A way to opt out of access restrictions on non-exported members.

Alan Snyder javalists at cbfiddle.com
Tue Dec 1 18:26:54 UTC 2015

The following is a workaround that I recently added to my code:

OGLRenderQueue rq = OGLRenderQueue.getInstance();

try {
    // my code here
} finally {
It is a workaround for a lack of synchronization in the AWT, a bug that was reported 18 months ago.

Is it the position of the jigsaw team that I should not do this?

Is it the position of the jigsaw team that it is acceptable for someone in my position to somehow inform and convince every application developer who knowingly or unknowingly uses a library to change the command line arguments in their build configuration so that this workaround will run? (And later, presumably, get them all to remove the command line argument when the workaround is no longer needed?)

I would appreciate learning where people stand on this issue.


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