javac doclint checking now enabled in the JDK 9 build

joe darcy joe.darcy at
Tue Mar 17 00:31:25 UTC 2015


In the next iteration of JEP 212 Resolve Lint and Doclint Warnings [1], 
doclint warning checks from javac have now been enabled for several 
large modules in the JDK 9 code base, including java.base, java.desktop, 
and java.compiler. [2] [3] Consequently, since many modules are being 
built with the -Werror option to javac, the introduction of new doclint 
warnings in the enabled categories will cause a build failure in those 

This work takes advantage of recently introduced package-based filtering 
of doclint checking. [4]

Over time, the goal is to enable all doclint categories for fundamental 
modules. The "missing" category can be enabled in the desktop module 
once the missing javadoc tags are written. [5] Enabling the "reference" 
category may require changing some notions / configuration of the build 
to allow javadoc references to public elements in any module.




[2] 8072734: Turn on doclint checking in the build of modules in the jdk 

[3] 8075035: Turn on doclint checking of modules in the langtools repo,

[4] 8071851: Provide filtering of doclint checking based on packages,

[5]    JDK-8075081: Fix missing doclint warnings in java.awt,
         JDK-8075082: Fix missing doclint warnings in java.swing and 

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