Result: New JDK 9 Committer: Doug Simon

Zoltán Majó zoltan.majo at
Fri Aug 26 09:39:26 UTC 2016

Sorry for the formatting in my previous email.  I explicitly removed all 
formatting and set the output to "Plain text".  The result was 
nevertheless a wrongly formatted email.  And the formatting was shown to 
me only after I've sent out the message.

I'll try again, please see below.  If it does not work again, I'll most 
likely have to switch to a different mail client (to one whose name does 
not start with 'T').

Sorry for the noise.

Best regards,



Voting for Doug Simon [1] is now closed.

Yes: 22
Veto: 0
Abstain: 0

According to the Bylaws definition of Lazy Consensus, this is sufficient 
to approve the nomination.

Zoltan Majo


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