Adopt Project Jigsaw @ Bulgarian JUG

Ivan St. Ivanov at
Fri Oct 10 12:54:43 UTC 2014

Dear Jigsaw dev group,

I am Ivan and am part of the Bulgarian Java User Group. Together with my
fellow members (in copy of this mail) we are driving the adoption of
OpenJDK in our JUG for the last year. We have some progress: already done a
few session in our community and at a local conference (Java2Days) along
with hands on labs on how you can get the sources, build and modify
OpenJDK. We also contributed a few VMs with built JDK and setup IDEs to the
adoption group so that other JUGs can use them out of the box. This spring
we had a series of presentations on what's new in Java 8 and the last one
was more dedicated on Java 9 and especially on Project Jigsaw. One of our
members (Martin Toshev) is really interested in the modularization topic,
has broad experience with OSGi and showed us how we can build our own
Jigsaw modules.

So we thought that as this topic is one of great importance in Java 9, we
would like to contribute somehow to it. I went to the OpenJDK BOF at this
year's JavaOne and I was advised to write to this mailing list.

So would you please tell us how we can help? Maybe get an issue/bug or
something else? We will be more than happy to participate!


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