:08:13 2015 +0200
summary:     8081696: reduce dependency of Nashorn tests on external components


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