jdk9-b140: dev

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Wed Oct 12 20:04:11 UTC 2016



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-8149371   client-libs     multi-res. image: -Dsun.java2d.uiScale does not work for Window icons  
JDK-8150176   client-libs     [hidpi] wrong resolution variant of multi-res. image is used for TrayI 
JDK-8154043   client-libs     Fields not reachable anymore by tab-key, because of new tabbing behavi 
JDK-8155753   client-libs     Removing a monitor in the OS dispaly configuration causes assertion fa 
JDK-8160056   client-libs     TextField.setText breaks the contract of EOL 
JDK-8160160   client-libs     The menu displayed nothing with the option"-server -d64 -Xmixed -Dswin 
JDK-8161910   client-libs     [PIT] regression: HW/LW mixing seems broken on Unity 
JDK-8162531   client-libs     solaris.fontconfig.properties needs updating 
JDK-8162591   client-libs     All existing gradient paint implementations have issues with coordinat 
JDK-8163261   client-libs     regression on Linux: java/awt/LightweightDispatcher/LWDispatcherMemory 
JDK-8164536   client-libs     enableSuddenTermination() - Not throws SecurityException if a security 
JDK-8164931   client-libs     Verify if writer.abort() works properly for all writers in IIOWritePro 
JDK-8165234   client-libs     Provide a way to not close toggle menu items on mouse click on compone 
JDK-8165594   client-libs     Bad rendering of Swing UI controls with Windows Classic L&F on HiDPI d 
JDK-8165619   client-libs     Frame is not repainted if created in state=MAXIMIZED_BOTH on Unity 
JDK-8165717   client-libs     [macosx] Various memory leaks in jdk9 
JDK-8165829   client-libs     Android Studio 2.x crashes with NPE at sun.lwawt.macosx.CAccessibility 
JDK-8165947   client-libs     One more page printed before the test page with OpenJDK 
JDK-8166015   client-libs     [PIT][TEST_BUG] stray character in java/awt/Focus/ModalDialogActivatio 
JDK-8166259   client-libs     One more banner page printed before the test page 
JDK-8166288   client-libs     Au file format can be validated better 
JDK-8166685   client-libs     We should unpin stream and pixel buffer in case of setjmp during write 
JDK-8166981   client-libs     RGBColorConvertTest has wrong @run line 
JDK-8151486   core-libs       Class.forName causes memory leak 
JDK-8159855   core-libs       Create an SPI for tools 
JDK-8164705   core-libs       Remove pathname canonicalization from FilePermission 
JDK-8164814   core-libs       Deprecate Atomic*.weakCompareAndSet and defer to Atomic*.weakCompareAn 
JDK-8165372   core-libs       StackWalker performance regression following JDK-8147039 
JDK-8165806   core-libs       UnicastServerRef support to export an object with a filter 
JDK-8166045   core-libs       jdk/internal/misc/Unsafe tests fail due to timeout 
JDK-8166501   core-libs       compilation error in stackwalk.cpp on some gccs 
JDK-8166791   core-libs       Fix module dependencies for networking component tests 
JDK-8166875   core-libs       (tz) Support tzdata2016g 
JDK-8167005   core-libs       Comment on the need for an empty constructor in ArrayList$Itr 
JDK-8167018   core-libs       Nashorn and jjs should support --module-path and --add-modules options 
JDK-8167117   core-libs       Insert missing "final" keywords in Nashorn sources 
JDK-8167157   core-libs       ant build fails with [javadoc] javadoc: error - Illegal package name:  
JDK-8167289   core-libs       Backport ES6 updates from Graal.js  
JDK-8167295   core-libs       Further cleanup to the native parts of libnet/libnio 
JDK-8160987   core-svc        JDWP ClassType.InvokeMethod doesn't validate class 
JDK-8161225   core-svc        Assert failure in JVMTI GetNamedModule at JPLISAgent.c line: 792 
JDK-8080238   deploy          JNLP property apple.laf.useScreenMenuBar no longer treated as secure f 
JDK-8158823   deploy          Correct search tab to open the correct tab 
JDK-8164717   deploy          [test] JDK8048972Test::testUpdateIntegrityLevel failed due to unable t 
JDK-8164991   deploy          [test] Tests that loading applet should be filtered out for unsupport  
JDK-8165763   deploy          infoplistScenarios/testInfoplist: test instruction step4 need update 
JDK-8165764   deploy          The applet can't be loaded successfully with Safari browser on MacOS 
JDK-8165831   deploy          At step12,The content contained in 'More Information' dialog is incorr 
JDK-8165867   deploy          [macos] JVM continuously throw a NullPointerException on new MacOS 10. 
JDK-8165928   deploy          At step3:A dialog with title "Desktop Integration Warning" display whe 
JDK-8166004   deploy          [TEST_BUG]At step5,Can not set the Security Level to Very High. 
JDK-8166408   deploy          Intermittent test failure in JNLPClassLoaderTest 
JDK-8166482   deploy          Evaluate relative dimension test failures under javafx/deploy 
JDK-8166582   deploy          LaunchDownloadTest failure after fix for JDK-8165001 
JDK-8166602   deploy          [test] Some cases in FXOcspAndCrlCheckTest failed on Mac due to gibber 
JDK-8166605   deploy          [test] The expect dialog title string in driver xml is wrong for some  
JDK-8166774   deploy          Filter out applets under fx deploy on unsupported config 
JDK-8166873   deploy          [test] Many javafx cases failed on Ubuntu due to "java.lang.IllegalSta 
JDK-8033552   hotspot         Fix missing missing volatile specifiers in CAS operations in GC code 
JDK-8078122   hotspot         YMM registers upper 128 bits may get clobbered by a JNI call on window 
JDK-8129376   hotspot         SPECjvm98-client performance regression in 9-b66 
JDK-8146546   hotspot         assert(fr->safe_for_sender(thread)) failed: Safety check 
JDK-8147943   hotspot         jvmti.h generated with GPL header 
JDK-8150758   hotspot         [TESTBUG] need jvmti tests for module aware agents 
JDK-8154122   hotspot         Intrinsify fused mac operations on x86 
JDK-8156852   hotspot         Convert JSON_test to Gtest 
JDK-8159818   hotspot         Convert IHOP_test to GTest 
JDK-8161085   hotspot         PreserveFPRegistersTest fails with 'AssertionError: Final value has ch 
JDK-8163969   hotspot         Cyclic interface initialization causes JVM crash 
JDK-8164011   hotspot         --patch-module support for CDS 
JDK-8164482   hotspot         [REDO] G1 does not implement millis_since_last_gc which is needed by R 
JDK-8164508   hotspot         unexpected profiling mismatch in c1 generated code 
JDK-8164852   hotspot         Move slow tier1/tier2 runtime tests to later tiers 
JDK-8164920   hotspot         ppc: enhancement of CRC32 intrinsic 
JDK-8164987   hotspot         RTM jtreg tests failing due to unnamed module unable to access class j 
JDK-8165235   hotspot         [TESTBUG] RTM tests must check OS version 
JDK-8165433   hotspot         Convert Test_linked_list to Gtest 
JDK-8165439   hotspot         Convert Test_TempNewSymbol to GTest 
JDK-8165457   hotspot         [JVMCI] increase InterpreterCodeSize for JVMCI 
JDK-8165537   hotspot         runtime/SharedArchiveFile/SASymbolTableTest.java fails with NullPointe 
JDK-8165565   hotspot         Shorten branches causes incorrect code for SKX 
JDK-8165601   hotspot         Convert arrayOopDesc_test to Gtest 
JDK-8165602   hotspot         Convert TestChunkedList_test to GTest 
JDK-8165613   hotspot         Convert TestKlass_test to Gtest 
JDK-8165755   hotspot         [JVMCI] replace use of vm_abort with vm_exit 
JDK-8165857   hotspot         CMS _overflow_list is missing volatile specifiers. 
JDK-8165858   hotspot         heapRegionManager is missing volatile specifier for _claims. 
JDK-8165860   hotspot         WorkGroup classes are missing volatile specifiers for lock-free code 
JDK-8166046   hotspot         [TESTBUG] compiler/stringopts/TestStringObjectInitialization.java fail 
JDK-8166140   hotspot         C1: Possible integer overflow in LIRGenerator::generate_address on sev 
JDK-8166164   hotspot         compiler/compilercontrol/share/processors/LogProcessor.java does not c 
JDK-8166433   hotspot         Fix for JDK-8163014 broke Aarch64 build 
JDK-8166483   hotspot         gtest fmw should be updated to support null detection on SS >= 12u4 
JDK-8166549   hotspot         fix incorrectly @ignore-d hotspot/compiler tests 
JDK-8166552   hotspot         SA: Missed testcase for add default methods to InstanceKlass 
JDK-8166583   hotspot         Add oopDesc::klass_or_null_acquire() 
JDK-8166663   hotspot         Simplify oops_on_card_seq_iterate_careful 
JDK-8166765   hotspot         [ppc] Port "8163014: Mysterious/wrong value for long frame local varia 
JDK-8166777   hotspot         [ppc] port "8164086: Checked JNI pending exception check should be cle 
JDK-8150736   infrastructure  Excessive disk space used by build system 
JDK-8166096   infrastructure  variable tracking size limit exceeded in jvmciCompilerToVM.cpp 
JDK-8166202   infrastructure  Tracefile gensrc cannot handle closed src dir in different location 
JDK-8166648   infrastructure  jib make run-test for langtools results in intermittent failures on wi 
JDK-8166799   infrastructure  ASSEMBLY_EXCEPTION contains historical company name 
JDK-8163171   install         Java Update does not remove older versions 
JDK-8165101   security-libs   AnchorCertificates throws NPE when cacerts file not found 
JDK-8165103   security-libs   Update to "denyAfter constraint check" exception message 
JDK-8166632   security-libs   Document how to grant permissions for a module jrt:/<module> in the im 
JDK-8166976   security-libs   TestCipherPBECons has wrong @run line 
JDK-8167181   security-libs   Exported elements referring to inaccessible types in jdk.security.jgss 
JDK-4649116   tools           Add option to include full package description at top, before interfac 
JDK-8072604   tools           Improve handling of direct use of accept with TreePathScanner 
JDK-8151102   tools           Cleanup javadoc exception handling 
JDK-8153362   tools           Add javac -Xlint warning to list exposed types which are not accessibl 
JDK-8154349   tools           New doclet incorrectly shows entire text body for JavaFX properties in 
JDK-8161338   tools           (jdeprscan) remove JEP 293 non-conforming -cp option 
JDK-8162401   tools           Support multiple --add-exports and --add-reads with the same module/pa 
JDK-8165991   tools           Fix DocTreeFactory newDocCommentTree 
JDK-8166472   tools           javac/javadoc expands @files incorrectly 
JDK-8166846   tools           jdeps fails to generate module info if there is any class in unnamed p 
JDK-8166860   tools           Add magic number to jmod file 
JDK-8167014   tools           jdeps: Missing message: warn.skipped.entry 
JDK-8167070   tools           Performance regression in compound scopes 
JDK-8167343   tools           JShell: Completeness analysis infers an incomplete declaration as COMP 
JDK-8139584   xml             XMLStreamWriterImpl does not write 'standalone' property 
JDK-8167002   xml             JAXP schema validator: Use HashSet instead of ArrayList for tracking X 

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