Jigsaw/OSGi interoperability requirements

Neil Bartlett njbartlett at gmail.com
Wed Jul 30 11:37:56 UTC 2014


I asked the following question at the beginning of July when the re-relaunch of Jigsaw was announced, but didn’t get a response. Probably it was unintentionally overlooked with all the other traffic, but I would very much appreciate an answer so I’ll ask again:

The previous draft requirements dated 19 April 2011 (“Draft 12”) stated the following with respect to OSGi: “It must be demonstrated by prototype to be feasible to modify an OSGi micro-kernel such that OSGi bundles running in that kernel can depend upon Java modules. The kernel must be able to load Java modules directly and resolve them using its own resolver, except for core system modules. Core system modules can only be loaded using the module system’s reification API.”

Can you confirm that this requirement will still apply in the new phase, or has it been deliberately dropped?


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