Project Jigsaw: Phase Two

Daniel Latrémolière daniel.latremoliere at
Thu Jul 10 09:08:08 UTC 2014

> I'm glad that you brought this up.   Such reference card exists:
Sorry for not finding it. Given wiki seems more or less organized by 
project, would it be possible to add a wiki page for Jigsaw project and 
reference this table from the added page. It would be an useful help.

> We're updating this wiki as we identify new noteworthy ones.
>> com.sun.xml.txw2.output.IndentingXMLStreamWriter | 
>>, true)
> Is there a RFE for it?  If not, can you submit one?
Done; Review ID: 9027107
After executing jdeps, I have found, in my code, only one other use case 
of internal API (not described but useful): execution of javac/javadoc 
to generate their output in-memory (no temporary write on the real file 

Currently, in my code, it is working (compilation of source classes and 
generation of javadoc is done in-memory) using directly and an in-memory VFS 
implementing NIO.2, then I use internal class Currently 
provide only a File-based manager but no Path-based manager ( 
was before NIO.2).

Given existing response [1] of Jonathan Gibbons, on this bug [2] planned 
for Java 9 and visibly targeted now towards public API for a 
PathFileManager, I have not opened another specific feature request for 
public API corresponding

[1]: "The intent is that clients should be able to provide custom 
Path-based file systems, and have access to a PathFileManager, but it 
looks like we need to do more work in this area."


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