jdk9-b123: dev

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Wed Jun 15 21:42:56 UTC 2016



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-5041778   core-libs       (ann) AnnotationFormatError if "default" Class type not found 
JDK-8040211   core-libs       Update LSR datafile for BCP 47 
JDK-8041924   core-libs       [TESTBUG] sun/net/www/http/ChunkedOutputStream/checkError.java fails o 
JDK-8047780   core-libs       [Doc] Locale.LanguageRange() throws an undocumented IAE when range is  
JDK-8073611   core-libs       javax.script.ScriptEngineFactory: formatting error in javadoc of getPa 
JDK-8139507   core-libs       WARNING: Could not open/create prefs root node Software\JavaSoft\Prefs 
JDK-8147585   core-libs       Annotations with lambda expressions has parameter result in wrong beha 
JDK-8151913   core-libs       Fix module dependencies in java/net tests 
JDK-8153666   core-libs       Optimize Formatter.formatMessage 
JDK-8156650   core-libs       Simplify Text message support in WebSocket API 
JDK-8156693   core-libs       Improve usability of CompletableFuture use in WebSocket API 
JDK-8158519   core-libs       Incorrect network mask and broadcast address on Linux when there are m 
JDK-8158851   core-libs       MH.publicLookup() init circularity, triggered by custom SecurityManage 
JDK-8158870   core-libs       Temporarily problem list DGCDeadLock.java on Mac 
JDK-8158881   core-libs       Doc typo in src/../java/net/URI.java 
JDK-8158922   core-libs       jjs tab completion of Java classes shows package-private, "hidden" cla 
JDK-8158933   core-libs       String concat stringifiers setup should avoid unnecessary lookups 
JDK-8159012   core-libs       Problem list sun/net/www/http/ChunkedOutputStream/checkError.java 
JDK-8159031   core-libs       jjs throws NoSuchFileException if ~/.jjs.history does not exist 
JDK-8159034   core-libs       4 nashorn ant tests fail with latest jdk9-dev build with IncompatibleC 
JDK-8159039   core-libs       sun/net/httpclient/hpack/HeaderTableTest.java fails on some locales 
JDK-8159220   core-libs       Preserve position info in module import and export entries 
JDK-8159334   core-libs       ModuleDescriptor retains overlapping sets for all and concealed packag 
JDK-8159378   core-libs       Correct wording of RoundEnvironment.getElementsAnnotatedWithAny 
JDK-8055735   infrastructure  JDK_FILTER is broken 
JDK-8144911   infrastructure  Consider having modifications to jdk.jlink trigger recreation of all j 
JDK-8158535   infrastructure  Configure script uses basic tools directly in many places 
JDK-8159047   infrastructure  Disable redundant build steps when creating buildjdk 
JDK-8159186   infrastructure  jdk/test/Makefile: allow users to set verbosity 
JDK-8158458   other-libs      Update references from "1.9" to "9" 
JDK-8062758   security-libs   Update java/security/Security/ClassLoaderDeadlock/Deadlock2.sh with th 
JDK-8151836   security-libs   keytool -importkeystore -help does not list option -destprotected 
JDK-8153632   security-libs   Update security tests to eliminate dependency on JAXB 
JDK-8157308   security-libs   Make AbstractDrbg non-Serializable 
JDK-8157495   security-libs   SHA-3 Hash algorithm performance improvements (~12x speedup) 
JDK-8157603   security-libs   TestCipher.java doesn't check one of the decrypted message as expected 
JDK-8157627   security-libs   Ucrypto prov need to workaround the renaming of CK_AES_GCM_PARAMS star 
JDK-8157665   security-libs   ProblemList.txt needs to be updated as 7041639 closed 
JDK-8157896   security-libs   TestDSAGenParameterSpec.java test fails with timeout 
JDK-8157898   security-libs   SupportedDSAParamGen.java failed with timeout 
JDK-8157925   security-libs   Typo in the API documentation of X509KeyManager 
JDK-8158442   security-libs   SecureRandomParameters missing "@since 9" 
JDK-8158534   security-libs   DrbgParameters strength parameter is underspecified if < -1 
JDK-8158620   security-libs   Enable debug option for sun/security/ec/TestEC.java 
JDK-8158978   security-libs   ALPN not working when values are set directly on a SSLServerSocket 
JDK-8037804   tools           Implement specified test for related functional interface types 
JDK-8139829   tools           JShell API: No use of fields to return information from public types 
JDK-8144767   tools           Fix handling of capture variables in most-specific test 
JDK-8155581   tools           jshell tool: replace use of Option.get() 
JDK-8155880   tools           Fix langtools usage of the deprecated Class.newInstance method 
JDK-8156077   tools           Support javadoc tags in module documentation 
JDK-8156994   tools           jimage --help is not helpful 
JDK-8156995   tools           jimage: extract specified contents 
JDK-8158123   tools           NPE when the annotations is used in export-to of module-info 
JDK-8158174   tools           jshell tool: leaks threads waiting on StopDetectingInputStream 
JDK-8158402   tools           jlink and related tools should use PathPatterns for all pattern operat 
JDK-8158630   tools           Langtools Intellij project is missing some source roots 
JDK-8159228   tools           Exclude jlink tests until jrt-fs patterns are rectified  
JDK-8159263   tools           Problem list tools/jmod/JmodTest.java 

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