jdk9-b125: dev

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Wed Jun 29 21:34:40 UTC 2016



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-7131356   core-libs       (props) "No Java runtime present, requesting install" when creating VM 
JDK-8071660   core-libs       URLPermission not handling empty method lists correctly 
JDK-8073653   core-libs       Secondary heredoc eating wrong lines. 
JDK-8114860   core-libs       Behavior of java.net.URLPermission.getActions() contradicts spec 
JDK-8136738   core-libs       InputStream documentation for IOException in skip() is unclear or inco 
JDK-8137240   core-libs       Negative lookahead in RegEx breaks backreference 
JDK-8144008   core-libs       Setting NO_PROXY on HTTP URL connections does not stop proxying 
JDK-8154017   core-libs       Shutdown hooks are racing against shutdown sequence, if System.exit()- 
JDK-8154234   core-libs       Remove netdoc URL protocol Handler 
JDK-8156742   core-libs       Miscellaneous WebSocket API improvements 
JDK-8157166   core-libs       Update spec to account for platforms that do not support multicast 
JDK-8158690   core-libs       GET request via HTTP/2 has a huge delays due to Nagle’s Algorithm an 
JDK-8158802   core-libs       com.sun.jndi.ldap.SimpleClientId produces wrong hash code 
JDK-8158980   core-libs       Memory leak in HTTP2Connection.streams 
JDK-8159548   core-libs       Formatter returns unexpected strings if locale is null. 
JDK-8159766   core-libs       "Switching encoding from UTF-8 to ISO-8859-1" log message should be tr 
JDK-8159879   core-libs       Some typo and minor test bugs in ava/lang/module/ModuleReferenceTest.j 
JDK-8159977   core-libs       typeof operator does not see lexical bindings declared in other script 
JDK-8160141   core-libs       removed deprecated method calls in nashorn code 
JDK-8160264   core-libs       Reuse Latin1/UTF16 compare routines 
JDK-8160278   core-libs       Remove java/time/test/java/time/TestClock_System from the problem list 
JDK-8150900   hotspot         Implement diagnostic_pd 
JDK-8081676   infrastructure  Verify that configure detects AS on Solaris and print help otherwise 
JDK-8157253   infrastructure  Fix compare script for html files 
JDK-8159537   infrastructure  create build file to generate diags reports for all locales 
JDK-8159628   infrastructure  Bundles contain extra /./ path element for all files 
JDK-8146975   other-libs      NullPointerException in IIOPInputStream.inputClassFields 
JDK-8049314   security-libs   javax/net/ssl/templates/SSLSocketSSLEngineTemplate.java fails intermit 
JDK-8074580   security-libs   sun/security/pkcs11/rsa/TestKeyPairGenerator.java fails due to PKCS11E 
JDK-8152745   security-libs   javax/net/ssl/TLS/TestJSSE.java fails intermittently: Unsupported or u 
JDK-8157318   security-libs   ThreadedSeedGenerator uses System.currentTimeMillis and stops generati 
JDK-8157530   security-libs   Remove intermittent key from javax/net/ssl/DTLS/WeakCipherSuite.java 
JDK-8136453   tools           Parameter name indices array size not updated correctly 
JDK-8147794   tools           Jlink's ModuleEntry.stream can't be consumed more than once and Module 
JDK-8150860   tools           Mach 5 tier1 test started failing -  jdk/jshell/ComputeFQNsTest.java ( 
JDK-8153238   tools           Improve test/tools/jlink/JLinkTest.java not to hard code the number of 
JDK-8154399   tools           Need replacement for jdk.javadoc/com.sun.tools.doclets.standard.Standa 
JDK-8155955   tools           packager needs to determine the root modules to create JRE image 
JDK-8157936   tools           Files.size(Path p) returns 0 if path is from JrtFileSystem with explod 
JDK-8159096   tools           Expose (new) Standard doclet class. 
JDK-8159172   tools           Update usage of jlink/jimage/jmod to show option patterns 
JDK-8159593   tools           Plugin Set<Category> getType() should return a Category 
JDK-8159781   tools           jlink --include-locales fails with java.util.regex.PatternSyntaxExcept 
JDK-8159834   tools           Add some support for jtreg test headers in IntelliJ langtools project 
JDK-8160135   tools           The Html doclet handles options incorrectly 
JDK-8160348   tools           jlink should use System.out for usage messages 
JDK-8150173   xml             JAXBContext.newInstance causes PrivilegedActionException when createCo 

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