Adopt Project Jigsaw @ Bulgarian JUG

Ivan St. Ivanov at
Wed Oct 22 20:04:49 UTC 2014

Hello again,

I'd like to ping you again. Our conference is approaching, we want to show
something real, but we are not sure what. :)


On Fri, Oct 10, 2014 at 2:54 PM, Ivan St. Ivanov < at>

> Dear Jigsaw dev group,
> I am Ivan and am part of the Bulgarian Java User Group. Together with my
> fellow members (in copy of this mail) we are driving the adoption of
> OpenJDK in our JUG for the last year. We have some progress: already done a
> few session in our community and at a local conference (Java2Days) along
> with hands on labs on how you can get the sources, build and modify
> OpenJDK. We also contributed a few VMs with built JDK and setup IDEs to the
> adoption group so that other JUGs can use them out of the box. This spring
> we had a series of presentations on what's new in Java 8 and the last one
> was more dedicated on Java 9 and especially on Project Jigsaw. One of our
> members (Martin Toshev) is really interested in the modularization topic,
> has broad experience with OSGi and showed us how we can build our own
> Jigsaw modules.
> So we thought that as this topic is one of great importance in Java 9, we
> would like to contribute somehow to it. I went to the OpenJDK BOF at this
> year's JavaOne and I was advised to write to this mailing list.
> So would you please tell us how we can help? Maybe get an issue/bug or
> something else? We will be more than happy to participate!
> Thanks,
> Ivan

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