jdk9-b81: dev

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Wed Sep 9 22:24:57 UTC 2015



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-8133987   core-libs       (fs) Rename GnomeFileTypeDetector to GioFileTypeFileDetector 
JDK-8068903   core-libs       Can't invoke vararg @FunctionalInterface methods 
JDK-8134973   core-libs       Control flow exceptions should avoid filling stack trace 
JDK-8134930   core-libs       Defer stack trace walking of NashornException for extracting line numb 
JDK-8133300   core-libs       Ensure symbol table immutability in Nashorn AST 
JDK-8134873   core-libs       ES6 Numeric Literals 
JDK-8134731   core-libs       Function.prototype.apply interacts incorrectly with 'arguments' 
JDK-8134939   core-libs       Improve toString method of Dynalink DynamicMethod objects 
JDK-8134931   core-libs       jdk.nashorn.internal.codegen.TypeMap should not use Map 
JDK-8134887   core-libs       nashorn ant test configuration should disable assertion for LamdaFormE 
JDK-8087292   core-libs       nashorn should have a "fail-fast" option for scripting, analog to bash 
JDK-8134865   core-libs       Need to restore for container block from lexical context in finally 
JDK-8134678   core-libs       Problem list SecurityManager/CheckPackageAccess.java 
JDK-8134982   core-libs       Problem list TCKJapaneseChronology.java 
JDK-8068901   core-libs       Surprising behavior with more than one functional interface on a class 
JDK-8134686   core-svc        Exclude sun/tools/jps/ tests 
JDK-8133666   core-svc        OperatingSystemMXBean reports abnormally high machine CPU consumption  
JDK-8133842   hotspot         aarch64: C2 generates illegal instructions with int shifts >=32 
JDK-8078743   hotspot         AARCH64: Extend use of stlr to cater for volatile object stores 
JDK-8133935   hotspot         aarch64: fails to build from source 
JDK-8133352   hotspot         aarch64: generates constrained unpredictable instructions 
JDK-8073013   hotspot         Add detailed information about PLAB memory usage 
JDK-8133530   hotspot         Add JFR event for evacuation statistics 
JDK-8067336   hotspot         Allow that PLAB allocations at the end of regions are flexible 
JDK-8040162   hotspot         Avoid reallocating PLABs between GC phases in G1 
JDK-8133537   hotspot         clarify position of unlock options in error messages 
JDK-8130847   hotspot         Cloned object's fields observed as null after C2 escape analysis 
JDK-8133349   hotspot         CMS: Assert failed: Ctl pt invariant 
JDK-8075805   hotspot         Crash while trying to release CompiledICHolder 
JDK-8112746   hotspot         Followup to JDK-8059557 
JDK-8073146   hotspot         G1 merges thread local age tables too early with global age table 
JDK-8003237   hotspot         G1: Reduce unnecessary (and failing) allocation attempts when handling 
JDK-8133456   hotspot         HeapRegionManager::shrink_by() iterates suboptimally across regions 
JDK-8130910   hotspot         hsperfdata file is created in wrong directory and not cleaned up if /t 
JDK-8076373   hotspot         In 32-bit VM interpreter and compiled code  process signaling NaN valu 
JDK-8080289   hotspot         Intermediate writes in a loop not eliminated by optimizer 
JDK-8029453   hotspot         java/util/concurrent/locks/ReentrantLock/TimeoutLockLoops.java failed  
JDK-8133193   hotspot         Memory leak in G1 because G1RootProcessor doesn't have desctructor 
JDK-8133557   hotspot         Missing test before a branch when checking for MethodCounters in Templ 
JDK-8133121   hotspot         Move implementation of process_grey_object to concurrentMark.inline.hp 
JDK-8067339   hotspot         PLAB reallocation might result in failure to allocate object in that r 
JDK-8133984   hotspot         print_compressed_class_space() is only defined in 64-bit VM 
JDK-8130115   hotspot         REDO - Reduce Symbol::_identity_hash to 2 bytes 
JDK-8133821   hotspot         Refactor initialization of the heap and the collector policy 
JDK-8019968   hotspot         Reference CAS induces GC store barrier even on failure 
JDK-8098791   hotspot         Remove PrintClassStatistics and PrintMethodStatistics 
JDK-8133825   hotspot         Remove the class G1CollectorPolicyExt 
JDK-8133669   hotspot         Remove unused code in Arguments 
JDK-8133553   hotspot         Running with -XX:+UseParallelGC -XX:OldSize=30k crashes jvm 
JDK-8133625   hotspot         src/share/vm/opto/compile.hpp:96: error: integer constant is too large 
JDK-8133678   hotspot         test fails due to 'CICompilerCount=0 must be at least 1' missing from  
JDK-8130308   hotspot         Too low memory usage in TestPromotionFromSurvivorToTenuredAfterMinorGC 
JDK-8134321   hotspot         tools/pack200/Pack200Test.java crashes in the VM PIT jdk9 b79 
JDK-8087323   hotspot         Unify and split the work gang classes 
JDK-8133599   hotspot         Unsafe.getAndSetObject() is no longer intrinsified by c2 
JDK-8087324   hotspot         Use semaphores when starting and stopping GC task threads 
JDK-8133470   hotspot         Uses of Atomic methods in plab.hpp should be moved to .inline.hpp file 
JDK-8133951   hotspot         Zero interpreter asserts in stubRoutines.cpp 
JDK-8062618   infrastructure  Create a build failure summary at end of build log 
JDK-8134408   infrastructure  Disable warnings for jdk libraries triggered by SS12u4 
JDK-8135014   infrastructure  logger.sh needs to handle commands with variable assignment prefixes 
JDK-8134984   other-libs      Text files should end in exactly one newline 
JDK-8129789   security-libs   implies() of ServicePermission and DelegationPermission underspecified 
JDK-8130800   security-libs   KeyStore.getInstance(File,char[]) does not throw IOE for null password 
JDK-8049237   security-libs   Need new tests for X509V3 certificates 
JDK-8048601   security-libs   Tests for JCE crypto ciphers (part 1) 
JDK-8134007   tools           Improve string folding 
JDK-8129962   tools           Investigate performance improvements in langtools combo tests 
JDK-8135048   xml             XSLT.java test fails after changes for JDK-8134984 

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