jdk9-b133: dev

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Wed Aug 24 21:29:52 UTC 2016



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-5080098   client-libs     Page Range must be disabled on the common print dlg for Non serv-forma 
JDK-8039081   client-libs     [TEST_BUG] Test java/awt/TrayIcon/PopupMenuLeakTest/PopupMenuLeakTest. 
JDK-8145014   client-libs     "IIOException: Couldn't seek!" when calling TIFFImageReader.getNumImag 
JDK-8150154   client-libs     AIOOB Exception during sequential write of TIFF images 
JDK-8152966   client-libs     ClassCastException when adding IFD to the TIFFDirectory before the ima 
JDK-8155960   client-libs     TIFF javadoc contains HTML entities inside {@code} tags 
JDK-8159638   client-libs     Improve array caches and renderer stats in Marlin renderer 
JDK-8159696   client-libs     java.beans.MethodRef#get throws NullPointerException 
JDK-8160696   client-libs     IllegalArgumentException: adding a component to a container on a diffe 
JDK-8160986   client-libs     Bad rendering of Swing UI controls with Metal L&F on HiDPI display 
JDK-8161483   client-libs     Implement AccessibleAction interface in JList.AccessibleJList.Accessib 
JDK-8161664   client-libs     Memory leak in com.apple.laf.AquaProgressBarUI:  removed progress bar  
JDK-8162856   client-libs     JSlider thumb is twice smaller on HiDPI display 
JDK-8162970   client-libs     Merge error in the DefaultRowSorter.java 
JDK-8163177   client-libs     Fix for 8152971 breaks builds with VS2010 
JDK-8163238   client-libs     Upgrade to harfbuzz 1.3.0 in JDK 9 
JDK-8163583   client-libs     [macosx] Press "To Back" button on the Dialog,the Dialog moves behind  
JDK-8163949   client-libs     Cleanup of classes which are related to JavaSound      
JDK-8164515   client-libs     Add back javadoc module description for java.se.ee 
JDK-7094818   core-libs       closed/java/text/Format/DateFormat tests failed on Hindi 
JDK-8129555   core-libs       DateFormatSymbols: month-related methods must refer to Calendar consta 
JDK-8132861   core-libs       java/text/Format/DateFormat/Bug4845901.java failed in Thai locale 
JDK-8134733   core-libs       java/util/Calendar/CalendarRegression.java failed in ar locale. 
JDK-8135055   core-libs       java.util.Date.after(java.sql.Timestamp ) does not return correct resu 
JDK-8138661   core-libs       Minor correction in Java API doc for DataSource 
JDK-8146602   core-libs       jdk/test/sun/misc/URLClassPath/ClassnameCharTest.java test fails with  
JDK-8161965   core-libs       Create initial javadoc description for modules 
JDK-8163350   core-libs       LocaleProviderAdapter Preference list retrieved is wrong, when -Djava. 
JDK-8163517   core-libs       Various cleanup in java.io code 
JDK-8163945   core-libs       Honor Number type hint in toPrimitive on Numbers 
JDK-8164044   core-libs       Generate corresponding simple DelegatingMethodHandles when generating  
JDK-8164102   core-libs       MethodHandles.countedLoop/4 works incorrect for start/end = Integer.MA 
JDK-8164189   core-libs       Collectors.toSet() parallel performance improvement 
JDK-8164216   core-libs       Netbeans makefile for nashorn should use JDK_9 as platform 
JDK-8164260   core-libs       readLine does not echo characters 
JDK-8164329   core-libs       Problem list  sun/rmi/runtime/Log/6409194/NoConsoleOutput.java  on win 
JDK-8164394   core-libs       JDK build fails after 8161965 
JDK-8164432   core-libs       java/nio/file/Files/probeContentType/Basic.java fails on windows for C 
JDK-8164451   core-libs       Generate all zero and identity forms at link time 
JDK-8164485   core-libs       Zero forms not properly generated 
JDK-8164525   core-libs       Re-examine zero form link time pre-generation 
JDK-8164547   core-libs       Make java.lang.reflect.ClassLoaderValue public for internal use 
JDK-8160833   core-svc        ClassesByName2Test.java and RedefineCrossEvent.java failing with jtreg 
JDK-8163143   core-svc        illegal bci error with interpreted frames in SA due to mirror being st 
JDK-8163185   core-svc        jhsdb jstack cannot work with normal mode 
JDK-8163272   core-svc        jhsdb jinfo cannot show system properties 
JDK-8163580   core-svc        Cannot get Monitor Cache Dump in HSDB 
JDK-8148707   deploy          [test]One case in javaws/EmbeddedCertificates couldn't find window wit 
JDK-8158206   deploy          [TEST_BUG]Unable to launch "Java Runtime Environment Settings" dialog 
JDK-8158207   deploy          At step2,Can not set security level from JCP->Security 
JDK-8162448   deploy          [test] Some javaws cases that loading applet should be filtered out fo 
JDK-8162450   deploy          [test] One case in JawsESLCertCheckTest failed due to the cert used to 
JDK-8162453   deploy          [JCP] [Mac]Cannot launch JCP on Mac os with zh_CN, zh_TW locale 
JDK-8162463   deploy          Resurrect remaining regression tests from com.sun.javaws.jnl 
JDK-8162503   deploy          [test] JavawsCPBTest::testSignedAndUnsigned is very unstable 
JDK-8162957   deploy          [test] Three cases in DialogFreqJawsTest failed due to fix of 8161468 
JDK-8163117   deploy          JCP - Delete files not working 
JDK-8163461   deploy          [test] Need to evaluate SignedJNLPTest::testSimpleLiveConnectJNLPApple 
JDK-8163843   deploy          [test] jp2launcher.exe has been renamed to jweblauncher.exe 
JDK-8163844   deploy          dtjava - chrome / edge browser - "Java Plug-in is not supported by thi 
JDK-8158486   globalization   remove wtpg id from jaxp resource files in JDK9 
JDK-8029441   hotspot         assert(!((nmethod*)_cb)->is_deopt_pc(_pc)) failed: invariant broken 
JDK-8030221   hotspot         Checking for anonymous class should check for NULL as well as potentia 
JDK-8066115   hotspot         tc04t001 fails intermittently in nightly testing 
JDK-8071770   hotspot         G1 does not implement millis_since_last_gc which is needed by RMI GC 
JDK-8129523   hotspot         java/lang/invoke/LFCaching/LFSingleThreadCachingTest.java timeout 
JDK-8133740   hotspot         NMT for Linux/x86/x64 and bsd/x64 slowdebug builds includes NativeCall 
JDK-8146697   hotspot         VM crashes in test Test7005594 
JDK-8157498   hotspot         compiler/codecache/jmx/InitialAndMaxUsageTest.java times out on 32-bit 
JDK-8159461   hotspot         bigapps/Kitchensink/stressExitCode hits assert:  Must be VMThread or J 
JDK-8159917   hotspot         Space character is missing in ClassLoaderData::print_value_on 
JDK-8160083   hotspot         compiler.codecache.jmx.InitialAndMaxUsageTest can not be used w/ disab 
JDK-8160299   hotspot         Test8015436 doesn't check which method was executed 
JDK-8161279   hotspot         Various JMX-tests timed out 
JDK-8161652   hotspot         Crash with assert(ft == _type) failed in PhiNode::Value() 
JDK-8161696   hotspot         [TESTBUG] runtime/StackGuardPages/testme.sh uses invalid argument -Xss 
JDK-8162369   hotspot         ppc: Wrong ucontext used after SIGTRAP while in HTM critical section 
JDK-8162477   hotspot         [JVMCI] assert(wf.check_method_context(ctxk, m)) failed: proper contex 
JDK-8162553   hotspot         Crash in class unloading due to null CLD having a zero _keep_alive val 
JDK-8162670   hotspot         make of jtreg_tests fails if no tests are run, causing jprt test runs  
JDK-8162852   hotspot         Mark stress compiler and gc tests with stress keyword 
JDK-8162881   hotspot         Effect of -XX:CICompilerCount depends on ordering of other flags 
JDK-8162999   hotspot         Build give extraneous find warnings 
JDK-8163018   hotspot         Slow compiler tests in JPRT 
JDK-8163105   hotspot         SIGSEGV: constantPoolHandle::constantPoolHandle(ConstantPool*) 
JDK-8163243   hotspot         [TESTBUG] compiler/codecache/jmx/UsageThresholdIncreasedTest.java fail 
JDK-8163269   hotspot         Testcase missed in push for JDK-8160817 
JDK-8163289   hotspot         Remove SA-JDI from tests 
JDK-8163313   hotspot         assert(comp != __null) failed: compiler not available 
JDK-8163366   hotspot         compiler/codecache/jmx/ThresholdNotificationsTest.java doesn't set -XX 
JDK-8163879   hotspot         quarantine serviceability/sa/sadebugd/SADebugDTest.java since it hangs 
JDK-8163937   hotspot         ActiveRecording recordingDuration unit says nanos, values is in millis 
JDK-8163970   hotspot         [TESTBUG] Remove nsk/jvmti/Retransform/retransform001 test from coloca 
JDK-8164012   hotspot         com/sun/jdi/CatchPatternTest.sh fails on jdk9/hs with Required output  
JDK-8069540   infrastructure  Remove universal binaries support from hotspot build 
JDK-8164402   infrastructure  key word 'requires' appearing in comment causing a build failure 
JDK-6482493   install         installers fail when installed on mapped drive 
JDK-6977937   security-libs   The SunJCE PBKDF2KeyImpl is requiring the MAC instance also be from Su 
JDK-8078661   security-libs   [SunPKCS11] Fails to cast into RSAPrivateCrtKey after RSA KeyPair Gene 
JDK-8087144   security-libs   sun/security/krb5/auto/MaxRetries.java fails with Retry count is -1 le 
JDK-8130181   security-libs   Deprecate java.security.Provider(String, double, String), add Provider 
JDK-8141411   security-libs   keytool can wrongly parse the start date value given by the -startdate 
JDK-8153146   security-libs    sun/security/krb5/auto/MaxRetries.java failed with timeout 
JDK-8153438   security-libs   Avoid repeated "Please insert a smart card" popup windows 
JDK-8156192   security-libs   Provider#compute and #merge methods expect wrong permission & #compute 
JDK-8156841   security-libs   sun.security.pkcs11.SunPKCS11 poller thread retains a strong reference 
JDK-8159964   security-libs   Update Tests to verify JDK build for "JDK-8159488 Deprivilege java.xml 
JDK-8162484   security-libs   javax/net/ssl/Stapling/SSLSocketWithStapling.java test fails intermitt 
JDK-8162808   security-libs   Add references to the standard JSSE cipher suite names in javadoc 
JDK-8163896   security-libs   Finalizing one key of a KeyPair invalidates the other key 
JDK-8164071   security-libs   Default.policy file missing content for solaris 
JDK-8164100   security-libs   com/sun/crypto/provider/KeyFactory/TestProviderLeak.java fails with ja 
JDK-8164397   security-libs   Provide javadoc descriptions for the jdk.security.auth and jdk.securit 
JDK-8164437   security-libs   Test for JDK-8042900 
JDK-8164494   security-libs   SunPKCS11 requires a non-empty PBE password 
JDK-8072052   tools           <dd> part of <dl> list in javadoc should not be in monospace font 
JDK-8078561   tools           Error message should be generated once when -source 6 is specified 
JDK-8080347   tools           jshell tool: /vars when the status is other than Active 
JDK-8135291   tools           [javadoc] broken link in Package com.sun.tools.jconsole 
JDK-8153391   tools           an image created for "jdk.compiler" fails to run javac 
JDK-8154374   tools           JShell: setContextClassLoader() for remote Snippet class loader 
JDK-8155995   tools           Update javadoc to include module search 
JDK-8156911   tools           JShell: file manager should be closed 
JDK-8157512   tools           AssertionError in javac when module-info < v53.0 
JDK-8157519   tools           Error messages when compiling a malformed module-info.java confusing 
JDK-8158906   tools           JShell: crashes with extremely long result value 
JDK-8159027   tools           JShell API: SourceCodeAnalysis.Suggestion has constructor, ... 
JDK-8159305   tools           Enhance the javadoc tool to support module related options 
JDK-8159713   tools           Make the non-translated keywords clear to translator in jar.properties 
JDK-8162353   tools           javadoc should provide a way to disable use of frames 
JDK-8162576   tools           Missing doclint check missing for modules 
JDK-8163800   tools           The fix for JDK-8072052 shows up other minor incorrect use of styles 
JDK-8163999   tools           Workaround intermittent failures of TreePosTest.java due to C2 memory  
JDK-8164277   tools           JShell API: Snippets are immutable and should be available for post-mo 
JDK-8164326   tools           jrtfsviewer.js and jrtls.js does not work 
JDK-8164481   tools           Remove jtreg run configurations from langtools idea project 
JDK-8164550   tools           tools/javac/modules/InheritRuntimeEnvironmentTest.java fails on Window 
JDK-6211561   xml             XPath.evaluate(String,Object,QName) throws exception if context node i 
JDK-8146961   xml             Fix PermGen memory leaks caused by static final Exceptions 

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