Project Jigsaw: Phase Two

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Wed Jul 2 21:21:58 UTC 2014


Perhaps then it should be a stated goal...?

Regardless, David’s point does seems necessary to support goal number four (“Make it easier for developers to construct and maintain libraries and large applications, for both the Java SE and EE Platforms”) in that it would enable interoperability with the existing module system that is being used to construct and maintain libraries and large applications.

The previous draft requirements dated 19 April 2011 (then called “Draft 12”, but now we are on Draft 3?) stated the following with respect to OSGi: “It must be demonstrated by prototype to be feasible to modify an OSGi micro-kernel such that OSGi bundles running in that kernel can depend upon Java modules. The kernel must be able to load Java modules directly and resolve them using its own resolver, except for core system modules. Core system modules can only be loaded using the module system’s reification API.”

Can you confirm that this requirement will still apply in the new phase, or has it been deliberately dropped?


On 2 July 2014 at 21:57:22, mark.reinhold at (mark.reinhold at wrote:

2014/7/2 5:22 -0700, david.bosschaert at  
> One thing that I think should also be a requirement is that the module  
> metadata should be in an easily extensible format so that tools and  
> other module systems such as OSGi can augment it with additional  
> metadata.  

That's not clearly necessary in order to achieve the stated goals,  
so I don't think it's a requirement.  

It could, however, be a reasonable design decision in the service  
of some of the requirements related to tooling and migration.  

- Mark  

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