CFV: New JDK9 Committer: Kirill Zhaldybin

Jesper Wilhelmsson jesper.wilhelmsson at
Mon May 16 18:48:42 UTC 2016

I hereby nominate Kirill Zhaldybin (kzhaldyb) to JDK 9 Committer.

Kirill is currently a JDK 9 Author and a member of the VM SQE team at Oracle.
He has made 28 contributions to JDK 9 [3].

Votes are due by May 30, 2016.

Only current JDK 9 Committers [1] are eligible to vote on this nomination.
Votes must be cast in the open by replying to this mailing list.

For Lazy Consensus voting instructions, see [2].


[3] List of changes:

8156763: Quarantine 

8150865: SQE test: GC unified logging: check that dynamic log level doesn't 
break anything

8132710: Add tests which check that Humongous objects behave as expected after 
Young GC
8132712: Add tests which check that Humongous objects behave as expected after 
Full GC

8155527: New test TestHumongousClassLoader fails with 
"-XX:+ExplicitGCInvokesConcurrent" option

8155092: [TESTBUG] needs UnlockDiagnosticVMOptions 
before WhiteBoxAPI

8132718: Add tests which check that when humongous classloader object becomes 
unreachable it and all classes that were loaded in it should be collected

8153764: Add auxiliary method that generates class by class prototype to gc 

8135200: Add White Box method that enumerates G1 old regions with less than 
specified liveness and collects statistics

8138607: gc/g1/mixedgc/ - G1 Evacuation Pause missing from output

8144073: Refactor hotspot/test/gc/g1/humongousObjects/

8149184: os::is_server_class_machine() could return incorrect result if a host's 
cpu have a few logical cores

8149364: Quarantine test

8132721: Add tests which check that heap counters work as expected during 
Humongous allocations

8132717: Add tests checking that instances of j.l.Classes of a large size are 
allocated as Humongous

8132720: Add tests which checks that Humongous objects are not moved after Full GC

8132724: Add tests which check that weak references to humongous objects should 
work correctly

8143933: Create testlibrary for auxiliary methods used in g1/humongousObjects 

8138958: Quarantine gc/g1/mixedgc/ test

8136398: Create test that checks that G1 MixedGC produces correct output to logfile

8137020: [TESTBUG] Utils.runAndCheckException doesn't work well if no exception 

8134523: Humongous object test fails with OOME

8132980: Improve stability of whitebox methods getCodeBlob and freeCodeBlob

8132708: Add tests for Humongous objects allocation threshold

8071546: hotspot/test/compiler/codecache/jmx/ has been 
fixed, but still is in the exclude list

8043225: Make whitebox API functions more stable

8149780: GatherProcessInfoTimeoutHandler shouldn't call getWin32Pid if the lib 
isn't load

8146287: typos in /test/failure_handler

8132961: JEP 279: Improve Test-Failure Troubleshooting

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