jdk9-dev: HotSpot (Last Hotspot integration before JDK9 FC)

Alejandro E Murillo alejandro.murillo at oracle.com
Tue May 17 15:14:42 UTC 2016

jdk9-hs-2016-05-14 has been integrated into jdk9-dev.


Component : VM
Status    : Go for integration
Date      : 05/17/2015 at 15:00 MSK
Tested By : VM SQE &dmitry.fazunenko at oracle.com

Bundles   :
(and additionally: 2016-05-16-181230.dpochepk.hs )

Testing: 207 new failures, 937 known failures, 605985 passed.

Issues and Notes:
No stoppers have been detected so far.  Go for integration

CRs for testing:

6858051: Create GC worker threads dynamically
6941938: Improve array equals intrinsic on SPARC
8017629: G1: UseSHM in combination with a G1HeapRegionSize > os::large_page_size() falls back to use small pages
8047328: Improve memory usage for cards in SparsePRTEntry
8053885: test/runtime/memory/RunUnitTestsConcurrently.java fails on solaris with largepage options
8054326: Confusing message in "Current rem set statistics"
8067785: Using AlwaysPreTouch does not always touch all pages
8072428: Enable UseLoopCounter ergonomically if on-stack-replacement is enabled
8072921: -Xincgc should be removed from output
8073500: Prevent certain commercial flags from being changed at runtime
8079843: do_young_space_rescan - comment out of sync with code
8086057: Crash with "modified node is not on IGVN._worklist" when running with -XX:-SplitIfBlocks
8086068: VM crashes with "-Xint -XX:+UseCompiler" options
8132710: Add tests which check that Humongous objects behave as expected after Young GC
8132712: Add tests which check that Humongous objects behave as expected after Full GC
8132718: Add tests which check that when humongous classloader object becomes unreachable it and all classes that were loaded in it should be collected
8134889: Kitchensink stress test crashes with out of memory error
8134918: C2: Type speculation produces mismatched unsafe accesses
8135200: Add White Box method that enumerates G1 old regions with less than specified liveness and collects statistics
8138607: gc/g1/mixedgc/TestLogging.java - G1 Evacuation Pause missing from output
8138861: C2 complains about unreasonably large method running Octane zlib in Nashorn
8140354: Unquarantine tests that failed with OutOfMemoryError
8141496: BitMap set operations copy their other BitMap argument
8141501: Problems with BitMap buffer management
8142464: PlatformLoggerTest.java throws java.lang.RuntimeException: Logger test.logger.bar does not exist
8143921: nsk/jdi/ObjectReference/waitingThreads/waitingthreads003 fails with JVMTI_ERROR_INVALID_CLASS
8145278: Fix memory leak in splitPathList
8145934: Make ttyLocker equivalent for Unified Logging framework
8146948: Enable listing of LogTagSets and add support for LogTagSet descriptions
8147026: Convert an assert in ClassLoaderData to a guarantee
8147039: Incorrect locals and operands in compiled frames
8147844: new method j.l.Runtime.onSpinWait() and the corresponding x86 hotspot instrinsic
8148195: Some InstanceKlass and MethodCounters fields can be excluded when JVMTI is not supported
8148244: Finalize and integrate GTest implementation
8149374: Replace C1-specific collection classes with universal collection classes
8149442: MonitorInUseLists should be on by default, deflate idle monitors taking too long
8149488: Incorrect declaration of bitsInByte in regmask.cpp.
8149591: Prepare hotspot for GTest
8150247: CompilerControl: LogCompilation testing
8150393: Maintain the set of survivor regions in an array between GCs
8150601: Remove the old Hotspot build system
8150607: Clean up CompactHashtable
8150721: Don't explicitly manage G1 young regions in YoungList
8150865: SQE test: GC unified logging: check that dynamic log level doesn't break anything
8150921: Update Unsafe getters/setters to use double-register variants
8150994: UseParallelGC fails with UseDynamicNumberOfGCThreads with specjbb2005
8151268: Wire up the x86 _vectorizedMismatch stub routine in C1
8151342: Add module name/version to class histogram output
8151526: Print -Xlog configuration in the hs_err_pid file
8151556: Use the PreservedMarks* classes for the G1 preserved mark stacks
8151708: C1 FastTLABRefill can allocate TLABs past the end of the heap
8151880: EnqueueMethodForCompilationTest.java still fails to compile method
8151956: Support non-continuous CodeBlobs in HotSpot
8152554: CompactStrings broken on AArch64
8152590: C2: @Stable support doesn't always work w/ incremental inlining
8152844: JVM InstanceKlass Methods For Obtaining Package/Module Should Be Moved to Klass
8152847: JDI use of sun.boot.class.path needs to be updated for Jigsaw
8152903: [JVMCI] CompilerToVM::resolveMethod should correctly handle private methods in interfaces
8152907: Update for x86 tan and log10 in the math lib
8152949: Jigsaw crash when Klass in _fixup_module_field_list is unloaded
8153013: BlockingCompilation test times out
8153073: UL: Set filesize option with k/m/g
8153115: Move private interface check to linktime
8153165: Fix MX tool config script to make the tool work with TESTNG
8153170: Card Live Data does not correctly handle eager reclaim
8153190: JVMTI GetAllModules should make it clear that it also returns unnamed module
8153265: [TESTBUG] compiler/whitebox/ForceNMethodSweepTest should not assume asserts are benign
8153267: nmethod's exception cache not multi-thread safe
8153275: Zero JVM fails to initialize after JDK-8152440
8153292: AllocateInstancePrefetchLines>AllocatePrefetchLines can trigger out-of-heap prefetching
8153310: AArch64: JEP 254: Implement byte_array_inflate
8153340: Disallow misconfiguration and improve the consistency of allocation prefetching
8153357: C2 creates incorrect cast after eliminating phi with unique input
8153439: do not install an empty SpeculationLog in an nmethod
8153503: Move remset scan iteration claim to remset local data structure
8153507: Improve Card Table Clear Task
8153514: Whitebox API should allow compilation of <clinit>
8153527: break_tty_lock_for_safepoint causes "assert(false) failed: bad tag in log" and broken compile log
8153535: Convert TraceRedefineClasses to Unified Logging
8153549: [TESTBUG] remove obsolete runtime/SharedArchiveFile/BasicJarBuilder
8153655: Make intrinsics flags diagnostic and update intrinsics tests to enable diagnostic options
8153713: aarch64: improve short array clearing using store pair
8153749: New capability can_generate_early_class_hook_events
8153756: jdk.vm.ci should not depend on sun.misc ( jdk.unsupported module )
8153764: Add auxiliary method that generates class by class prototype to gc testlibrary
8153797: aarch64: Add Arrays.fill stub code
8153818: Move similar CompiledIC platform specific code to shared code.
8153835: Fix range of flag MaxDirectMemorySize which is parsed at jlong
8153852: [jittester] move TypeUtil to utils package
8153885: [TESTBUG] few regression tests failed after 8151880 changes
8153892: Handle unsafe access error directly in signal handler instead of going through a stub
8153992: Some hotspot tests fail on compact2 due to an unnecessary test library dependency
8153998: Masked vector post loops
8154041: JVMTI trace to Unified Logging
8154059: JVMTI ObjectTagging to UL
8154073: Several compiler tests fail when are executed with C1 only
8154110: Update class* and safepoint* logging subsystems
8154135: Loop alignment may be added inside the loop body
8154141: [TESTBUG] test/gc/g1/TestRegionLivenessPrint.java misses -XX:+UnlockDiagnosticVMOption flag
8154144: Tests in com/sun/jdi fails intermittently with "jdb input stream closed prematurely"
8154145: Missing klass/method name in stack traces on error
8154151: VM crashes with assert "Ensure we don't compile before compilebroker init"
8154153: PS: Restore preserved marks in parallel
8154154: Separate G1 specific policy code from the CollectorPolicy class hierarchy
8154166: java/lang/management/MemoryMXBean/ResetPeakMemoryUsage.java fails with RuntimeException
8154172: C1: NPE is thrown instead of linkage error when invoking nonexistent method
8154174: Improve JitTester performance
8154210: Zero: Better byte behaviour
8154235: Using deprecated flags converted to UL shows wrong hint
8154251: ANSI-C Quoting bug in hotspot.m4 during configure on SLES 10 and 11
8154258: [TESTBUG] Various serviceability tests fail compilation
8154280: Zero build fails with undeclared G1LastPLABAverageOccupancy
8154341: [TESTBUG] G1 stress test for humongous objects allocation
8154452: Deferred cleanups after split of G1CollectorPolicy code
8154457: runtime/SharedArchiveFile/SharedStrings Shared string table stats missing
8154467: Cleanup initialization of GCPolicyCounters
8154483: update IGV with improvements from Graal
8154495: SHA256 AVX2 intrinsic (when no supports_sha() available)
8154529: some places in the invoke.c that use InvokeRequest* not protected with invokerLock
8154537: AArch64: some integer rotate instructions are never emitted
8154566: os_linux.cpp parse_os_info gives non descriptive output on current SLES releases
8154580: Save mirror in interpreter frame to enable cleanups of CLDClosure
8154710: [Solaris] Investigate use of in-memory low-resolution timestamps for Java and internal time API's
8154715: Missing destructor and/or TLS clearing calls for terminating threads
8154719: JvmtiBreakpoint rename method print() to print_on()
8154728: JvmtiExport::add_default_read_edges hits a guarantee
8154739: AArch64: TemplateTable::fast_xaccess loads in wrong mode
8154743: Internal Error: psParallelCompact.hpp assert(addr >= _region_start) failed: bad addr
8154745: Move default G1 pause time target setup to argument parsing
8154752: Cleanup initialization of G1Policy
8154753: Turn G1Policy into an interface
8154759: [TESTBUG] GC tests should be changed to be able to execute with -Xlog:all=trace.
8154763: Crash with "assert(RangeCheckElimination)" if RangeCheckElimination is disabled
8154794: Add support for experimental fields/events to event-based tracing
8154826: AArch64: take advantage better of base + shifted offset addressing mode
8154836: VM crash due to "Base pointers must match"
8154838: G1CardLiveData::free_large_bitmap() uses wrong calculation to determine the number of words
8154843: GC tests should be correctly marked with @module
8154896: xml.transform fails intermittently on SKX
8154921: Fix aix after "8146879: Add option for handling existing log files in UL"
8154939: 8153998 broke vectorization on aarch64
8154942: Remove ProcessTools.getVmInputArguments() from the hotspot test library, as it is not used by any of the hotspot tests
8154943: AArch64: redundant address computation instructions with vectorization
8154955: Negative Other Time in gc logs due to 'Wait for Root Region Scan' not included
8154957: AArch64: Better byte behavior
8154974: AVX-512 equipped inflate, has_negatives & compress intrinsics
8154975: Update for vectorizedMismatch with AVX512
8154976: UseSharedSpaces error message is incomplete
8154985: Add the ability to use main class as lookup (as jcmd) to jinfo, jmap, jstack
8154996: [aix] Implement compare_file_modified_times for "8146879: Add option ..."
8155015: Aarch64: bad assert in spill generation code
8155034: [TESTBUG] ctw tests fail to compile: module reads package sun.reflect from both jdk.unsupported and java.base
8155082: Refactor mutator region restriction
8155085: [ppc] Fix Type-O in "8154580: Save mirror in interpreter frame..."
8155087: Calculation in other_time_ms() is incorrect
8155089: UL: Remove trailing comma from log decoration list
8155091: Remove SA related functions from tmtools
8155092: [TESTBUG] TestHumongousClassLoader.java needs UnlockDiagnosticVMOptions before WhiteBoxAPI
8155100: AArch64: Relax alignment requirement for byte_map_base
8155162: java.util.zip.CRC32C Interpreter/C1 intrinsics support on SPARC
8155163: JVMCI: MethodHandleAccessProvider.resolveInvokeBasicTarget implementation doesn't match javadoc
8155206: Internal VM test DirectiveParser_test is too verbose
8155209: Move setting of young index in cset to G1CollectionSet
8155224: Bring back version control history to g1Policy.hpp and g1DefaultPolicy.*
8155229: Tune thread usage for live data clearing
8155230: Tune thread usage for mark bitmap clear
8155232: Augment Workgang to run task with a given number of threads
8155233: Lazy coarse map clear
8155239: [TESTBUG] Simple test setup for JVMTI ClassFileLoadHook
8155244: JVMCI: MemoryAccessProvider.readUnsafeConstant javadoc should be updated for null JavaKind case
8155245: Add logging when MMU target is violated
8155257: ParNew/CMS: Clean up promoted object tracking
8155524: HotCardCache shouldn't be part of ConcurrentG1Refine
8155527: New test TestHumongousClassLoader fails with "-XX:+ExplicitGCInvokesConcurrent" option
8155574: ClassLoader::initialize_module_loader_map crashes if the char_buf is not NULL terminated
8155612: Aarch64: vector nodes need to support misaligned offset
8155617: aarch64: ClearArray does not use DC ZVA
8155627: Enable SA on AArch64
8155634: Clean out old logging and dead code from SurvRateGroup
8155639: Remove STEP numbers from error reporting
8155653: TestVectorUnalignedOffset.java not pushed with 8155612
8155678: ClassLoader::initialize_module_loader_map should only be called when dumping CDS archive.
8155685: Wrong indentation in ClassFileParser::post_process_parsed_stream
8155717: Aarch64: enable loop superword's unrolling analysis
8155721: Sparse remset wastes half of entry memory
8155727: java/util/concurrent/locks/Lock/TimedAcquireLeak.java timeouts.
8155735: use strings instead of Symbol* in JVMCI exception stubs
8155738: C2: fix frame_complete_offset
8155739: [TESTBUG] VarHandles/Unsafe tests for weakCAS should allow spurious failures
8155751: Some tests miss othervm for main/bootclasspath mode
8155754: Quarantine serviceability/tmtools/jstat/GcTest02.java
8155790: aarch64: debug VM fails to start after 8155617
8155794: Move Objects.checkIndex BiFunction accepting methods to an internal package
8155810: Bound the number of root region scan threads to the number of survivor regions
8155811: Remove HeapRegionRemSet::_coarse_dirty flag
8155813: Fix indentation in G1RemSetScanState::clear_card_table()
8155819: Support non-continuous CodeBlobs in HotSpot broke Zero
8155864: api/java_lang/Math/cos_cos6 and sin_sin6 fail
8155943: Move G1Eden/SurvivorRegions into their own source files
8155946: Minimal VM fails to built after 8154153: PS: Restore preserved marks in parallel
8155950: Add minimal VM in JIB profile on linux-x86
8155958: quarantine failing tests from JDK-8155957
8155965: Unsafe.weakCompareAndSetVolatile entry points and intrinsics
8155966: Assertion failures when -XX:+UseParallelGC -XX:ParallelGCThreads=1
8155967: aarch64: fix register usage in block zeroing
8155992: Change name of StealRegionCompactionTask to something that emphasizes the compaction task.
8156018: Hotspot visual studio project generation broken
8156022: Add prediction for cost_per_byte_ms to G1Analytics
8156033: jhsdb jmap cannot set heapdump name
8156050: ParallelCompact_test should skip test if UseParallelOldGC is off
8156066: Backout JDK-8153892
8156068: Unsafe.{get|set}Opaque should be single copy atomic
8156072: AllocatedObj msgs coming out during -version etc
8156088: Reintegrate 8153892: Handle unsafe access error directly in signal handler instead of going through a stub
8156124: Update compiler/unsafe/UnsafeGetConstantField after JDK-8148518 is fixed
8156126: LogCompilation: Dump additional info about deoptimization events
8156131: C2: MachProj dumps data on tty w/ -XX:+WizardMode
8156133: FindCrashesAction in HSDB does not work except Solaris platform
8156178: [JVMCI] expose StubRoutines trig functions
8156190: [ppc] Fix build after "8151268: Wire up the x86 _vectorizedMismatch stub routine in C1"
8156480: Quarantine compiler/jvmci/compilerToVM/ReadUncompressedOopTest.java
8156660: JDK-8150393 does not set _scan_in_progress properly
8156689: [TESTBUG] runtime/CommandLine/OptionsValidation/TestOptionsWithRanges.java disable range testing of Allocate*PrefetchLines
8156763: Quarantine gc/g1/humongousObjects/objectGraphTest/TestObjectGraphAfterGC.java
8156769: gc/metaspace/CompressedClassSpaceSizeInJmapHeap.java fails with java.lang.Exception
8156789: missing condition in ClassPathZipEntry::open_versioned_entry()
8156851: Compilation error compiling XpatchDupModule.java and XpatchDupJavaBase.java
8156964: gc/logging/TestUnifiedLoggingSwitchStress.java hits assert


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