Agent and sizing

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Fri Oct 13 03:54:13 UTC 2017

Thanks a lot to you both! That helps a lot.

And so, for the other question: Is there a way to walk through fields on
classes the can be anywhere without tons of warnings?

On 12 October 2017 at 15:55, Stephen Felts <stephen.felts at> wrote:

> One way is to set the environment variable JDK_JAVA_OPTIONS="-Djdk.attach.allowAttachSelf=true"
> to turn off the self-attach error.
> Another way is to use ProcessBuilder to create another process and have
> the new process attach.  This follows all of the current rules.  Several
> projects are using this approach.
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> Hi,
> Yesterday I was playing with the sizeof <
> >
> library on Java 9. I was expecting bad things to happen. And I was right.
> The purpose of this library is the give on heap occupation. We use it for
> ehcache to know the size of the on heap cache and it is used by some other
> frameworks as well.
> I noticed two things. First, we load dynamically an agent in the current
> JVM. This is done by reflection so it will be something like:
> Class vm = Class.forName("");
> Method attach = vm.getMethod("attach");
> String name = ManagementFactory.getRuntimeMXBean().getName();
> attach.invoke(null, name.substring(0, name.substring(0,
> name.indexof('@')));
> It works fine on Java 8 but fails on Java 9 with IOException: Can not
> attach to current VM.
> *How can I fix it?* (we then use the Instrumentation to do a getObjectSize.
> It is one of the ways to make it work).
> My other question is about the other sizeof implementations. One is using
> reflection to go deep into objects until reaching the primitives. That will
> make the JVM scream warnings all over the place I think.
> Another is using Unsafe (objectFieldOffset, arrayBaseOffset,
> arrayIndexScale) to calculate the size. I think this one should not cause
> too much warnings.
> *So, I guess there is not much I can do for the ReflectionSizeOf appart
> from adding tons of JVM params?*
> Thanks a lot,
> Henri

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