CFV: New JDK 9 Reviewer: Yasumasa Suenaga

Jesper Wilhelmsson jesper.wilhelmsson at
Tue May 17 14:48:06 UTC 2016


When I looked at the list of contributions from Yasumasa I found 35 changesets. 
However, two of these were backed out so I don't think they can be included.

Out of the 33 remaining, six are duplicates. With duplicate I mean that parts of 
the same change has been pushed to different repositories (e.g. jdk + hotspot). 
I don't think duplicates should be counted as two significant changes, but only 
one. In the CFV's I send out I always filter out duplicates.

That leaves us with 27 changes which is unfortunately not enough to reach 
Reviewer status.

Also, in general we recommend to hold off on the CFV until a contributor has 
made at least 40+ changes. This is because there are always a few changes that 
when put on the spot is difficult to consider as "significant" - especially 
since there is no real definition of what significant means. Looking through the 
list there are at least a few that I would not consider significant and since 
Yasumasa is so close to the threshold this matters.

I would suggest to pull back this CFV until Yasumasa has a few more 
contributions in there.


Den 17/5/16 kl. 13:20, skrev Dmitry Samersoff:
> I hereby nominate Yasumasa Suenaga (ysuenaga) to JDK 9 Reviewer.
> Yasumasa has contributed 34 changeset to jdk 9. In particular, he has
> been actively working in serviceability area, on serviceability tools
> and diagnostic commands.
> Votes are due by 31 May 2016.
> Only current jdk9 Reviewers [1] are eligible to vote on this nomination.
> Votes must be cast in the open by replying to this mailing list.
> For Three-Vote Consensus voting instructions, see [2].
> Dmitry.
> [1]
> [2]

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