jdk9-b132: dev

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Wed Aug 17 19:56:31 UTC 2016



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-8163408   client-libs     Fix wrong prototype of getNativeScaleFactor() in systemScale.h 
JDK-8134304   core-libs       NPE in initialization of OptimisticTypesPersistence 
JDK-8136930   core-libs       Simplify use of module-system options by custom launchers 
JDK-8144836   core-libs       [TESTBUG] FJExceptionTableLeak and RemoveLeak fail with -XX:+UseParall 
JDK-8145732   core-libs       Duplicate entry in http.nonProxyHosts will ignore subsequent entries 
JDK-8151158   core-libs       [TESTBUG] java/util/concurrent/forkjoin/FJExceptionTableLeak.java fail 
JDK-8160611   core-libs       Clean up ProblemList.txt for closed/resolved issues 
JDK-8162627   core-libs       Miscellaneous changes imported from jsr166 CVS 2016-08 
JDK-8162805   core-libs       Optimize AtomicBoolean.getAndSet 
JDK-8163210   core-libs       java/util/concurrent/tck/JSR166TestCase.java testWriteAfterReadLock(St 
JDK-8163305   core-libs       Add some print instrumentation to java/nio/channels/Selector/RacyDereg 
JDK-8163370   core-libs       Reduce number of classes loaded by common usage of java.lang.invoke 
JDK-8163373   core-libs       Rewrite GenerateJLIClassesPlugin to avoid reflective calls into java.l 
JDK-8163431   core-libs       probeContentType/Basic.java fails after changes for JDK-8146215 
JDK-8163518   core-libs       Integer overflow in StringBufferInputStream.read() and CharArrayReader 
JDK-8163533   core-libs       jdk.vm.ci.hotspot.test.MethodHandleAccessProviderTest fails on jdk9/de 
JDK-8163586   core-libs       java.net.http.RawChannel has been made public by mistake 
JDK-8163814   core-libs       JDK build has been failing after 8163373 
JDK-8163877   core-libs       Tests added in JDK-8163518 fail on some platforms 
JDK-8163878   core-libs       Remove unnecessary bridge methods, allocations in java.lang.invoke 
JDK-8163946   core-libs       java/lang/String/concat/WithSecurityManager.java fails after 8163878 
JDK-8163145   globalization   Remove two "null" lines in the end of message.properties 
JDK-6469513   security-libs   (smartcardio) CardPermission(String termName, String actions) violates 
JDK-8132943   security-libs   ServerHandshaker may select non-empty OCSPStatusRequest structures whe 
JDK-8133910   security-libs   Some sun/security/tools tests failed. 
JDK-8161340   security-libs   ProblemList.txt update for sun/security/tools/keytool/autotest.sh 
JDK-8162362   security-libs   Introduce system property to control enabled ciphersuites 
JDK-8162739   security-libs   Create new keytool option to access cacerts file 
JDK-8163104   security-libs   Unexpected NPE still possible on some Kerberos ticket calls 
JDK-8163435   security-libs   Update issue number for SupportedDHKeys.java and UnsupportedDHKeys.jav 
JDK-8163489   security-libs   Avoid using Utils.getFreePort() in TsacertOptionTest.java test 
JDK-8163503   security-libs   PKCS12 keystore cannot store non-X.509 certificates 
JDK-8052398   tools           Uniqify test framework class names 
JDK-8068626   tools           Add javac lint warning when the @Deprecated annotation is used where i 
JDK-8075529   tools           Documentation in DocumentationTool.getTask(...) should mention about " 
JDK-8129421   tools           JShell: unacceptable suggestions in 'extends', 'implements' in smart c 
JDK-8129422   tools           JShell: methods and fields of uncompleted expressions should be sugges 
JDK-8143048   tools           Re-examine dependency on property sun.boot.class.path 
JDK-8143964   tools           JShell API: convert query responses to Stream instead of List/Collecti 
JDK-8152054   tools           fix @ignored langtools/test/jdk/javadoc/tool/ tests 
JDK-8156998   tools           javac should support new option -XinheritRuntimeEnvironment 
JDK-8158295   tools           Add a multi-release jar validation mechanism to jar tool 
JDK-8160137   tools           HTMLDoclet and AbstractDoclet should implement Doclet 
JDK-8160156   tools           javac is generating let expressions unnecessarily 
JDK-8160489   tools           Multiple -Xpatch lines ignored by javac 
JDK-8160697   tools           HTMLWriter needs perf cleanup 
JDK-8162711   tools           javax.lang.model.util.Elements.getModuleElement returns null during an 
JDK-8163500   tools           JShell: ProblemList.txt update: 8139872 and 8080843 fixed 
JDK-8163524   tools           doclet resources doclet.usage.NAME.name are redundant 
JDK-8163817   tools           JShell tests: disable minor failing editor tool cases: 8161276, 816381 
JDK-8163468   xml             javax/xml/jaxp/unittest/validation/Bug6773084Test.java fails intermitt 
JDK-8163535   xml             javax/xml/jaxp/unittest/catalog/CatalogSupport2.java failed due to Soc 

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