jdk9-b119: dev

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Wed May 18 20:51:27 UTC 2016



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-8145974   xml/jaxp	      XMLStreamWriter produces invalid XML for surrogate pairs on OutputStreamWriter
JDK-8156662   client-libs     Remove unused IM implementations (thaiim & indicim) 
JDK-4867170   core-libs       Pattern doesn't work with composite character in CANON_EQ mode 
JDK-4916384   core-libs       CANON_EQ supports only combining character sequences with non-spacing  
JDK-6192895   core-libs       java.util.regex.Matcher: Performance issue 
JDK-6328855   core-libs       String: Matches hangs at short and easy Strings containing 
JDK-6345469   core-libs       java.util.regex.Matcher utilizes 100% of the CPU 
JDK-6609854   core-libs       Regex does not match correctly for negative nested character classes 
JDK-6693451   core-libs       RegEx matcher goes into infinite delay 
JDK-6728861   core-libs       ExceptionInInitializerError is caught when the pattern has precomposed 
JDK-6736245   core-libs       A character in Composition Exclusion Table does not match itself. 
JDK-6988218   core-libs       RegEx matcher loops 
JDK-6995635   core-libs       CANON_EQ pattern flag is buggy 
JDK-7006761   core-libs       Matcher.matches() has infinite loop 
JDK-7080302   core-libs       the normalization in java regex pattern may have flaw 
JDK-8062804   core-libs       IsoFields WEEK_BASED_YEAR and QUARTER_OF_YEAR too lenient 
JDK-8087113   core-libs       Websocket API and implementation 
JDK-8140212   core-libs       Slow performance of Matcher.find 
JDK-8150702   core-libs       change in javadoc for parseObject for MessageFormat  - JDK-8073211 
JDK-8151481   core-libs       j.u.regex.Pattern  cleanup 
JDK-8151914   core-libs       java/util/jar/JarFile/MultiReleaseJar* tests do not declare module dep 
JDK-8154049   core-libs       DualPivot sorting calculates incorrect runs for nearly sorted arrays 
JDK-8155795   core-libs       Optimize Integer/Long.reverse by using reverseBytes 
JDK-8155823   core-libs       Add date-time patterns 'v' and 'vvvv' 
JDK-8155977   core-libs       Update ObjectInputStream::resolveClass and resolveProxyClass to work w 
JDK-8155978   core-libs       Remove HTTP proxy implementation and tests from RMI (again) 
JDK-8156002   core-libs       java/nio/channels/SocketChannel/AdaptSocket.java Fails in Mesos on OSX 
JDK-8156521   core-libs       Minor fixes and cleanups in NetworkInterface.c 
JDK-8156661   core-libs       Handful of typos in javadoc 
JDK-8156665   core-libs       ES6 for..of should work on Java Iterables and Java arrays 
JDK-8156710   core-libs       HttpTimeoutException should be thrown if server doesn't respond 
JDK-8156714   core-libs       Parsing issue with automatic semicolon insertion 
JDK-8156738   core-libs       Use StackWalker for DynamicLinker.getLinkedCallSiteLocation() 
JDK-8156801   core-libs       java/net/httpclient/security/Driver.java failed with RuntimeException: 
JDK-8156810   core-libs       remove redundant sentence in SecurityManager.checkMemberAccess doc 
JDK-8156820   core-libs       Nashorn nightly test failure after fix for 8156738 
JDK-8156896   core-libs       Script stack trace should display function names 
JDK-8156931   core-libs       java.nio.Buffer tests cleanup 
JDK-8156695   core-svc        Fix @modules in tests in java/lang/management 
JDK-8156560   infrastructure  Remove AddJsum  
JDK-8156561   infrastructure  Remove makeClasslist.js 
JDK-8156658   infrastructure  Common way to run jtreg tests  
JDK-8156756   infrastructure  Enable build-time use of resource ordering plugin 
JDK-8156837   infrastructure  RC resource compilation on windows generates false build failure repor 
JDK-8074716   other-libs      IntelliJ IDEA project support 
JDK-8000415   security-libs   Add support for SHA-3 
JDK-8154523   security-libs   SHA1PRNG output should change after setSeed 
JDK-8156213   security-libs   Remove SHA-1 and 3KeyTDEA algorithms from DRBG 
JDK-8156501   security-libs   DRBG not synchronized at reseeding 
JDK-8156584   security-libs   Initialization race in sun.security.x509.AlgorithmId.get 
JDK-8156671   security-libs   Refactor sun/security/rsa/SignatureTest.java  
JDK-8156709   security-libs   Cannot call setSeed on NativePRNG on Mac if EGD is /dev/urandom 
JDK-8156716   security-libs   Incorrect condition in test SupportedDHKeys.java  
JDK-8156890   security-libs   Temporarily problem list ListKeychainStore.sh on Mac 
JDK-8156897   security-libs   Problem list ShortRSAKey1024.sh on windows 
JDK-8156991   security-libs   Problem list UnsupportedDHKeys.java on windows 
JDK-8075703   tools           "jdk.javadoc" module exports "com.sun.tools.javadoc" package which con 
JDK-8149843   tools           StandardJavaFileManager should provide a way to get paths from strings 
JDK-8150011   tools           Update javac to generate V53.0 class files 
JDK-8150111   tools           Need to change signature of StandardJavaFileManager.setLocationFromPat 
JDK-8153761   tools           JShell: Completion -- Show parameter names if possible  
JDK-8154262   tools           Navigation bar in javadoc generated pages needs to be updated to displ 
JDK-8155237   tools           jlink plugin to order resources should take a class list as input 
JDK-8156766   tools           jdk/test/tools/jlink/plugins/SorterPluginTest.java broken 
JDK-8156781   tools           change to jlink has result in test failure 
JDK-8156950   tools           NPE while accessing ExportsDirectives.getTargetModules 
JDK-8046274   xml             Removing dependency on jakarta-regexp  
JDK-8152912   xml             SAX XMLReaderFactory needs to be ServiceLoader compliant 
JDK-8156119   xml             Update ServiceProviderTest for XMLReaderFactory  
JDK-8156513   xml             Problem list javax/xml/jaxp/unittest/stream/FactoryFindTest.java 

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