RFR: 8155918 Prep Message Drop L10n resource file translation update

Robert Field robert.field at oracle.com
Fri May 6 06:14:26 UTC 2016


This is review of JShell translations...


jshell.err.def.or.id.not.found = No definition or id found named: {0}

  35 jshell.err.def.or.id.not.found = 指定の定義またはIDが見つかりません: {0}

"ID" is not a fixed name, so I wouldn't expect to see it in English.  If 
it is borrowed English, that is fine.  Same at lines 48, 80, ...

116 help.usage = 使用方法:   jshell <options> <load files>\n
-classpath <path>          ユーザー・クラス・ファイルを検出する場所を指定する\n\t-cp <path>

The labels in angle brackets should be translated <options>, <load 
files>, <path>, etc
(also, this has been updated, but I imagine that isn't sync'ed yet)

119 help.list.args = [all|start|<name or id>]

Again, <name or id> should be translated.  Same, for all the other angle 
bracketed options. 120, 123, 124, 127, 128, 131, , 135, .... (on most 
lines) ...

help.reload.summary = reset and replay relevant history -- current or 
previous (restore)

162 help.reload.summary = リセットして関連する履歴をリプレイします -- 現在または以前(復元)

(restore) is an option name, so should be left in English.

help.previous.summary = re-run n-th previous snippet

198 help.previous.summary = n回前のスニペットを再実行します

No idea if this is correct, but was surprised to see "n"

206 help.shortcuts =サポートされているショートカットは次のとおりです:\n\n<tab>\n\t\tJava識別子、jshellコマンド、場合によっては\n\t\tjshellコマンド引数の最初の数文字を入力した後に、\n\t\t<tab>キーを押す

<tab>, Shift-<tab> are meant to indicate keyboard actions

221 startup.feedback = /set newmode normal command    \n/set prompt normal '\\n-> ' '>> '  ...

This needs special translation, I guess my notes didn't get to the translator.
Within"startup.feedback" only: things in single-quotes should be translated except things is curly brackets e.g., {pre}
(note this has been updated significantly)

It makes it even harder to review that the newlines aren't on new lines (matching the English source).

Seems to have identical issues.

Is fine.

VALID is an enum value and should not be translated.


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