Project Jigsaw goals and requirements

Glyn Normington gnormington at
Fri Jun 3 03:19:40 PDT 2011

Hi Mark

I'm pleased to see the explicit acknowledgement of some basic OSGi interoperation requirements in the requirements document ([1]).

I agree with David Bosschaert ([2]), that it would make sense for OSGi to support the Java SE 8 module format and, for modules which can serve equally well as OSGi bundles, I'd like to avoid dual-maintenance of module metadata and OSGi manifest. I'd like to be able to "decorate" the standard metadata.

However, the requirement "The syntax must place all extended metadata after all standard metadata, with a clear delineation between them." precludes inline decorations. The result would be duplication and clunkiness.

I propose that this requirement be changed so that standard metadata could be decorated inline (the decorations would be ignored by the Java SE module system).

What do you think?


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