jdk9-b74: dev

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Wed Jul 22 21:43:24 UTC 2015



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-8080504   client-libs     [macosx] SunToolkit.realSync() may hang 
JDK-8081371   client-libs     [PIT] Test closed/java/awt/FullScreen/DisplayMode/CycleDMImage.java sw 
JDK-8130125   client-libs     [TEST_BUG] add @modules to the several client tests unaffected by the  
JDK-8081484   client-libs     [TEST_BUG]Test javax/swing/plaf/basic/6866751/bug6866751.java fails  
JDK-8130525   client-libs     Build fail on jdk9-client solaris-sparcv9 
JDK-8080993   client-libs     Compilation errors with recent clang in awt_parseImage.c and splashscr 
JDK-8129116   client-libs     Deadlock with multimonitor fullscreen windows. 
JDK-8129940   client-libs     JRadioButton does not honor non-standard FocusTraversalKeys 
JDK-8129830   client-libs     JTree drag/drop on lower half of last child of container incorrect 
JDK-8080695   client-libs     splashscreen_png.c compile error with gcc 4.9.2 
JDK-8085895   client-libs     The Textfield can't  be shown after clicking "Show Textfield" button. 
JDK-8065570   core-libs       (bf spec) ByteBuffer.slice() should make it clear that the initial ord 
JDK-8130877   core-libs       (process) java/lang/ProcessHandle/TreeTest test3 failure - Destroyed p 
JDK-8129344   core-libs       (process) ProcessHandle instances should define equals and be value-ba 
JDK-8078099   core-libs       (process) ProcessHandle should uniquely identify processes 
JDK-8078108   core-libs       (process) ProcessHandle.isAlive should be robust 
JDK-8076112   core-libs       Add @HotSpotIntrinsicCandidate annotation to indicate methods for whic 
JDK-8071597   core-libs       Add Stream dropWhile and takeWhile operations 
JDK-8131039   core-libs       after adding a function property to Object.prototype, JSON.parse with  
JDK-8130394   core-libs       DatagramChannel tests need to be hardended to ignore stray datagrams 
JDK-8131052   core-libs       Documentation of AbstractSpliterator refers to forEach rather than for 
JDK-8130862   core-libs       let hg ignore TestNG ZIP file in Nashorn test library directory 
JDK-8130402   core-libs       Mark intermittently failing test: tools/pack200/PackTestZip64.java 
JDK-8131140   core-libs       Mark some tests from WhileOpStatefulTest.java and WhileOpTest.java as  
JDK-8130889   core-libs       Missing "@since 1.8" tags in j.l.Character.java 
JDK-8129833   core-libs       Need basic tests for rmic 
JDK-8130853   core-libs       Non-extensible global is not handled property 
JDK-8080511   core-libs       Refresh of jimage support 
JDK-8032446   core-libs       Support Unicode 7.0.0 in JDK 9 
JDK-6854417   core-libs       TESTBUG: java/util/regex/RegExTest.java fails intermittently 
JDK-8130888   core-libs       Typos in nashorn sources 
JDK-8104574   core-libs       Update tests to prepare for system class loader not be URLClassLoader 
JDK-8064925   core-libs       URLConnection::getContent needs to be updated to work with modules 
JDK-8081846   deploy          Add a URL scheme handler to reliably launch .jnlp files - Windows regi 
JDK-8075602   deploy          Applet throws java.security AccessControlException in java console whe 
JDK-8130627   deploy          Fix for 8129600 was pushed to 9-client with wrong bug number (8029600) 
JDK-8078815   deploy          Launching of jnlp app fails with JNLPException 
JDK-8130270   deploy          Missing resources for cache viewer in JDK9 
JDK-8129386   hotspot         [TESTBUG] - com/sun/jdi/cds/*.java missing @build tag for libraries  
JDK-8129394   hotspot         [TESTBUG] runtime/CommandLine/OptionsValidation/TestOptionsWithRanges. 
JDK-8130687   hotspot         aarch64: add support for hardware crc32c 
JDK-8086069   hotspot         Adapt runtime calls to recent intrinsics to pass ints as long 
JDK-8078901   hotspot         Add trace event for G1 MMU information 
JDK-8130135   hotspot         backout 8087143 (2 bytes Symbol::_identity_hash) due to failures in 81 
JDK-8129786   hotspot         Buffer overrun when passing long not existing option in JDK 9 
JDK-8081406   hotspot         cleanup and minor extensions of the debugging facilities in CodeString 
JDK-8129558   hotspot         Coalesce dead objects during removal of self-forwarded pointers 
JDK-8129573   hotspot         CollectedHeap::fill_with_objects() needs to use multiple arrays in 32  
JDK-8078399   hotspot         Deprecate -Xoss, -Xsqnopause, -Xoptimize and -Xboundthreads options in 
JDK-8130036   hotspot         Fix problems with imprecise C++ coding 
JDK-8129626   hotspot         G1: set_in_progress() and clear_started() needs a barrier on non-TSO p 
JDK-8130120   hotspot         Handling of SHA intrinsics inconsistent across platforms 
JDK-8081202   hotspot         Hotspot compile warning: "Invalid suffix on literal; C++11 requires a  
JDK-8087322   hotspot         Implement a Semaphore utility class 
JDK-8130150   hotspot         Implement BigInteger.montgomeryMultiply intrinsic 
JDK-8080012   hotspot         JVM times out with vdbench on SPARC M7-16 
JDK-8080925   hotspot         Make error log write timeout parameter configurable 
JDK-8129108   hotspot         nmethod related crash in CMS 
JDK-8087333   hotspot         Optionally Pre-Generate the HotSpot Template Interpreter 
JDK-8130432   hotspot         ppc64le: Fix build of hsdis 
JDK-8072147   hotspot         Preloading libjsig.dylib causes deadlock when signal() is called 
JDK-7012980   hotspot         PSOldGen is increased if there is no space in Metaspace 
JDK-8130330   hotspot         Quarantine gc/survivorAlignment/TestPromotionFromSurvivorToTenuredAfte 
JDK-8079555   hotspot         REDO - Determining the desired PLAB size adjusts to the the number of  
JDK-8087143   hotspot         Reduce Symbol::_identity_hash to 2 bytes 
JDK-8129615   hotspot         Remove jbb from jprt hotspot testset 
JDK-8073423   hotspot         Remove LazyClassPathEntry support if no longer needed 
JDK-8129430   hotspot         Tests that require G1 should be excluded from execution on embedded pl 
JDK-8129590   hotspot         TestShrinkDefragmentedHeap.java runs out of memory 
JDK-8129977   hotspot         TestSummarizeRSetStats.java fails: Incorrect amount of per-period RSet 
JDK-8130064   infrastructure  Fix building deploy unit tests 
JDK-8131317   infrastructure  Image writer throws NPE when creating compact profile images 
JDK-8076581   infrastructure  Need a NON-PCH build to quickly detect missing dependencies in the sou 
JDK-8080722   infrastructure  Revisit how to check for doclint reference warning during the build 
JDK-8130890   other-libs      Problem list ResourceNativesTest.java until JDK-8129834 fix propagates 
JDK-8131184   security-libs   Add test sun/security/pkcs11/rsa/TestKeyPairGenerator.java to the prob 
JDK-8049814   security-libs   Additional SASL client-server tests 
JDK-8074784   security-libs   Additional tests for XML DSig API 
JDK-8131359   security-libs   Correct the JTREG tags in java/security/KeyStore/PKCS12/MetadataStoreL 
JDK-8130461   security-libs   HandshakeStatus.NEED_UNWRAP_AGAIN applies only to DTLS 
JDK-8048830   security-libs   Implement tests for new functionality provided in JEP 166 
JDK-8058290   security-libs   JAAS Krb5LoginModule has suspect ticket-renewal logic, relies on clock 
JDK-8041787   security-libs   Need new regressions tests for buffer handling for PBE algorithms 
JDK-8130041   security-libs   TsacertOptionTest.java intermittently fails on Mac 
JDK-8129909   tools           Add -Xdoclint/package: to javadoc 
JDK-8044411   tools           Implement classfile tests for RuntimeAnnotations and RuntimeParameterA 
JDK-8080880   tools           Some docs cleanup for langtools 
JDK-8130753   xml             Sync-up javadoc changes in jax-ws area - includes JAX-B API, JAX-WS AP 

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