jdk9-b55: dev

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Wed Mar 18 01:03:56 UTC 2015



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-8073692   core-libs       (cs) Inconsistent docs for CharsetDecoder.replaceWith and CharsetEncod 
JDK-8068373   core-libs       (prefs) FileSystemPreferences writes \0 to XML storage, causing loss o 
JDK-8058464   core-libs       (process spec) ProcessBuilder.redirectXXX throws unspecified NPE  
JDK-8074939   core-libs       Add few sample scripts to demo nashorn parser API 
JDK-8074687   core-libs       Add tests for JSON parsing of numeric keys 
JDK-8074460   core-libs       Always print seeds used in [Splittable]Random instances in java.math t 
JDK-8074406   core-libs       DateTimeFormatter.appendZoneOrOffsetId() fails to resolve a ZoneOffset 
JDK-8074674   core-libs       Doclint regression in java/util/regex/Matcher.java 
JDK-8074661   core-libs       Forward port AbstractJSObject.getDefaultValue(JSObject, Class) to 9 
JDK-8073706   core-libs       Livelock in CompiledFunction.getValidOptimisticInvocation 
JDK-8074791   core-libs       Long-form date format incorrect month string for Finnish locale 
JDK-8074577   core-libs       Modernize Unsafe internal javadoc 
JDK-8074484   core-libs       More aggressive value discarding 
JDK-8074671   core-libs       Nashorn Parser API 
JDK-8065078   core-libs       NetworkInterface.getNetworkInterfaces() triggers intermittent test fai 
JDK-8074491   core-libs       run-nasgen in ant doesn't see the right Nashorn classes 
JDK-8074487   core-libs       Static analysis of IfNode should consider terminating branches 
JDK-8074972   core-libs       Unused imports, a missing javadoc and a build warning 
JDK-8074579   core-libs       Use more efficient and readable way of checking PKZIP signatures 
JDK-8074841   core-svc        Resolve disabled warnings for the JVMTI demo compiledMethodLoad 
JDK-8074842   core-svc        Resolve disabled warnings for the JVMTI demo waiters 
JDK-8067822   embedded        test/testlibrary_tests/RandomGeneratorTest.java failed on Assert Unexp 
JDK-8073718   hotspot         [TESTBUG] Cleanup test output and skip creating mini dumps  
JDK-8069291   hotspot         [TESTBUG] runtime/threads/Fibonacci: OutOfMemoryError: unable to creat 
JDK-8069016   hotspot         Add BarrierSet downcast support 
JDK-8073021   hotspot         add native code coverage target into makefiles 
JDK-8073792   hotspot         assert((get_length_if_constant(phase) == -1) == !ary_src->size()->is_c 
JDK-8073957   hotspot         assert(ary_src != 0) failed: not an array or instance? 
JDK-8073796   hotspot         assert(check_obj_alignment(result)) failed: address not aligned: ... 
JDK-8074319   hotspot         barrier_set_cast defined via friend injection 
JDK-8072774   hotspot         bigapps/Weblogic+medrec/nowarnings fails due to CodeHeap 'profiled nme 
JDK-8073184   hotspot         Compile of java.lang.Integer::getChars fails with LoopLimitCheck = fal 
JDK-8068461   hotspot         compiler/codecache/jmx/UsageThresholdIncreasedTest.java failed: java.l 
JDK-8073257   hotspot         compiler/codecache/stress/RandomAllocationTest.java + fastdebug +  -XX 
JDK-8073735   hotspot         compiler/loopopts/CountedLoopProblem.java got OOME 
JDK-8067012   hotspot         Don't create MDO for constant getters 
JDK-8073956   hotspot         Escape analysis dump misses args information 
JDK-8072439   hotspot         fix for 8047720 may need more work 
JDK-8073624   hotspot         Fix warning "converting to non-pointer type 'bool' from NULL" in array 
JDK-8073464   hotspot         GC workers do not have thread names 
JDK-8006960   hotspot         hotspot, "impossible" assertion failure 
JDK-8073154   hotspot         NULL-pointer dereferencing in LIR_OpProfileType::print_instr 
JDK-8073499   hotspot         quarantine compiler/tiered/LevelTransitionTest 
JDK-8073950   hotspot         Quarantine failing test: gc/TestSoftReferencesBehaviorOnOOME.java due  
JDK-8073466   hotspot         Remove buffer retaining functionality and clean up in ParGCAllocBuffer 
JDK-8073908   hotspot         Replace hotspot/testlibrary use of sun.management with public API 
JDK-8073883   hotspot         serviceability/dcmd/gc/RunGCTest.java should not run with -XX:+Explici 
JDK-6912521   hotspot         System.arraycopy works slower than the simple loop for little lengths 
JDK-8046246   hotspot         the constantPoolCacheOopDesc::adjust_method_entries() used in Redefine 
JDK-8073670   hotspot         TypeF::eq and TypeD::eq do not handle NaNs correctly 
JDK-8074096   infrastructure  Disable (most) native warnings in JDK on a per-library basis 
JDK-8074690   infrastructure  Fix for JDK-8074429 was not complete 
JDK-8074910   infrastructure  hgforest.sh needs an option to bring over a smaller set of extra repos 
JDK-8074988   infrastructure  Reduce boilerplate in Setup* macro definitions 
JDK-8072734   infrastructure  Turn on doclint checking in the build of modules in the jdk repo 
JDK-8075034   security-libs   Bad javadoc tags in javax.xml.crypto.dsig 
JDK-8073430   security-libs   Deprecate security APIs that have been superseded 
JDK-8074788   security-libs   Javadoc typo in PKCS8EncodedKeySpec 
JDK-8044193   security-libs   Need to add tests for AES cipher 
JDK-8072385   security-libs   Only the first DNSName entry is checked for endpoint identification 
JDK-8074521   tools           Generate iframe instead of frame and frameset for index.html page 
JDK-8050021   tools           Improper "duplicate case label" error 
JDK-8074501   tools           Javac fix for 8073432 is missing right test BugIDs 
JDK-8074429   tools           Move jar, jarsigner tool to jdk.jartool module 
JDK-8074428   tools           Move pack200, unpack200, libpack200.so to jdk.pack200 
JDK-8074430   tools           Move policytool to jdk.policytool 
JDK-8074373   tools           NMT is not enabled if NMT option is specified after class path specifi 
JDK-8074306   tools           NULLCHK is emitted as Object.getClass 
JDK-8074993   tools           policytool launcher missing  
JDK-8071851   tools           Provide filtering of doclint checking based on packages 
JDK-8072461   tools           Table's field width in "Use" page generated by javadoc with '-s' is un 
JDK-8074714   xml             Add javax/xml/jaxp/testng/validation to othervm.dirs in TEST.ROOT 
JDK-8049378   xml             Examine references to ${java.home}/lib in JAXP 
JDK-8074870   xml             Really add javax/xml/jaxp/testng/validation to othervm.dirs in TEST.RO 

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