jdk9-b166: dev

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Wed Apr 19 21:13:32 UTC 2017



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-6574989   client-libs     TEST_BUG: javax/sound/sampled/Clip/bug5070081.java fails sometimes 
JDK-8164469   client-libs     [TEST_BUG] Unity, java/awt/MouseInfo/JContainerMousePositionTest.java 
JDK-8167102   client-libs     [macosx] PrintRequestAttributeSet breaks page size set using PageForma 
JDK-8176490   client-libs     [macosx] Sometimes NSWindow.isZoomed hangs 
JDK-8176544   client-libs     Compilation error in plaf.metal.MetalBumps.Test6657026 
JDK-8177137   client-libs     8175293 breaks Windows build on VS 2010 
JDK-8177386   client-libs     [TESTBUG] The "Undo" menu item in the context menu is disable 
JDK-8177450   client-libs     javax.swing.text.html.parser.Parser parseScript ignores a character af 
JDK-8177461   client-libs     Wrong references are used in the javadoc in the java.desktop module 
JDK-8177560   client-libs     @headful key can be removed from the tests for JavaSound 
JDK-8177625   client-libs     apple.laf.JRSUIConstants.getConstantName(int) checks for THUMB_START t 
JDK-8177672   client-libs     DataFlavor.imageFlavor is null when the java.desktop module is not res 
JDK-8177766   client-libs     [TEST_BUG] JPopupMenu tests fails intermittently 
JDK-8158168   core-libs       Missing bounds checks for some String intrinsics 
JDK-8177314   core-libs       java VM fails to start with a Japanese ShiftJIS locale 
JDK-8177536   core-libs       Avoid Apple Peer-to-Peer interfaces in networking tests 
JDK-8177682   core-libs       Suppress removal warning for System.runFinalizersOnExit 
JDK-8177969   core-libs       Faster FilePermission::implies by avoiding the use of Path::relativize 
JDK-8178147   core-libs       Race conditions in timeout handling code in http/2 incubator client 
JDK-8178347   core-libs       Process and ProcessHandle getPid method name inconsistency 
JDK-8178783   core-libs       Java_sun_nio_ch_EPoll_close0 definition, but no sun.nio.ch.EPoll.close 
JDK-8178840   core-libs       Adds FieldSetAccessibleTest.java and VerifyJimage.java to ProblemList 
JDK-8164390   core-svc        Provide a javadoc descriptions for jdk.attach, jdk.jvmstat,  jdk.manag 
JDK-8178447   core-svc        Remove link from JavaDoc to Dev guide 
JDK-8177684   deploy          Suppress lint removal warnings in AppletSecurity 
JDK-8135161   hotspot         Missing commas in copyright notices 
JDK-8176887   hotspot         AOT: SIGSEGV in AOTCodeHeap::next when using specific configuration 
JDK-8178119   hotspot         [JVMCI] when rethrowing exceptions at deopt the exception must be fetc 
JDK-8178731   hotspot         compiler/ciReplay/SABase.java does not compile 
JDK-8176271   infrastructure  Still unable to build JDK 9 on some *7 sparcs 
JDK-8177553   infrastructure  Address removal lint warnings in the JDK build 
JDK-8177822   infrastructure  Move closed jib configuration for arm platforms to open 
JDK-8177723   other-libs      Suppress lint removal warning in java.se.ee and jdk.unsupported 
JDK-8177683   security-libs   Suppress lint removal warnings in jdk.security and jdk.policytool 
JDK-8177784   security-libs   Use CounterMode intrinsic for AES/GCM 
JDK-8178083   security-libs   Remove intermittent key from java/security/SignedObject/Chain.java 
JDK-8178795   security-libs   krb5 Basic.java test should be basic 
JDK-8161295   tools           javac, cleanup use of ModuleTestBase 
JDK-8169971   tools           JLinkMultiReleaseJarTest.java fails intermittently at the final clean  
JDK-8175823   tools           doclet crashes when documenting a single class in a module. 
JDK-8176801   tools           tools/javac/platform/PlatformProviderTest.java sensitive to warnings s 
JDK-8178023   tools           jshell tool: crash with ugly message on attempt to add non-existant mo 
JDK-8178067   tools           support for @uses/@provides tags is broken 
JDK-8178414   tools           T8177933.java fails even after fix for JDK-8178283 
JDK-8178426   tools           Extra } is coming in the javadoc of Taglet.toString() API 
JDK-8178493   tools           StandardJavaFileManager: Clarify/document the use of IllegalStateExcep 
JDK-8178509   tools           MODULE_SOURCE_PATH: Implement missing methods 
JDK-8178520   tools           jshell tool: /help /save -- incorrect description of /save -start 
JDK-8178686   tools           Fix incorrect bug id in test. 

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