CFV: New jdk9 Reviewer: Kim Barrett

Bengt Rutisson bengt.rutisson at
Thu Sep 17 11:18:37 UTC 2015

I hereby nominate Kim Barrett (kbarrett) to jdk9 Reviewer.

Kim is a member of the Hotspot GC team and has contributed 40 changesets 
to Hotspot [3]. Kim has made changes and improvement to large parts of 
the GC code and in particular he has been handling several complex 
issues with reference object processing.

Votes are due by 2:00 PM CET, Thursday, October 1, 2015

Only current jdk9 Reviewers [1] are eligible to vote on this 
nomination.  Votes must be cast in the open by replying to this mailing 

For Three-Vote Consensus voting instructions, see [2].

Bengt Rutisson

8135209: Avoid abutting string literals and identifiers
8134797: Remove explicit casts in CollectorPolicy hierarchy
8134806: Clean up write_ref_field_work
8131330: G1CollectedHeap::verify_dirty_young_list fails with assert
8072817: CardTableExtension kind() should be BarrierSet::CardTableExtension
8079082: VerifyNoCSetOopsClosure is derived twice from Closure
8130931: Refactor CardTableModRefBS[ForCTRS]
8129446: crash when reporting corrupted classfile
8098517: Unprotected PrintMalloc in os::realloc
8086027: Multiple STATIC_ASSERTs at class scope doesn't work
8079093: Remove FakeRttiSupport workaround for gcc -Wtype-limits
8076613: gc/ failed with OOME
8058265: No callers of ReferenceProcessor::clear_discovered_references
8079080: ConcurrentMark::mark_stack_push(oop) is unused
8075215: SATB buffer processing found reclaimed humongous object
8031401: Remove unused code in the reference processor
8071931: Return of the phantom menace
8078023: verify_no_cset_oops found reclaimed humongous object in SATB buffer
8078193: BACKOUT: Rename and clean up the ParGCAllocBuffer class
8078021: SATB apply_closure_to_completed_buffer should have closure argument
8075466: SATB queue pre-filter verify found reclaimed humongous object
8069367: Eagerly reclaimed humongous objects left on mark stack
8076265: Simplify deal_with_reference
8075401: Remove DiscoveredListIterator::update_discovered()
8073994: STATIC_ASSERT use of __LINE__ is wrong
8069016: Add BarrierSet downcast support
8068942: Improve validation of -XX:G1ConfidencePercent value
8069230: Remove unused G1PostBarrierStub::byte_map_base and friends
8067306: Improve STATIC_ASSERT
8068396: Rename assert() to vmassert()
8067499: G1SATBCardTableModRefBS should not inherit from 
8066827: Remove ReferenceProcessor::clean_up_discovered_references()
8066822: Remove PSMarkSweep::set_reference_processor
8062036: ConcurrentMarkThread::slt may be invoked before 
ConcurrentMarkThread::makeSurrogateLockerThread causing intermittent crashes
8062206: Remove unusable G1RSLogCheckCardTable command line argument
8061748: Remove check_ct_logs_at_safepoint()
8074319: barrier_set_cast defined via friend injection
8047125: (ref) More phantom object references
8048949: Requeue queue implementation
8046408: Build failure from multiple ptrace.h

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