jdk9-b153: dev

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Wed Jan 18 22:23:59 UTC 2017



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-8130737   client-libs     [macosx] AffineTransformOp can't handle child raster with non-zero x-o 
JDK-8133919   client-libs     [macosx] JTable grid lines are incorrectly positioned on HiDPI display 
JDK-8140266   client-libs     Performance loss between jdk8 and jdk9 on Maskfill  
JDK-8154314   client-libs     [TEST_BUG] java/awt/datatransfer/DragImage/MultiResolutionDragImageTes 
JDK-8166111   client-libs     [PIT] possible regression: java/awt/font/GlyphVector/TestLayoutFlags.j 
JDK-8167652   client-libs     Making a frame/dialog resizeble/unresizeble shifts its position on Uni 
JDK-8169900   client-libs     The code which use Applets should be deprecated 
JDK-8170349   client-libs     The printed content is beyond the borders. 
JDK-8170352   client-libs     The collate option is not checked 
JDK-8170579   client-libs     The "Banner page" checkbox is disabled 
JDK-8171845   client-libs     The bold font doesn't change when switch "Dialog","Serif" and "Monospa 
JDK-8172009   client-libs     [TEST_BUG] increase timeout in java/awt/print/PaintSetEnabledDeadlock/ 
JDK-8172153   client-libs     Create workaround for failure to use ICC profile contained in a TIFF f 
JDK-8172558   client-libs     [PIT][TEST_BUG] Bad filename for javax/swing/JTable/8133919/DrawGridLi 
JDK-8172559   client-libs     [PIT][TEST_BUG] Move @test to be 1st annotation in java/awt/image/Rast 
JDK-8030950   core-libs       TEST_BUG: java/rmi/registry/classPathCodebase/ClassPathCodebase.java f 
JDK-8075884   core-libs       Test task: Create tests to check runtime usage with Multi-Release jar  
JDK-8152272   core-libs       Unable to create temporary file using createTempFile method if System. 
JDK-8153250   core-libs       java.io.File does not handle Windows paths of the form "D:" (no path)  
JDK-8156595   core-libs       java/io/pathNames/GeneralWin32.java fail intermittently on windows-x64 
JDK-8163449   core-libs       Allow per protocol setting for URLConnection defaultUseCaches  
JDK-8166187   core-libs       Regression: NPE during reparse when using persistent code cache and op 
JDK-8166365   core-libs       Small immutable collections should provide optimized implementations w 
JDK-8170544   core-libs       Fix code scan findings in libnet 
JDK-8170781   core-libs       PropertyMapIterator throws NoSuchElementException on last element 
JDK-8171386   core-libs       jshell tool: paging of javadoc output broken on Windows 
JDK-8171958   core-libs       Several tests from java/time/test/java/time/format requiring jdk.local 
JDK-8172221   core-libs       Directorate of Time has been superseded 
JDK-8172253   core-libs       SetIfModifiedSince.java test fails with http return code 404 
JDK-8172314   core-libs       java/rmi/registry/altSecurityManager/AltSecurityManager.java fails wit 
JDK-8172347   core-libs       Refactoring src/java.rmi/share/classes/sun/rmi/registry/RegistryImpl.j 
JDK-8172458   core-libs       Make javax.lang.model javadoc HTML 5 compliant 
JDK-8172475   core-libs       Remove <tt></tt> usage from Class and ClassLoader 
JDK-8172493   core-libs       Nashorn FX example 3-4 using load for fx: scripts fails to run with la 
JDK-8172531   core-libs       Correct misstatements in javax.lang.model visitor documentation 
JDK-8172720   core-libs       Collections.SingletonList::hashCode not spec-compliant 
JDK-8170805   deploy          [jcp] [windows] Icon missing for main JCP window 
JDK-8170809   deploy          [jcp] Correct ComboBox position for "Temporary Files" tab 
JDK-8171936   deploy          The warning message in java trace is changed for weakly signed jnlp 
JDK-8171937   deploy          The messgae on blocked dialog changed for weakly signed jnlp 
JDK-8171955   deploy          The dialog title is wrong for some tests in Javaws8167370Test 
JDK-8171956   deploy          After step3,there will pop-up JavaUpdate Needed dialog 
JDK-8171964   deploy          At step13: The "Security Warning" dialog always shows here when unsele 
JDK-8172086   deploy          At step 3:An unsigned dialog shown up,and there is no security warning 
JDK-8172114   deploy          At step2.It's failed to launched the applet. 
JDK-8172115   deploy          At step2.No jfxrt.jar can be found in JAVA_HOME\lib. 
JDK-8172117   deploy          At step6,there is no authenticated pop-up dialog from Java(Javafx base 
JDK-8172135   deploy          No security level can be found in the JCP->security 
JDK-8162750   infrastructure  -D__solaris__ added twice 
JDK-8170862   infrastructure  VarDeps breaks when a file with overridden CFLAGS has the same name as 
JDK-8171409   infrastructure  Create a smoother configure experience on macosx 
JDK-8171932   infrastructure  unresolved macro in javadoc command  
JDK-8172241   infrastructure  Cleanup mistakes in jib publish support change 
JDK-8172562   infrastructure  Changing log level on Javadoc causes total rebuild 
JDK-8172577   infrastructure  Builds for OS X after build 149 does not include Java Mission Control. 
JDK-8172702   infrastructure  Remove left-over OPENJDK_TARGET_CPU_JLI_CFLAGS 
JDK-8172709   infrastructure  Upgrade to jtreg 4.2 b05 
JDK-8172712   infrastructure  configure should check that grep handles empty pattern correctly 
JDK-8172714   infrastructure  Remove unused and unexpanded variables from spec.gmk.in 
JDK-8172842   infrastructure  Invoke lldb with --batch from failure handler 
JDK-8167146   security-libs   sun/security/pkcs11/sslecc/ClientJSSEServerJSSE.java failed with "Remo 
JDK-8171423   security-libs   Relocate /test/lib/security/SecurityTools.java 
JDK-8160286   tools           jmod hash is creating unlinkable modules. 
JDK-8168149   tools           Examine the behavior of jmod command-line options - repeating vs last  
JDK-8169197   tools           Improve error reporting for compiling against unexported package 
JDK-8171325   tools           NPE in Check.clearLocalClassNameIndexes 
JDK-8171332   tools           NPE in MembersPhase.finishClass 
JDK-8171385   tools           jshell tool: unresponsive to ctrl-C in input wait on Windows 
JDK-8171528   tools           Crash in Annotate with duplicate package-info declarations 
JDK-8171830   tools           jar tool should validate if any exported or open package is missing 
JDK-8171981   tools           JShell: Fails compilation: new Object().getClass().getSuperclass() 
JDK-8171993   tools           AssertionError when compiling method reference with generic code and v 
JDK-8172213   tools           Remove unused and partially implemented JavacElements#getSourcePositio 
JDK-8172255   tools           JShell API: ExecutionControl/LoaderDelegate: Remove unused/unimplement 
JDK-8172262   tools           packages missing from docs build 
JDK-8172411   tools           -XDnoModules must be removed 
JDK-8172414   tools           jshell not working in exploded JDK build 
JDK-8172432   tools           jar cleanup/update for module and mrm jar 
JDK-8172474   tools           javac should enable doclint checking for HTML 5 
JDK-8172530   tools           JShell: TypeProjection .stream().map(...).collect(...) must be replace 
JDK-8172668   tools           NPE in jdk.compiler/com.sun.tools.javac.comp.TypeEnter$ImportsPhase.im 
JDK-8172678   tools           JShell Tests: Disable CompletionSuggestionTest.testBrokenClassFile2() 
JDK-8172761   tools           Test change in tools/jar/InputFilesTest.java for JDK-8172432 is missin 
JDK-8172767   tools           a bulk of tests failed with FileSystemException on Windows 
JDK-8159058   xml             SAXParseException when sending soap message 
JDK-8169631   xml             [JAXP] XALAN: transformation of XML via namespace-unaware SAX input yi 
JDK-8171243   xml             CatalogManager.catalogResolver throws FileSystemNotFoundException with 
JDK-8172957   tools           Problem list JmodTest.java on windows until JDK-8172870 is fixed

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