jdk9-b84: dev

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Wed Sep 30 22:22:28 UTC 2015



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-8137134   client-libs     invokespecial on indirect super interface is generated by Java adapter 
JDK-8137121   core-libs       (fc) Infinite loop FileChannel.truncate 
JDK-8132541   core-libs       (process) ProcessBuilder support for redirection to discard output 
JDK-8136686   core-libs       Collectors.counting can use Collectors.summingLong to reduce boxing 
JDK-8135124   core-libs       com/sun/jndi/ldap/LdapTimeoutTest.java failed intermittently 
JDK-8134490   core-libs       Dead var statement evacuation incorrectly descends into nested functio 
JDK-8129744   core-libs       Documentation in Month refers to quarters 
JDK-8131763   core-libs       j.l.Process.allChildren spec clarification 
JDK-8136518   core-libs       java/util/TimeZone/CLDRDisplayNamesTest.java fails for de. 
JDK-8135197   core-libs       libjimage code needs translation from hotspot-ish to jdk-ish 
JDK-8136700   core-libs       Make sure Context.anonymousHostClasses doesn't grow unbounded 
JDK-8135190   core-libs       Method code too large in Babel browser.js script 
JDK-8136931   core-libs       more fine-grained condition checking for BMH species creation 
JDK-7130085   core-libs       Port fdlibm hypot to Java 
JDK-8136832   core-libs       property_delete.js tests be moved out from currently-failing 
JDK-8133651   core-libs       replace some <tt> tags (obsolete in html5) in core-libs docs 
JDK-8129556   core-libs       TemporalAdjusters dayOfWeekInMonth wrongly says "in the same month" 
JDK-8136894   core-libs       test/script/currently-failing/gettersetter.js passes, move it out of c 
JDK-8132883   core-libs       The spec of allChildren/children of j.l.Process/ProcessHandle need to  
JDK-8134488   core-libs       var statement in if(false) block incorrectly evacuated into enclosing  
JDK-8134974   hotspot         8130847 broken with loop predicates 
JDK-8135253   hotspot         Add push method to CollectionSetChooser 
JDK-8135209   hotspot         Avoid abutting string literals and identifiers 
JDK-8135069   hotspot         C2 replaces range checks by unsigned comparison with -1 
JDK-8081629   hotspot         CMS split_block() does not correctly fix up block-offset-table for lar 
JDK-8135152   hotspot         Create a G1ParScanThreadStateSet class for managing G1 GC per thread s 
JDK-8135157   hotspot         DMB elimination in AArch64 C2 synchronization implementation 
JDK-8135025   hotspot         Error message is repeated for large value at G1ConcRefinementThreads 
JDK-8135298   hotspot         Fix zero builds for "unknown" architectures on linux. 
JDK-8134523   hotspot         Humongous object test fails with OOME 
JDK-8135252   hotspot         IdealLoopTree::dump_head() prints negative trip count 
JDK-8132980   hotspot         Improve stability of whitebox methods getCodeBlob and freeCodeBlob 
JDK-8080999   hotspot         MemoryPoolMXBean.getUsageThresholdCount() returns incorrect value 
JDK-8135154   hotspot         Move cards scanned and surviving young words aggregation to G1ParScanT 
JDK-8134797   hotspot         Remove explicit casts in CollectorPolicy hierarchy 
JDK-8135260   hotspot         Split G1CollectorPolicy::finalize_cset into two parts 
JDK-8132160   hotspot         support for AVX 512 call frames and stack management 
JDK-8135028   hotspot         support for vectorizing double precision sqrt 
JDK-8135097   hotspot         Unmap failure for executable memory on windows 
JDK-8137013   infrastructure  ar (static linker) broken since JDK-8065912 
JDK-8136695   infrastructure  Automatic build comparison with COMPARE_BUILD 
JDK-8136813   infrastructure  Log compare.sh output automatically to file 
JDK-8136764   infrastructure  ORIGINAL_PATH is broken if PATH contains directory with "#" in it's na 
JDK-8137014   infrastructure  Various improvements in build infrastructure 
JDK-8075286   security-libs   Additional tests for signature algorithm OIDs and transformation strin 
JDK-8050427   security-libs   LoginContext tests to cover JDK-4703361 
JDK-8137068   security-libs   Tests added in JDK-8048604 fail to compile 
JDK-8048604   security-libs   Tests for strong crypto ciphers 
JDK-8050461   security-libs   Tests for syntax checking of JAAS configuration file 
JDK-8050402   security-libs   Tests to check for use of policy files 
JDK-8135131   tools           Enable thin server mode in Sjavac 
JDK-8135283   xml             DOM API update: Element Traversal Specification 

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