Mark Reinhold mr at
Mon Mar 2 21:26:55 PST 2009

> Date: Mon, 02 Mar 2009 12:21:09 -0800
> From: jonathan.gibbons at

> I'm not seeing any issues with the ModuleClass attribute.    See
> highlighted text below, or else just search through this message for
> [cC]lass.

You're right.  The "ModuleClass" attribute is making it into the .class
file, but the ModuleInfoReader code is looking for a "ModuleMain"

Fixing this in ModuleInfoReader isn't quite enough, though; it seems that
the ModuleClass attribute's single parameter is a utf8 string rather than
the binary name of a class, so in the end the following diff does the

@@ -114,7 +114,7 @@
     private static final String MODULE_PROVIDES = "ModuleProvides";
     private static final String MODULE_REQUIRES = "ModuleRequires";
     private static final String MODULE_PERMITS = "ModulePermits";
-    private static final String MODULE_MAIN = "ModuleMain";
+    private static final String MODULE_MAIN = "ModuleClass";
     private void readAttributes() throws IOException {
         int count = in.readUnsignedShort();
@@ -173,7 +173,7 @@
     private void readModuleMain() throws IOException {
         int index = in.readUnsignedShort();
-        mainClass = cpool.getClassName(index);
+       mainClass = cpool.getUtf8(index);
     private static class ModuleInfoImpl

I suspect we really want ModuleClass to name a class rather than just
convey a plain utf8 string, so I'm loathe to commit the above patch
except possibly as a temporary measure.


- Mark

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