Reminder: fixes appropriate for JDK 9 and JDK 10 should just be pushed to JDK 9

joe darcy joe.darcy at
Fri Mar 10 18:03:58 UTC 2017


As a reminder, with JDK 9 and JDK 10 both under active development:

"Many committers will continue to focus mainly on JDK 9 for the next few
months so, for now, we'll semi-automatically pull changes from JDK 9 and
merge them into JDK 10.  This means that if you make a change in JDK 9
then you needn't do any extra work to get it into JDK 10, though if a
merge conflict arises then you might be asked to help resolve it."

The sync from JDK 9 into JDK 10 has happened several times [1], bringing 
hundreds of fixes into JDK 10.

Therefore, if a fix is needed in both JDK 9 and JDK 10 do *not* push it 
first to JDK 10. Push such fixes into JDK 9 and allow the sync to occur, 
helping resolve merge conflicts if needed.

(Discussions are on-going on how to handle cases when the need for a 
backport to JDK 9 is determined after a fix has been pushed to JDK 10 [2].)





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