jdk9-b134: dev

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Wed Aug 31 20:26:48 UTC 2016



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-7068008   core-libs       closed/java/util/Calendar/CalendarTestScripts/JapaneseRollTests.sh exe 
JDK-7180225   core-libs       SecurityExceptions not defined in some class loader methods 
JDK-8005068   core-libs       HttpCookie does not correctly handle negative maxAge values 
JDK-8066943   core-libs       (fs)  Path.relativize() gives incorrect result for ".." 
JDK-8145464   core-libs       implement deprecation static analysis tool 
JDK-8160971   core-libs       Re-enable VarHandle tests quarantined by JDK-8160690 
JDK-8163126   core-libs       Fix @modules in some of jdk/* tests 
JDK-8163136   core-libs       Add print statements to java/nio/file/WatchService/LotsOfCancels.java 
JDK-8163353   core-libs       NPE in ConcurrentHashMap.removeAll() 
JDK-8163371   core-libs       Enable tracing which JLI classes can be pre-generated 
JDK-8163561   core-libs       Add a test for Proxy Authentication in HTTP/2 Client API 
JDK-8164061   core-libs       Fix @since for javax.sql.rowset.BaseRowSet and javax.sql.CommonDataSou 
JDK-8164159   core-libs       java/nio/file/WatchService/UpdateInterference.java test leaves daemon  
JDK-8164166   core-libs       Make sure java/nio/channels tests shutdown asynchronous channel groups 
JDK-8164366   core-libs       ZoneOffset.ofHoursMinutesSeconds() does not reject invalid input 
JDK-8164389   core-libs       jdk.nio.zipfs.JarFileSystem does not completely traverse the versioned 
JDK-8164483   core-libs       Generate field lambda forms at link time 
JDK-8164524   core-libs       Correct inconsistencies in floating-point abs spec 
JDK-8164556   core-libs       Drop AAC and FLAC from content type check in java/nio/file/Files/probe 
JDK-8164569   core-libs       Generate non-customized invoker forms at link time 
JDK-8164585   core-libs       JarFile::isMultiRelease does not return true in all cases where it sho 
JDK-8164589   core-libs       Remove  sun/rmi/runtime/Log/6409194/NoConsoleOutput.java from ProblemL 
JDK-8164592   core-libs       java/net/MulticastSocket/NoLoopbackPackets.java tests may leave a daem 
JDK-8164618   core-libs       add documentation for NativeNumber and NativeBoolean 
JDK-8164649   core-libs       Cleanup of test java/nio/channels/FileChannel/Lock.java 
JDK-8164669   core-libs       Lazier initialization of java.time 
JDK-8164698   core-libs       modify jdk makefiles to build jdeprscan 
JDK-8164739   core-libs       Remove computation of predefined interpreter forms 
JDK-8164748   core-libs       Edit pad crashes when calling function 
JDK-8164834   core-libs       remove jdeprscan from tools/launcher/VersionCheck.java 
JDK-8164835   core-libs       add a few tools tests to the problem list 
JDK-8164866   core-libs       tools/jlink/plugins/GenerateJLIClassesPluginTest.java can't compile af 
JDK-8164124   hotspot         [BACKOUT] G1 does not implement millis_since_last_gc which is needed b 
JDK-8024714   security-libs   In java.security file, ocsp.responderCertSubjectName should not contai 
JDK-8061842   security-libs   Package jurisdiction policy files as something other than JAR 
JDK-8074838   security-libs   Resolve disabled warnings for libj2pkcs11 
JDK-8150530   security-libs   Improve javax.crypto.BadPaddingException messages 
JDK-8151893   security-libs   Add security property to configure XML Signature secure validation mod 
JDK-8164533   security-libs   sun/security/ssl/SSLSocketImpl/CloseSocket.java failed with "Error whi 
JDK-8164656   security-libs   krb5 does not retry if TCP connection timeouts 
JDK-8047338   tools           javac is not correctly filtering non-members methods to obtain the fun 
JDK-8066577   tools           Cleanup and make better use of the stream API in the jrtfs code 
JDK-8147491   tools           module graph consistency checks after jlink plugins operate on module  
JDK-8153897   tools           jshell tool: "not active" must be pulled from resource file 
JDK-8156984   tools           JShell tool: for (FormatCase e : EnumSet.allOf(FormatCase.class))  
JDK-8157349   tools           Missing doc-files in javadoc documentation 
JDK-8158738   tools           jshell tool: Save does not affect jshell if started from another edito 
JDK-8159004   tools           jlink attempts to create launcher scripts when root/bin dir does not e 
JDK-8160089   tools           jshell tool: use new double-dash long-form command-line options 
JDK-8161501   tools           JSR269 jigsaw update: javax.lang.model.element.ModuleElement.getEnclos 
JDK-8163793   tools           jlink has typo in copy-files plugin help text example 
JDK-8163991   tools           Fix license and copyright headers under test/jdk/javadoc/ and test/too 
JDK-8164130   tools           Simplify doclet IOException handling 
JDK-8164399   tools           inference of thrown variable does not work correctly 
JDK-8164596   tools           jshell tool: jdk repo module pages to allow double-dash fix to access  
JDK-8164598   tools           Problem list TestIOException.java 
JDK-8164745   tools           javac -Xmodule compiles the module in a way that reads the unnamed mod 
JDK-8164747   tools           allclasses-frame broken after JDK-8162353 
JDK-8164800   tools           Cross targeting Windows 
JDK-8164836   tools           TEST_BUG: adjust scope of the DefinedByAnalyzer in tools/all/RunCoding 
JDK-8164887   tools           update tests to remove use of old-style options 
JDK-8157797   xml             SAX Parser throws incorrect error on invalid xml 
JDK-8163232   xml             Catalog API: Consolidating CatalogResolver to support all XML Resolver 

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