jdk9-b82: dev

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Wed Sep 16 21:36:25 UTC 2015



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-8076178   client-libs     [macosx] Few open swing and awt reg-tests fail after their update to a 
JDK-8131339   client-libs     [macosx] setMaximizedBounds() doesn't work for undecorated Frame 
JDK-8017187   client-libs     [TEST BUG] [macosx] After click "test",the case failed automatically w 
JDK-8132376   client-libs     Add @requires os.family to the client tests with access to internal OS 
JDK-4339584   client-libs     Adding a getUI public method to JComponent 
JDK-6302464   client-libs     Allow programmatic enabling of subpixel anti-aliasing in Swing on ANY  
JDK-7184381   client-libs     closed/java/awt/Component/6307563/bug6307563.java fails with NPE 
JDK-8047226   client-libs     closed/java/awt/Component/GetScreenLocTest/GetScreenLocTest.html click 
JDK-8067087   client-libs     Fix mac-specific deprecation warnings in the java.desktop module 
JDK-8059743   client-libs     Incorrect assumtion in javax\sound\midi\Gervill\SoftProvider\GetDevice 
JDK-8134603   client-libs     Incorrect destination is used in CGLLayer surface 
JDK-8133807   client-libs     java.desktop docs: replace some invalid "@returns" tags 
JDK-8051548   client-libs     JColorChooser should have a way to disable transparency controls 
JDK-8133926   client-libs     No frame icon for InternalFrame in Windows LaF 
JDK-8134721   client-libs     NPE in SwingUtilities2.drawChars after JDK-6302464 
JDK-8131921   client-libs     Pluggable EventQueue in modular JDK 
JDK-8135091   core-libs       (fs) java/nio/file/Files/StreamLinesTest.java should test empty files 
JDK-8135094   core-libs       (process) java/lang/ProcessHandle/InfoTest fails testing commandLine() 
JDK-8132658   core-libs       [Regression] Test closed/sun/awt/font/Bidi/BidiTests.java fails  
JDK-8135271   core-libs       Add missing "-client IGNORE" to jvm.cfg file for ppc64 
JDK-8135054   core-libs       Add more samples to nashorn samples directory 
JDK-8134569   core-libs       Add tests for prototype callsites 
JDK-8134505   core-libs       Cleanup of "TimeZone_md.c" 
JDK-8134384   core-libs       Continuation of JDK-8130845 : A date string created by Date#toString() 
JDK-8072466   core-libs       Deadlock when initializing MulticastSocket and DatagramSocket 
JDK-8135336   core-libs       Fix broken build after JDK-8135262 
JDK-8134915   core-libs       Improve performance of CLDRLocaleProviderAdapter.getCandidateLocales 
JDK-8133552   core-libs       java/lang/ProcessHandle/InfoTest.java fails intermittently - incorrect 
JDK-8135151   core-libs       jjs should work in cygwin environment 
JDK-8027137   core-libs       Merge ScriptFunction and ScriptFunctionImpl 
JDK-8135337   core-libs       NativeDebug.dumpCounters with incorrect scope count 
JDK-8135000   core-libs       Number.prototype.toFixed returns wrong string for 0.5 and -0.5 
JDK-8133809   core-libs       Remove java/lang/ProcessHandle/InfoTest.java from the Problem List 
JDK-8133611   core-libs       Remove java/util/concurrent/locks/ReentrantLock/TimeoutLockLoops.java  
JDK-8135075   core-libs       Reorder short-circuit tests in ApplySpecialization to run cheapest fir 
JDK-8135262   core-libs       Sanitize CodeInstaller and Compiler API 
JDK-8135332   core-libs       ScriptFunction constructor should use is bound and is strict check rat 
JDK-8136349   core-libs       Typos patch for nashorn sources submitted on Sep 10, 2015 
JDK-8134420   core-svc        sun/tools/jps/TestJpsClass fails with java.lang.RuntimeException: The  
JDK-8134477   deploy          [JPC Test]Enable  Java content making JCP hangs up 
JDK-8024536   deploy          Allow wildcard for property value of a secure property in signed jnlp  
JDK-8134109   deploy          Applet2Manager.getMainDeploymentRuleSet ignores jar version. 
JDK-8133949   deploy          deploy-test build broken by fix to JDK-6921877 
JDK-8072713   deploy          Fix Native Projects for new deploy build system 
JDK-6921877   deploy          JCP JNLP Shortcut settings for JDK 9 
JDK-8133495   deploy          Platform.getInstalledJREList() returns only the jres of the current ar 
JDK-8134122   deploy          Showing property name rather than value in JCP-Advanced-Advanced Secur 
JDK-8134493   hotspot         Cleaning inline caches of unloaded nmethods should be done in sweeper 
JDK-8134288   hotspot         compiler/runtime/6859338/Test6859338.java crashes in PhaseIdealLoop::t 
JDK-8076758   hotspot         new StringBuilder().append(String).toString() should be recognized by  
JDK-8134583   hotspot         sun.management.HotspotCompilation should handle absence of per-thread  
JDK-8065912   infrastructure  Better handling of classpath in build-infra 
JDK-8064808   infrastructure  Disable use of broken objcopy on Solaris, remove adhoc helper tools 
JDK-8135180   infrastructure  Print configure arguments using make print-configuration 
JDK-8134364   security-libs   Add defensive copies to get/set methods for OCSPNonceExtension 
JDK-8075299   security-libs   Additional tests for krb5 settings 
JDK-8134708   security-libs   Certpath validation fails to load certs and CRLs if AIA and CRLDP exte 
JDK-8132082   security-libs   Let OracleUcrypto accept RSAPrivateKey 
JDK-8044199   security-libs   Tests for RSA keys and key specifications 
JDK-8130875   security-libs   Ucrypto library leaks memory when null output buffer is specified 
JDK-8135246   tools           CheckAttributedTree silently generates spurious compiler error 
JDK-8132806   tools           javac does a naive implementation of some incorporation steps 
JDK-8073594   tools           javac, before calling rawInstantiate from selectBest the warner should 
JDK-8135203   tools           javac, patch intended for an issue was pushed with wrong id and messag 
JDK-8132885   tools           langtools/test/tools/javac/sym/ElementStructureTest.java is also searc 
JDK-8129114   tools           Sjavac should stream back compiler output to the client as soon as it  

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