jdk9-dev: HotSpot

Alejandro Murillo alejandro.murillo at oracle.com
Tue Oct 25 22:06:31 UTC 2016

jdk9-hs-2016-10-18 has been integrated into jdk9-dev.


Component : VM
Status    : Go for integration
Date      : 10/25/2016 at 20:00 MSK
Tested By : VM SQE &dmitry.fazunenko at oracle.com

Bundles   : 2016-10-20-235504.amurillo.jdk9-hs-2016-10-18-snapshot

    71 new failures, 6632 known failures, 1351796 passed.

Issues and Notes:
No stoppers have been detected. Go for integration

CRs for testing:

8081800: AbstractMethodError when evaluating a private method in an interface via debugger
8134389: Crash in HotSpot with jvm.dll+0x42b48 ciObjectFactory::create_new_metadata
8153134: Infinite loop in handle_wrong_method in jmod
8155729: C2: Skip transformation of LoadConP for heap-based compressed oops
8155948: Add message for CMS deprecation for Oracle builds
8157141: Fix for JDK-8031290 is unnecessarily fragile
8157708: aarch64: StrIndexOfChar intrinsic is not implemented
8158797: Test java/lang/management/MemoryMXBean/LowMemoryTest.java fails when GC is specified explicitly
8159799: Tests using jcmd fails intermittently with Could not open PerfMemory on Windows
8160064: StackWalker implementation added logging option without using UL
8164120: The minimal VM should be stripped using --strip-unneeded
8164921: Memory leaked when instrumentation.retransformClasses() is called repeatedly
8165482: java in ldoms, with cpu-arch=generic has problems
8165526: Kitchensink sudden death - error code 0x406d1388
8165600: Convert internal logging tests to GTest
8165621: Convert TestG1BiasedArray_test to GTest
8165673: AArch64: Fix JNI floating point argument handling
8165687: Fix license and copyright headers in jd9 under hotspot/test
8165696: Convert gcTraceTime internal tests to GTest
8165698: Convert LogTagSet related internal tests to GTest
8165700: Convert LogMessage internal tests to GTest
8165702: Convert LogFileOutput internal tests to GTest
8165704: Convert LogStream internal tests to GTest
8165827: Support private interface methods in JNI, JDWP, JDI and JDB
8165949: Serial and ConcMarkSweep do not unload strings when class unloading is disabled
8166129: hitting vmassert during gtest execution doesn't generate core and hs_err files
8166197: assert(RelaxAssert || w != Thread::current()->_MutexEvent) failed: invariant
8166276: Refactor gen_process_roots to allow simpler fix for 8165949
8166364: fatal error: acquiring lock DirtyCardQ_CBL_mon/16 out of order with lock Module_lock/6 -- possible deadlock
8166454: meminfo(2) has been available since Solaris 9
8166461: Deprecate UseAutoGCSelectPolicy
8166462: Convert TestResourcehash_test to Gtest
8166517: [JVMCI] export JVMCI to auto-detected JVMCI compiler
8166562: C2: Suppress relocations in scratch emit.
8166657: Remove exports com.sun.tools.jdi to jdk.hotspot.agent
8166689: PPC64: Race condition between stack bang and non-entrant patching
8166738: Enable concurrency in Hotspot jtreg testing
8166742: SIGFPE in C2 Loop IV elimination
8166781: fix wrong comment in ReceiverTypeData
8166800: [s390] Top-level build changes required for Linux/s390x
8166801: [s390] Add jvm.cfg file for Linux/s390x
8166836: Elimination of clone's ArrayCopyNode may make compilation fail silently
8166869: [JVMCI] record metadata relocations for metadata references
8166925: several native TESTs should be changed to TEST_VM
8166929: [JVMCI] Expose decompile counts in MDO
8166930: minor cleanups 1) remove reference to ZIP_ReadMappedEntry 2) checking of st_mode
8166931: Do not include classes which are unusable during run time in the classlist file
8166970: Adapt mutex padding according to DEFAULT_CACHE_LINE_SIZE
8166972: [JVMCI] reduce size of interpreter when JVMCI is enabled
8167001: [TESTBUG] java/lang/instrument/DaemonThread/TestDaemonThread.java fails when run by jprt
8167034: Re-enable TestDaemonThread.java once JDK-8167001 is fixed
8167180: [JVMCI] Exported elements referring to inaccessible types in jdk.vm.ci
8167190: Remove confusing timestamps from the gc log
8167194: [JVMCI] no reliable mechanism for querying JVMCI system properties
8167200: AArch64: Broken stack pointer adjustment in interpreter
8167333: Invalid source path info might be used when creating ClassFileStream after CFLH transforms a shared classes in some cases
8167353: [JVMCI] JVMCI re-initialization check is in the wrong location
8167494: Deprecate AutoGCSelectPauseMillis
8167595: AArch64: SEGV in stub code cipherBlockChaining_decryptAESCrypt
8168086: 8166869 broke jvmci build on aarch64


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