CFV: New JDK 9 Committer: Sibabrata Sahoo

Wang Weijun at
Thu Aug 4 01:11:39 UTC 2016

I hereby nominate Sibabrata Sahoo (ssahoo) to JDK 9 Committer.

Siba is a member of the Java SE Security Libraries SQE Team. Siba has contributed 14 changesets (listed below) to JDK 9 in the security libraries testing areas.

Votes are due by 21:00 UTC, August 17, 2016.

Only current JDK 9 Committers [1] are eligible to vote on this nomination.  Votes must be cast in the open by replying to this mailing list.

For Lazy Consensus voting instructions, see [2].

--Wang Weijun



 1) JDK-8141039: Test Task: Develop new tests for JEP 273: DRBG-Based SecureRandom Implementations
 2) JDK-8078813: Test JAAS with modules
 3) JDK-8151654: Additional modular test for "auth.login.defaultCallbackHandler" property
 4) JDK-8160624: sun/security/tools/keytool/ failed with "Socket closed"
 5) JDK-8130360: Add tests to verify 3rd party security providers if they are in modular JARs
 6) JDK-8150512: Update test for security property.
 7) JDK-8075301: Tests for system property
 8) JDK-8157417: Some of SecureRandom test might get timed out in linux.
 9) JDK-8159861: sun/security/tools/keytool/ timeout
10) JDK-8160341: Remove intermittent key from
11) JDK-8160940: Enable debug log in javax/net/ssl/HttpsURLConnection/ to track JDK-8160210
12) JDK-8158116: com/sun/crypto/provider/KeyAgreement/ failed with timeout
13) JDK-8157896: test fails with timeout
14) JDK-8157898: failed with timeout

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