JEP 291: Deprecate the Concurrent Mark Sweep (CMS) Garbage Collector

Andrew Haley aph at
Wed Apr 5 08:29:28 UTC 2017

On 05/04/17 08:45, Roman Kennke wrote:
> I'd say it's too early to talk about removing CMS. And, to be honest, I
> even question the move to deprecate it. What's going to happen if
> somebody actually takes over CMS maintainership? Un-deprecate it?

Indeed.  We need to think about this first.  I expect that there
will be someone interested enough to keep it going.

> The GC interface JEP is ready, I've already got a good prototype that
> covers a lot of the pressing issues (with CMS and isolation in general).
> Maybe move it to candidate, and possibly propose to target JDK10?

It certainly should be moved to candidate.  It's been discussed at
some length, and I've not found anybody willing to argue that there
should not be a clean abstraction layer between the VM and the
garbage collectors.


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