jdk9-b130: dev

alejandro.murillo at oracle.com alejandro.murillo at oracle.com
Wed Aug 3 16:32:03 UTC 2016



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-5049012   client-libs     PrintToFile option is not disabled for flavors that do not support des 
JDK-5080830   client-libs     SheetCollate is not handled properly by the cross platform print dlg 
JDK-6567433   client-libs     JComponent.updateUI() may create StackOverflowError 
JDK-7059970   client-libs     Test case: javax/imageio/plugins/png/ITXtTest.java is not closing a fi 
JDK-7156316   client-libs     [macosx] Ctrl+Space does generate Unknown keychar 
JDK-8036915   client-libs     setLocationRelativeTo stopped working in Ubuntu 13.10 (Unity) 
JDK-8054991   client-libs     sun.font.GlyphList uses broken double-checked locking 
JDK-8143064   client-libs     Icons are not properly rendered with Windows L&F on HiDPI display 
JDK-8145207   client-libs     [macosx] JList, VO can't access non-visible list items 
JDK-8149115   client-libs     [hidpi] Linux: display-wise scaling factor should probably be taken in 
JDK-8150954   client-libs     Taking screenshots on x11 composite desktop produce wrong result 
JDK-8152968   client-libs     JTree Collapse Buttons Clipped Off Under GTK 
JDK-8153512   client-libs     Taskbar support reported for Xfce4. 
JDK-8155515   client-libs     Desktop.moveToTrash() javadoc issue 
JDK-8156212   client-libs     Typo in javadoc of java.awt.Taskbar, setIconBadge spec 
JDK-8156460   client-libs     [macosx] Test case javax/swing/JPopupMenu/6827786/bug6827786.java fail 
JDK-8157137   client-libs     [PIT] [TEST_BUG] compilation failed for some tests from jdk/test/java/ 
JDK-8158205   client-libs     HiDPI hand cursor broken on Windows 
JDK-8158362   client-libs     [macosx] Regression: at least java/awt/event/KeyEvent/AltCharAccelerat 
JDK-8158377   client-libs     [macosx] Regression: java/awt/KeyboardFocusmanager/ConsumeNextMnemonic 
JDK-8158389   client-libs     [macosx] Regression: javax/swing/JMenu/4213634/bug4213634.java 
JDK-8158485   client-libs     The "File" menu's menuitems can not bring up information window or mod 
JDK-8158496   client-libs     [macosx] Swing mnemonics broken on Mac 
JDK-8158501   client-libs     [macosx] The checkbox can't be checked via an event generate on the me 
JDK-8158512   client-libs     [Regression] Test java/awt/Mouse/MouseModifiersUnitTest/MouseModifiers 
JDK-8158526   client-libs     [macosx] java/awt/event/MouseEvent/MouseButtonsAndKeyMasksTest/MouseBu 
JDK-8158621   client-libs     The ALT key can not work with any key 
JDK-8159168   client-libs     [hidpi] Window.setShape() works incorrectly on HiDPI 
JDK-8159374   client-libs     Taskbar.setIconBadge() spec omits mention of exception for ICON_BADGE_ 
JDK-8159460   client-libs     On Ubuntu Unity, problem with java/awt/Window/FindOwner/FindOwnerTest 
JDK-8159587   client-libs     IOOBE in javax/swing/JFileChooser/7199708/bug7199708.java  
JDK-8159956   client-libs     EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION in sun.awt.windows.ThemeReader.getThemeMarg 
JDK-8160145   client-libs     [macosx] Keep pressed the Alt, Shift & Ctrl Keys,and then Click 'Click 
JDK-8160266   client-libs     [macosx] NestedModalDialogTest.java and NestedModelessDialogTest.java  
JDK-8160421   client-libs     Regression: JDK-8139192 causes NPE in java.awt.Toolkit.createCustomCur 
JDK-8160721   client-libs     Avoid deoptimizations in Font.equals. 
JDK-8160764   client-libs     [TEST_BUG] java/awt/TextArea/TextAreaScrolling/TextAreaScrolling.java 
JDK-8160879   client-libs     [PIT] CloseOnMouseClickPropertyTest fails with AA hint:Nonantialiased  
JDK-8160882   client-libs     [PIT][TEST_BUG] a trap of java/awt/print/PrinterJob/PrintTestLexmarkIQ 
JDK-8161407   client-libs     Provide a javadoc description for the java.desktop module 
JDK-8161531   client-libs     Provide a javadoc description for the java.datatransfer module 
JDK-8066652   core-libs       Default TimeZone is GMT not local if user.timezone is invalid on Mac O 
JDK-8066806   core-libs       java.time.format.DateTimeFormatter cannot parse an offset with single  
JDK-8156824   core-libs       com.sun.jndi.ldap.pool.PoolCleaner should clear its context class load 
JDK-8157135   core-libs       Fix module dependencies javax/* EE tests 
JDK-8157570   core-libs       sun.rmi.transport.GC retains a strong reference to the context class l 
JDK-8159684   core-libs       (tz) Support tzdata2016f 
JDK-8160034   core-libs       The `this` value in the `with` is broken by the repetition of a functi 
JDK-8160605   core-libs       java/util/SplittableRandom/SplittableRandomTest.java failed with timeo 
JDK-8160681   core-libs       LocalDate.ofEpochDay input validation 
JDK-8160801   core-libs       add documentation for NativeString 
JDK-8162439   core-libs       Runtime.Version.parse needs fast-path for major versions 
JDK-8162539   core-libs       Test fails because it expects a blank between method signature and thr 
JDK-8162563   core-libs       Fix double checked locking in System.console() 
JDK-8162624   core-libs       (fs) Remove FileTypeDetectors based on libgio and libmagic 
JDK-8157720   deploy          Create functional tests to cover JDK-8157337 
JDK-8159541   deploy          [test] At step6: There is a blocked dialog shown up after clicking "Co 
JDK-8159571   deploy          The application will be blocked by Java security once the app is launc 
JDK-8159702   deploy          Security Exception(Sealing Violation) in package com.sun.java.swing 
JDK-8160526   deploy          [test] At step3,the applet can not be launched fine 
JDK-8160799   deploy          [test] "Run" instead of "Install" button should show for extensions of 
JDK-8160802   deploy          [test]MD5 is a disabled algorithm when signing jar since jdk9-b02 
JDK-8160878   deploy          Update CLSIDScenarios/TestAppletLaunchUsingOlderCLSID.html with cleare 
JDK-8160918   deploy          Resurrect several regression tests from com.sun.javaws 
JDK-8161191   deploy          [test] Build error in javaws due to missing files in changeset 4654 
JDK-8161244   deploy          [test]Two cases in vmargsTest need to be updated due to that some secu 
JDK-8161380   deploy          [test] One case in EmbededCertificateTest failed due to missing a jar 
JDK-8161464   deploy          [test]Some cases in DepreationTest should use handleJavaPopUpSettingsF 
JDK-8161659   deploy          [test] Add more tests to System level Java cache viewer in fx jcp. 
JDK-8161544   globalization   JDK 9 msg drop 20 resource update - openjdk 
JDK-8162746   install         VersionCheck.java failure after change for JDK-8160921 
JDK-8149519   other-libs      Set java.specification.version to the MAJOR java version 
JDK-8159488   security-libs   Deprivilege java.xml.crypto 
JDK-8159528   security-libs   Deprivilege java.security.jgss, jdk.security.jgss and jdk.security.aut 
JDK-8159752   security-libs   Grant de-privileged module permissions by default with java.security.p 
JDK-8161303   security-libs   Sample NIO Server README needs updating. 
JDK-8161506   security-libs   Deprecate pre-1.2 SecurityManager methods and fields with forRemoval=t 
JDK-8161898   security-libs   Deprecate methods that reference javax.security.cert APIs with forRemo 
JDK-8162752   security-libs   keytool -importkeystore should probe srcstoretype if not specified 
JDK-8162882   security-libs   Permission merge issue in jdk.crypto.ucrypto module 
JDK-8134779   tools           jmod: ZipException is thrown if there are duplicate resources 
JDK-8134847   tools           jmod: module-info encountered in the cmds, libs or config is not added 
JDK-8143366   tools           Control characters in constant pool strings are not escaped properly 
JDK-8154705   tools           invalid use of ALL-MODULE-PATH causes crash 
JDK-8158224   tools           NullPointerException in com.sun.tools.javac.comp.Modules.checkCyclicDe 
JDK-8161277   tools           javax.lang.model.util.Types.isSameType(...) returns true on wildcards 
JDK-8161708   tools           javac, consider a different way to handle access code for operators 
JDK-8162343   tools           non-ASCII characters in source code comments (.hpp) 
JDK-8162538   tools           plugin API should avoid read only pool, have module view separated fro 
JDK-8162782   tools           jlink ResourcePool.releaseProperties should be removed 
JDK-8021787   xml             javax.xml.datatype.XMLGregorianCalendar.getMonth() return is documente 
JDK-8158084   xml             Catalog API: JAXP XML Processor Support 
JDK-8162598   xml             XSLTC transformer swallows empty namespace declaration which is needed 
JDK-8162666   xml             Mark ValidationWarningsTest.java as intermittently failing 

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