jdk9-b141: dev

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Wed Oct 19 20:47:57 UTC 2016



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-8055033   core-libs       Shell tests for jrunscript don't pass through VM options 
JDK-8134373   core-libs       use collections convenience factories in the JDK 
JDK-8160556   core-libs       LambdaForm interpretation is not tested regularly 
JDK-8163482   core-libs       java.net.URLPermission.getActions() adds a trailing colon when header- 
JDK-8166258   core-libs       Unexpected code conversion by HKSCS converters 
JDK-8166460   core-libs       jdk/internal/util/jar/TestVersionedStream gets Assertion error 
JDK-8167166   core-libs       Java API docs mention a non-existent method getNanosOfSecond 
JDK-8167443   core-libs       Nashorn static method linking bypasses autoexported linkers 
JDK-8167524   core-libs       Rogue character in Stream javadoc 
JDK-8167614   core-libs       Avoid module dependency from jdk.dynalink to jdk.internal.module of ja 
JDK-8167957   core-libs       Remove FilePermission from default policy for jdk.charsets module 
JDK-8167992   core-libs       Update documentation of java.util.Date class 
JDK-8167446   hotspot         Add back PermSize and MaxPermSize 
JDK-8167511   hotspot         IgnoreModulePropertiesTest.java needs update for JDK-8162401 
JDK-8157623   infrastructure  Unexpected warning about ignoring value of CCACHE from environment 
JDK-8158181   infrastructure  Stop adding missing newline to manifest files 
JDK-8167354   infrastructure  Missing jtreg output when run using langtools makefiles 
JDK-8167424   infrastructure  Various trivial fixes in build system 
JDK-8167488   infrastructure  Race condition in build with new exploded-image-optimize target 
JDK-8162723   security-libs   Array index overflow in Base64 utility class 
JDK-8164322   security-libs   Test sun/security/pkcs11/PKCS11Test.java shall be updated to run on AR 
JDK-8165275   security-libs   Replace the reflective call to the implUpdate method in HandshakeMessa 
JDK-8167371   security-libs   KeyStoreSpi.engineSetEntry should throw an Exception if password prote 
JDK-8167459   security-libs   Add debug output for indicating if a chosen ciphersuite was legacy 
JDK-8167472   security-libs   Chrome interop regression with JDK-8148516 
JDK-8141636   tools           Javadoc search should support camelCase search 
JDK-8145263   tools           JShell: Fix the format of SourceCodeAnalysis#documentation 
JDK-8164689   tools           Retrofit jar, jlink, jmod as a ToolProvider 
JDK-8166890   tools           JShell: locks forever when input is piped 
JDK-8167000   tools           Refine handling of multiple maximally specific abstract methods 
JDK-8167128   tools           jshell tool: /drop of statement gives confusing output 
JDK-8167237   tools           Jar tool can not correctly find/process the --release option if it occ 
JDK-8167320   tools           Trying to document only java.base causes a NPE in javac 
JDK-8167442   tools           Langtools ant build not working after addition of -Xlint:exports 
JDK-8167456   tools           Tweak IntelliJ langtools project's jtreg settings 
JDK-8167630   tools           jdeps --generate-module-info forgets to close the resource after check 
JDK-8167965   tools           (jdeprscan) using --release option with 8 or earlier throws exception 
JDK-8058152   xml             JDK accepts XSLT stylesheet having import element erroneously placed 
JDK-8152530   xml             NullPointerException when xmlns="" 
JDK-8167478   xml             javax/xml/jaxp/unittest/parsers/Bug6341770.java failed with "java.secu 

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