jdk9-dev: HotSpot

Alejandro E Murillo alejandro.murillo at oracle.com
Tue Sep 15 19:01:36 UTC 2015

jdk9-hs-2015-09-10 has been integrated into jdk9-dev.


Component : VM
Status    : Go for integration
Date      : 09/14/2015 at 6pm EST
Tested By : VM SQE &dmitry.fazunenko at oracle.com

Bundles   : 2015-09-10-215914.amurillo.jdk9-hs-2015-09-10-snapshot

Testing: 68 new failures, 3244 known failures, 471182 passed.

Issues and Notes:
No detailed analysis. No stoppers have been detected so far.  Go for integration

CRs for testing:
8043937: Drop support for the IIOP transport from the JMX RMIConnector
8049304: race between VM_Exit and _sync_FutileWakeups->inc()
8061999: Enhance VM option parsing to allow options to be specified in a file
8066443: Add G1 support for promotion event
8067341: Modify PLAB sizing algorithm to waste less
8072817: CardTableExtension kind() should be BarrierSet::CardTableExtension
8075093: Enable UseFPUForSpilling support on SPARC
8078555: GC: implement ranges (optionally constraints) for those flags that have them missing
8081317: [NEWTEST] documented GC ratio tuning and new size options should be covered by regression tests
8087181: Move native jimage code to its own library (maybe libjimage)
8129417: Oop iteration clean-up to remove oop_ms_follow_contents
8130823: VerifyRememberedSets is an expensive nop in product builds
8131330: G1CollectedHeap::verify_dirty_young_list fails with assert
8131734: assert(!is_null(v)) failed: narrow klass value can never be zero with -Xshared:auto
8132081: C2 support for Adler32 on SPARC
8132708: Add tests for Humongous objects allocation threshold
8132709: [TESTBUG] gc/g1/TestHumongousShrinkHeap.java might fail on embedded
8132725: Memory leak in Arguments::add_property function
8133180: [TESTBUG] runtime/SharedArchiveFile/SharedStrings.java failed with WhiteBox.class : no such file or directory
8133561: linux thread id should be reported in decimal in the error reports now
8133646: Internal Error: x86/vm/macroAssembler_x86.cpp:886 DEBUG MESSAGE: StubRoutines::call_stub: threads must correspond
8133818: Additional number of processed references printed with -XX:+PrintReferenceGC after JDK-8047125
8134031: Incorrect JIT compilation of complex code with inlining and escape analysis
8134157: adlc fails to compile with SS12u4
8134161: JVM is creating too many GC helper threads on T7/M7 linux/sparc platform
8134239: compiler/arguments/CheckCICompilerCount.java still fails
8134322: AArch64: Fix several errors in C2 biased locking implementation
8134468: Lucene test failures with 32 bit JDK 9b78, Server compiler
8134504: Remove usage of EvacuationInfo from G1CollectorPolicy
8134509: G1ParCopyClosure does not need a ReferenceProcessor
8134626: Misc cleanups after generation array removal
8134738: Remove CollectorPolicy::Name
8134758: Final String field values should be trusted as stable
8134806: Clean up write_ref_field_work
8134856: Incorrect use of PLAB::min_size() in MaxPLABSizeBounds
8134857: Inconsistency in maximum TLAB/PLAB size and humongous object size
8134858: Remove G1 specific checking of Young/OldPLABSize in G1CollectorPolicy constructor
8134869: AARCH64: GHASH intrinsic is not optimal
8134898: Small fixes found during JVMCI work
8134972: [BACKOUT] GC: implement ranges (optionally constraints) for those flags that have them missing
8135002: Fix or remove broken links in objectMonitor.cpp comments
8135012: Don't use G1RootProcessor when scanning remembered sets
8135035: Reverse changes from 8075093
8135067: Preparatory refactorings for compiler control


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