jdk9-dev: HotSpot

Alejandro Murillo alejandro.murillo at oracle.com
Mon Aug 22 19:10:33 UTC 2016

jdk9-hs-2016-08-18 has been integrated into jdk9-dev.


Component : VM
Status    : Go for integration
Date      : 08/22/2016 at 19:00 MSK
Tested By : VM SQE &dmitry.fazunenko at oracle.com

Bundles   : 2016-08-19-185713.amurillo.jdk9-hs-2016-08-18-snapshot

Testing: 55 new failures, 2278 known failures, 1551469 passed.

Issues and Notes:
No stoppers have been detected so far.  Go for integration

CRs for testing:
8030221: Checking for anonymous class should check for NULL as well as potential nesting
8069540: Remove universal binaries support from hotspot build
8129523: java/lang/invoke/LFCaching/LFSingleThreadCachingTest.java timeout
8133740: NMT for Linux/x86/x64 and bsd/x64 slowdebug builds includes NativeCallStack::NativeCallStack() frame in backtrace
8133747: NMT includes an extra stack frame due to assumption NMT is making on tail calls being used
8133749: os::current_frame() is not returning the proper frame on ARM and solaris-x64
8136818: Test compiler/arraycopy/TestEliminatedArrayCopyDeopt.java fails with "m1 failed"
8146697: VM crashes in test Test7005594
8157498: compiler/codecache/jmx/InitialAndMaxUsageTest.java times out on 32-bit platforms
8159461: bigapps/Kitchensink/stressExitCode hits assert: Must be VMThread or JavaThread
8160083: compiler.codecache.jmx.InitialAndMaxUsageTest can not be used w/ disabled SegmentedCodeCache
8160299: Test8015436 doesn't check which method was executed
8160833: ClassesByName2Test.java and RedefineCrossEvent.java failing with jtreg tip
8161026: GPL header missing comma in year
8161279: Various JMX-tests timed out
8162369: PPC64: Wrong ucontext used after SIGTRAP while in HTM critical section
8162477: [JVMCI] assert(wf.check_method_context(ctxk, m)) failed: proper context
8162553: Crash in class unloading due to null CLD having a zero _keep_alive value
8162881: Effect of -XX:CICompilerCount depends on ordering of other flags
8163018: Slow compiler tests in JPRT
8163105: SIGSEGV: constantPoolHandle::constantPoolHandle(ConstantPool*)
8163143: illegal bci error with interpreted frames in SA due to mirror being stored in interpreted frames
8163185: jhsdb jstack cannot work with normal mode
8163243: [TESTBUG] compiler/codecache/jmx/UsageThresholdIncreasedTest.java failed with: Failed to find sun/hotspot/WhiteBox.class
8163313: assert(comp != __null) failed: compiler not available
8163366: compiler/codecache/jmx/ThresholdNotificationsTest.java doesn't set -XX:+UnlockDiagnosticVMOptions while using WB
8163580: Cannot get Monitor Cache Dump in HSDB
8164012: com/sun/jdi/CatchPatternTest.sh fails on jdk9/hs with Required output "Exception occurred: java.lang.IllegalMonitorStateException" not found


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