Downloading and installing maven artifacts as modules

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Mon Sep 19 05:09:36 PDT 2011

The migration and interop section of the requirements document has a 
requirement to be able to download, install and resolve Maven artifacts 
as if they were modules. I've hacked up a prototype, as a demo module, 
that downloads artifacts and their transitive dependencies and installs 
them as modules. The idea is to make it easy to use popular libraries as 
modules and to tease out the issues that such interop would bring. The 
webrev is here:

The README.txt file has the details on how it used and lists some of the 

For now, the code that we use in the jar tool to generate module-info 
classes is duplicated until we figure out whether it would be desirable 
to have a supported API for generating module-info classes (Mandy and I 
have been chatting off-line about the number of places in the JDK where 
we generate class files). As with generating a module-info for a JAR 
file then it is has to assume that all public types are exported.


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