jdk9-b118: dev

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Wed May 11 16:16:08 UTC 2016



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-7116979   client-libs     Unexpected pixel colour when converting images to TYPE_BYTE_INDEXED 
JDK-8015070   client-libs     Antialiased text on translucent backgrounds gets bright artifacts 
JDK-8145984   client-libs     [macosx] sun.lwawt.macosx.CAccessible leaks 
JDK-8156020   client-libs     8145547 breaks AIX and and uses RTLD_NOLOAD incorrectly 
JDK-4943627   core-libs       Deprecate rounding mode integer constants in BigDecimal and their uses 
JDK-6850612   core-libs       Deprecate Class.newInstance since it violates the checked exception la 
JDK-8079628   core-libs       java.time: DateTimeFormatter containing "DD" fails on 3-digit day-of-y 
JDK-8139233   core-libs       add initial compact immutable collection implementations 
JDK-8144711   core-libs       (x) => x + 1 causes Assertion failure instead of SyntaxError 
JDK-8148949   core-libs       DateTimeFormatter pattern letters 'A','n','N' 
JDK-8150366   core-libs       (zipfs) lastAccessTime and createTime returned as null instead of defa 
JDK-8150496   core-libs       (zipfs) Fix performance issues in zip-fs 
JDK-8150731   core-libs       Nashorn JSObject linker should be exposed as a service provider 
JDK-8151542   core-libs       URL resources for multi-release jar files have a #runtime fragment app 
JDK-8153192   core-libs       (se) Selector.select(long) uses wrong timeout after EINTR (lnx) 
JDK-8153912   core-libs       Reconsider StackFrame::getFileName and StackFrame::getLineNumber  
JDK-8154182   core-libs       Fix java/lang/Class/getDeclaredField/FieldSetAccessibleTest.java to on 
JDK-8154295   core-libs       Currency iso code is int and hence looses the preceeding zero.  
JDK-8154911   core-libs       Move GCDuringIteration.java back to tier1 
JDK-8154956   core-libs       Module system implementation refresh (4/2016) 
JDK-8155258   core-libs       VarHandle implementation improvements 
JDK-8155513   core-libs       Deprivilege jdk.charsets 
JDK-8155888   core-libs       java/net/httpclient/QuickResponses.java intermittently failed with jav 
JDK-8155928   core-libs       Remove hardcoded port numbers from httpclient/Security.java test 
JDK-8155944   core-libs       ant build/test of nashorn is broken with the latest jdk9-dev build 
JDK-8155963   core-libs       Fix deprecation warning in windows java.net implementation 
JDK-8155997   core-libs       Mark RacingThreadDeaths.java as intermittently failing 
JDK-8156040   core-libs       Nashorn tests still failing after latest Jigsaw merge 
JDK-8156489   core-libs       jjs tab-completion crashes with stack overflow error 
JDK-8156492   core-libs       ClassFormatError thrown when arrow function is used 
JDK-8156512   core-libs       Mark several tests from java/nio as intermittently failing 
JDK-8156529   core-libs       Problem list java/nio/file/WatchService/DeleteInterference.java 
JDK-8156147   core-svc        NPE in InstrumentationImpl.transform when loading classes from -Xbootc 
JDK-8150044   infrastructure  Generate classlists at build-time 
JDK-8155872   infrastructure  Temporarily disable deprecation checking on the java.desktop module 
JDK-8051408   security-libs   JEP 273: DRBG-Based SecureRandom Implementations 
JDK-8155211   security-libs   Ucrypto Library leaks native memory 
JDK-8155775   security-libs   Re-examine naming of privileged methods to access System properties 
JDK-8156502   security-libs   Use short name of SupportedEllipticCurvesExtension.java 
JDK-8147984   tools           WindowsTerminal should support function keys 
JDK-8153268   tools           javac accepts enums being referenced by 'uses' statement 
JDK-8154190   tools           Deprivilege java.compiler module 
JDK-8155649   tools           IncludeLocalesPlugin throws NPE when jdk.localedata not resolved 
JDK-8155939   tools           sun.launcher.LauncherHelper INSTANCE is unused 
JDK-8155959   tools           Langtools ant build should support new Xpatch option format 
JDK-8156000   tools           tools/all/RunCodingRules.java fails if build dir exists, but generated 
JDK-8156158   tools           Mark ToolLocaleMessageTest.java as intermittently failing, demote to t 
JDK-8156189   tools           Problem list tools/jdeps/modules/GenModuleInfo.java and ModuleTest.jav 
JDK-8156007   xml             Refix: TestPolicy should extend the default security policy 

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